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Were Is The Military Base In Gta 5

What is up, everybody, the same, it’s a day I’ll be showing you guys how to get into the military base without getting any stars on this first couple of clips, though, I’m explain in a second.

But if you do enjoy this video and thought this is helpful, hit the like button, shows your support and shows that you’re loving these GTA videos. So anyway, this clip, a series of clips and about the show, you need a taxi, as you can see, and this actually gives you about 10 to 30 or so seconds in the military base before they actually respond to it.

Just depends on how long as you saw it here. This actually went on for ages. I mean, I until I got spotted, they didn’t even notice me and I was just cruising along in my taxi. But as you can see, we’re going to go to the front of the next clip in here to see a little bit shorter. But what you’re going to want to do to actually do what I just did is as soon as you hit the bar right here, the stop sign bar, you want to immediately press in your left stick.

where is the military base in gta 5

And what that’s going to do is activate the taxi mission and you’re going to get the little voices come up. You’re going to call a guy. He’s going to be like, yo, I have some car ride for you, whatever. And then while that’s dial or while that dialogue is happening, you can actually get in. As you see right here, you can see the voice, the subtitles on the bottom. And until those go away, you actually can get in here.

Now, it only lasted only ten seconds, the voices. So if you come in from the front, as you see right here, you’re going to get screwed over because they see you instantly. But if you come in from the back, like I did in the first clip, you’ll actually have more time because there’s not too many cars over there and they will see you as soon. So that’s that’s the first they’ll tell you.

The second little tip is actually a really interesting ramp that I found that you can actually get into the Air Force base a little bit more inconspicuously.

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where is the military base in gta 5

So you’re going to get a fast car for this. And which you don’t do is come on the interstate. And instead of turn it on the road right there to go, you don’t want to come towards the tunnel.

And once you’re at the tunnel, you’re going to want to immediately look to the right. And there’s this hill. Now, if you hit it right, you’ll actually go over the fence. And now I just use franklyn’s ability because obviously that puts you on the ground faster and have more control of the car.

So you don’t slam into that that tower you get right there. But once you get here, you can come. And as you see, we don’t even have a taxi and they still haven’t seen us. So we don’t have the stars on us now.

We got them now because they see us. But it’s a really cool location to get in there. Maybe you can get in there, do something on that side and get out without them even, you know, seeing you or without them even firing at you.

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Where Is The Military Base In Gta 5

OK, so those couple of I would say this is actually how you get into the base without having any stars. You can do whatever you want there, Rob, whatever. You get more into that in a second. But what you don’t want to do, and I’m not too sure, but I did it with this mission. This is the hunting mission with me.

{where is the military base in gta 5

This is actually the second hunting mission you unlike Cledus, and I think it’s pretty early in the game, and he’s one of the strangers and freak’s missions, as you can do with Trevor, as you see right there.

You can only do this with Trevor Trevor, by the way. So just letting you guys know that what you want to do is once you get to the elk hunting mission, which is this is the second part. Like I said, all you don’t want to do is just run away and go get a car. And from here, you know, you can go as far as your and it’s not actually going to end the mission. So as you see, we’re going to take your car and we’re going to drive to the airbase.

{where is the military base in gta 5

And now once we are here at the airbase, we’re actually just going to go straight in and they’re not going to do anything about it. No, I don’t know why. It’s precisely what the mission glitched out. But as you see, they are not even moving.

They are not flinching. I don’t even think anybody’s here because what I noticed is that when you did this mission, because I actually got stranded in the middle of the road, nothing really happens in the world.


Where Is The Military Base In Gta 5

So I don’t know. As you said, there was a tank down there. I think maybe they have something coded where stuff sort of stops. When you do missions, I’m not too sure. But as you see, the tank didn’t notice me. The jet didn’t notice me.

There’s another jet stuff now. We’re going to take the AC 130, but you can take whatever you want. You can take the jet, the helicopter. You maybe have a still take.

I didn’t try that. Let me know in the comments if you did it and you could actually still take and if they start shooting at you or whatever. But like I said, we’re going to try to take this AC 130.

You know, the thing that sucks is because this is with Trevor Trevor’s hanger isn’t too big. So would actually want to Parvati. We took this AC 130. We brought it to the airfield where a hangar was, but it didn’t fit in the hangar.So we couldn’t keep it.

But we did it again with a jet now might show some footage of that and we actually had to keep it. So now in my play through, Trevor has a jet, but we don’t have AC 130 now. I’m going to a video later today, so subscribe if you want to see it on how to actually get the AC 130 really are the easiest way that I found this. I mean, besides this way.

But like I said, if you do it this way, I don’t know of waves.

{where is the military base in gta 5

Where Is The Military Base In Gta 5

I don’t think you can buy another hangar with Trevor. Maybe you can. I haven’t gotten to that. Maybe if if you can. But this is the only way. Like I said, I try do some crazy stuff where, like, I can meet Michael or meet Franklin. Nothing really work.

