Why am I so bad at Pubg | 10 Reason| Best Guide

List Of reasons-

  • Scared To fight
  • Long Range Shots
  • Looting
  • Pay Attention To Blue Zone
  • Prioritize Threats
  • Looting too late
  • Driving vehicles too late
  • Decide Your Goal
  • Pushing Enemies
  • Taking Stupid Shots

Top 10 Reasons| Why am I so bad at Pubg

1.Scared To fight

why am i so bad at pubg

why am i so bad at pubg reason number 1- scared to fight when I need to warm up I drop into the school and then I die, then I drop into the school 10 more times and I die again.

I’ll drop in 50 goddamn times if I have to until I kill everyone in the school and cruise out into the battleground and continue the madness.

You can’t be afraid to fight in this game, if you’re afraid to fight you’re at a huge disadvantage go and fight practice kill people shoot the guns throw the grenades.

a massive part of being able to survive in this game is being able to fight when you need to go and practice.

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2.Long Range Shots

why am i so bad at pubg

why am i so bad at pubg reason number 2-Another thing you need to practice is long-range shots if you’re gonna take the shot you need to hit it first couple reasons in this list are about practice.

you shouldn’t be focused on winning until you have these down play with the scopes find the scopes that work best for you and what you like find the gun that you like best and get to work.


why am i so bad at pubg

why am i so bad at pubg reason number 3- looting this goes along with being somewhat scared to fight in reason one but if you’re consistently parachuting as far away from the popular places on the map.

you’re gonna put yourself in a disadvantage for a few different reasons.

The first reason is that those areas are popular for a reason namely because there’s a ton of loot there.

if you parachute off to the middle of nowhere with one or two houses you’ll be scrounging around for a shotgun for most of the game unless RNG is on your side.

Do you want to have a micro uzi in the last 10 people still alive. I sure as hell don’t.

4.Pay Attention To Blue Zone

why am i so bad at pubg

why am i so bad at pubg reason number 4-Not being aware of the blue zone very early on and playing pub G my core group and I became calling the blue zone a maiden.

because she’s a vicious [ __ ] and she’ll kick your ass if you don’t respect her everyone falls victim to this.

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And I mean literally everyone in the pub G Invitational the winner of the solo of Kearney won by sitting in the maiden and healing for as long as he could.

running in the blue zone for any extended period of time puts you at a pretty severe disadvantage.

5.Prioritize Threats

why am i so bad at pubg

why am i so bad at pubg reason number 5- prioritizing threats if multiple enemies or teams know your position. And you switch your focus from one to the other and then back again you’re going to die for sure.

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you need to neutralize threats as soon as you become aware of them either by relocating or extermination focus don’t panic think about the best course of action and commit to it.

6.Looting too late

why am i so bad at pubg

why am i so bad at pubg reason number 6-Looting too late into the game if you’re getting kills with 20 or fewer people left alive.

chances are you don’t have the luxury of looting at that point you need to have the loot to last the rest of the game when that time comes.

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everyone around you will be aware of the shots and look towards even if you’re doing the shuffle you’re bound to be shot in the face.

I stop looting bodies when there’s around 20 people left unless I’ve got great position and cover or I’m out of ammo.

I rarely loot bodies past that point because it’s a death trap.

7.Driving vehicles too late

Why am I so bad at Pubg | 10 Reason| Best Guide

why am i so bad at pubg reason number 7-Driving vehicles too late into the game now don’t get me wrong sometimes this can pay off big-time.

but if you’re still driving a vehicle in the final few circles you’re moving too fast.

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to analyze your surroundings and threats and those threats know your exact location the only time I would get in a vehicle towards the end of the round.

if I can knock it out of the maiden on foot and even then I usually try to run.

8.Decide Your Goal

why am i so bad at pubg

why am i so bad at pubg reason number 8-Almost every game I play I play four kills not wins I drop in at the military base .

every round and kill as many people as possible.

you need to decide what your ultimate goal is are you playing to get that chicken dinner or are you playing to see the big number of kills at the end.

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usually you can’t play for both until you have hundreds or maybe even thousands of hours racked up in pub G.

personally I run towards gun shots drive around trying to blow people up in vehicles until around 30 people remain.

then I get into winning mode at that point I kick on some strategy and I go for the win otherwise I just hunt people.

9.Pushing Enemies

Why am I so bad at Pubg | 10 Reason| Best Guide

why am i so bad at pubg reason number 9-pushing them you shouldn’t be pushing very very often people are holding easy angles and watching the easiest direction.

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learn to hook people and approach them from the directions they aren’t expecting the unexpected attack almost always emerges the victor.

10.Taking Stupid Shots

Why am I so bad at Pubg | 10 Reason| Best Guide

why am i so bad at pubg reason number 10-Shots you shouldn’t be taking the number one offender on this list is giving away your position.

when you can’t secure a kill if you’re down to the final 10 or so and you’re shooting like crazy chances are high you won’t be alive much longer.

take your time get as much information as you can before you make a kill shot.

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taking shots in the final few circles is like throwing up a huge sign

that says hey guys I’m over here good players are usually listening to every shot.

that happens and watching the kill.

feed the last shot that happens before it kill happens is usually the location of the survivor.

announcing your location for any reason other than a secured kill is a suicidal action.

Extra-Learn From Mistakes

why am i so bad at pubg reason number 11-A good example of some things not to do is emptying your magazine into a down player.

while you’re being pushed by their teammate or running without cover.

use a smoke grenade to give cover when there isn’t any looking back on what you did right before you died.

there’s almost always something you could have done better.

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critique yourself and learn from your mistakes put all these reasons together and they’re pretty much everything.

I see when I watch other people playing whether it’s teammates or people streaming.

there’s a lot of room for tactical improvement across the board for most people putting the time practicing and employ the strategies.


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Why am I so bad at Pubg | 10 Reason| Best Guide

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Why is PUBG so difficult?

PUBG is more severe in light of the fact that it accepts more into detail, for example, shot drop and different subtleties. this makes it harder to get a slaughter. quit worrying about grievances about organization slack or terrible coding, improvement or flimsy tick rates and issues. a ton of that isn’t the situation, and is altogether individuals playing from where they are.

How do I improve my PUBG skills?

Barely any tips to build objective in the game are:
1.Practice 100 TDM matches and consistently focus on the head. …
2.Use the application Aim Master to improve the head rate shots in the game. …
3.Learn draw back control. …
4.Use Gyroscope for better-pointing controls. …
5.Follow Solanki gaming for the most recent Video Game News and PUBG News.

Why do I keep getting killed in PUBG?

In the event that you just slaughtered a player who was running out if the open, you getting down to plunder their stuff is placing you in precisely the same position they were simply in. You’re presently out in the open, in addition to the sound of the gunfire has pulled in different players to the area.

Is PUBG mobile losing players?

The new information from Steam, the stage by means of which Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is accessible for PCs, shows that the mainstream fight royal game has been losing the quantity of dynamic players by a huge edge. … EA is in any event, thinking about carrying the game to portable stages by 2021.

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