Maybe you guys might know a solution to this problem. We’re just going to take off. And here we are at Trevor’s hangar. And as you see, we run into a problem.

This plane is about as big as the entire hangar. And I tried to maneuver it in there, but it did not work. It did not want fit. That’s what she said.

And, you know, I don’t know. Like I said, what you can maybe do, how to get this with Trevor this way at least, obviously is going there. It straight up with them, but this way, I don’t think the AC 130 is going to actually work.

Know, like I said, since you can’t do this with the AC 130, you can come over here and either get the helicopter which has missiles and stuff, or you can get the jet. I just didn’t take the jet, but you can’t make another trip and come get the other one. Now, once I get in his jet, I’m actually in a show.

{where is the military base in gta 5

We can keep this and we can fit it in the hangar. So once I get it in the hangar, all I’m going to do is leave it there and I’ll show that in a second and it’s safe and then we’re going to have it forever.

Where Is The Military Base In Gta 5

So here we are at the hangar. We’re going to put it in there and get out. And it’s nothing special. You just leave it and it’s here for good. I don’t show you this video then to get some footage, but I did show a live stream. It is there now.

I don’t know if there’s a way where you can like me, hand this over to Lake Franklin. Maybe you can, like, do a meet up and sort of land it.

So if you want to get Franklin or Michael the plane without doing it, you know, the hard way going in there with all the cops, you knew you could maybe do that. I don’t know if you can, like, hang out with them, call them up and tell them to meet you here. But that is pretty much it with this video.
Hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what else is actually a couple other stories in that in that military base is actually our secret minigun.

There’s a bunch of different stuff. You can go check it out with that glitch where you can get no star. So hope you enjoyed this. Also does work for the airport as well.

{where is the military base in gta 5

Where Is The Military Base In Gta 5 And How To Get Into It without any Star 

What’s going on, guys, this is, you know, welcome to GTA Online today will show you how to get into the military base undetected in this game. So let’s get started. So let’s just leave that apartment.

I love this apartment. It makes me feel, which is actually a real apartment, I suppose, but it’s kind of cool. All right. Let’s go to the garage. So getting into the military base undetected is kind of cool if you want a free Hijrah or something.

But a free hydra’s just going to be temporary like it’s going to be for a while, and then you’ll have to go back into your old cars or whatever.

{where is the military base in gta 5

OK, so the first step of getting into the military base undetected is to get a truck. So I’m not exactly sure where to find the truck right now, but I’m pretty sure that we’re going to find one while we’re on the way.

If not, then I’ll go and find one, whatever. But yeah, just I’ll just keep an eye for a long car or a truck or whatever. It will be best if it’s a truck and that’s the first step.

where is the military base in gta 5

I’m going get to the complete opposite direction. What did I just do. Why? Like what made me go through the complete opposite direction.

Oh, God damn it. Oh, God. Right, right, right. OK, left. OK, so a truck that’s not going to work. No, no. I’m looking for a truck, man. Come on. You know, actually, I think it’s impossible to find a truck in a small road like this. Like, what the hell is this truck doing here anyway? Like, why would it be here? Where are you going?

Where did it come from? Maybe it’s coming from the military itself and it’s transporting that person into his family so that they would bury him. They’ll be set up inside, although he died an honorable death. You know, he was out there doing his job. Well, maybe he just died in an accident with an. Okay, never mind.

{where is the military base in gta 5

Let’s just focus on the truck thing. I’m trying to focus where our trucks, please. Any truck, any truck would be good and a truck would be good.

where is the military base in gta 5

Come on. Come on. I’m almost there. I do not want to waste this. Oh, they will go. Oh, I’m sorry Mr.. I’m. Oh yeah. Your entire life ended. Well why are people here so weak. Like why are they so weak that I was just a complete idiot. Why did you die from that.

What the what’s wrong with you. Recipe’s brother recipe’s. I’m going to miss you. Even though I never knew you and you are you don’t even exist.

You just pixel inside of it. You can borrow this. You always see more than I think. Oh yeah. That one is going to work. I think it’s going to work. I’m not exactly. Is it gonna work. I don’t know better than nothing. I’ll just say better than nothing.

I mean I don’t think it’s going to work but yeah. Whatever. Oh I’m sorry. Well that’s that, that actually sounds ok. OK, ok. I will go. Although I will struggle a little bit when I. Oh yeah. Tough guy. Tough guy.

A tough man right there. I was trying to not let me get away with it. Very few people will do that. I don’t think the car is going to be possible. So I need to find a longer car.

{where is the military base in gta 5

where is the military base in gta 5

Oh crap. Can I just find a truck around here. What I. No, no, no, I don’t know. No way, way, way, way. Maybe a no, no, not really. I don’t think so. OK, this is not going to be possible until I find a truck. So I guess we’re not going to do that now at the moment. Like we’re going to have to wait a little bit until we find a truck somewhere.

{where is the military base in gta 5

Obviously, we’re not going to find anything here because this this road is extremely is extremely like it doesn’t exist. There’s nothing here. But I’m. All right, maybe maybe that car’s going to work, let’s just go for it, or maybe not. OK, maybe it’s going to work.

It’s going to work. Let’s just be positive in here. Let’s just be positive, OK? So, like I said, OK, hold on a second.

where is the military base in gta 5

Maybe I would call the ambulance. Why not? Let’s call the ambulance. I think the ambulance are going to be good.

OK, I’m going to do that. Um, no, no. Let’s just get out of here. And I called the ambulance. Yeah, I think Konga ambulance is going to be a good idea. Right, ambulance. Wait a minute.

{where is the military base in gta 5?}

Can I even call the ambulance the on line? I never I never tried it before. I never tried it before. Nine one one, they say. Is that even possible? Is that even possible or what emergency service, thank God.

OK, come on. Hello, this is nine one one.

What emergency service do you require? All right. I need OK, I guess I’m fire department. Yes, that’s even better. Fire department. Let’s just go for the ambulance.

Paramedics are en route to your current location. OK, thank you. Thank you very much. I’m sorry for the for what I’m about to do, but trust me, I’m kind of I’m kind of in a rush here, so. Yeah.

Wait a minute, I’m not even going to be able to rob them with all these people, with all these cops around, they’re probably Hamadoun. Where is the where’s the ambulance? What kind of service is this?

{where is the military base in gta 5

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where is the military base in gta 5

I mean, come on, I just called emergency. Wow, wow. It was actually an emergency here. The person will probably be dead and everyone around him from waiting, like what’s going on? Oh, Talgo.

{where is the military base in gta 5

Come on. Geez, what Texas you an ambulance, bro, your own ambulance, OK, let’s just play the odds. Let’s just hope that the cops are not going to go after me.{where is the military base in gta 5}

Why wouldn’t they be after me. All right. That’s all. Yeah. Struggle. OK, so this is not much of a truck actually, but it’s better than nothing.

I was hoping to find a truck, but that’s better than nothing. Let’s just hide here, lay down for a while until the cops stop chasing us. Come on. Let’s let’s lay down here for a while. How long does it take for the cops to forget us, I wonder?

I mean, it’s too short, but at the same time, it’s to look like it’s both at the same time. And I mean, they forget you so short because they’re supposed to not forget you forever until they get you.

That’s how justice works. But the same time, it’s too long for this video, like it’s probably going to be a minute or two. Oh, come on, just forgive me already. You guys have Alzheimer, remember, you will remember if you have one, but you guys don’t remember anything.

{where is the military base in gta 5}

where is the military base in gta 5

That’s what I’m trying to say. You guys don’t remember anything. Come on, just for GHAVAMI already. Are you kidding me? How long is this going to take? Guys, guys, like, come on, come on, it’s over. It’s over.

The ambulance is mine. The ambulance is mine now. All right, they are actually looking after all those handguns. All right, now let’s go. I also not I’m not entirely sure that this is going to work, but I think that’s the best I could get right now, I suppose.{where is the military base in gta 5}

So let’s go into the military base so there’s not much difference between it and the car. I had to know there was no much difference. It’s kind of lame. All right. Why did my controller vibrate just now? Let’s go, let’s start the mission.

So the mission is to try to pass the military base without, um, without being chased by they without being detected or, in other words, without being chased by them. So what you want is actually a pretty simple but simple.

{where is the military base in gta 5}

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where is the military base in gta 5

So what you can do is to actually call Lyster. I’m guessing you don’t want them and a blind I request him for a blind eye and it’s going to give you about three minutes without them chasing you at all, it’s going to be more than enough for you to get inside.{where is the military base in gta 5}

Maybe you should do that with a weather plane, though, but whatever you feel like doing. OK, I only have three minutes and I’m not going to spend the parking that will go.

OK, now we go and yeah, there we go, it riposted without being chased by them. So, yeah, that’s that’s pretty easy actually. A lot of people do not think that the blind eye of Lester works with the military or the restricted areas in the game.{where is the military base in gta 5}

But actually it does it does look with everything. You will never be chased by a single person, the entire world, the other than the other players, of course, if you use the blind eye of him. 

So, yeah, you can just pass him and you will need a truck or an ambulance like I used in order for you to jump, because the gate and the old line is always closed in this game. And you will have about three minutes inside the military base where you actually have the complete freedom to do whatever you want to keep walking, trying to go into the jet. I do not remember where it is actually trying to go into the jet.

{where is the military base in gta 5}

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