Top 15 Best ps5 Games For Kids In 2021

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Lets Explore Top 15 Best ps5 Games For Kids In 2021-

Top 15 best ps5 games for kids | Child-friendly

best ps5 games for kids


An inviting oceanic adventure that works to educate and evoke that childish sense of wonder.

Dive into the brightly colored abyss, and marvel at the dream like atmosphere of Giant Squid’s underwater adventure. Created by the man behind the equally moving game, Journey,

ABZU is yet another eye opening venture through a quietly magical universe. Take control of a diver and dive deeper into the mysterious folds of the sea to uncover the secrets of the shore and the great abyss.

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Interact with a host of gorgeous marine life, and take in the sights of the deep. A relaxing
and visually striking tour of nature’s hidden paradise, it receives a a Plays core of 8.46.

Top 15 Best ps5 Games For Kids In 2021

DiRT Rally

Who says child-friendly games need to be easy? Code masters serves up a dollop of adrenaline pumping excitement with this rally-focused racer.

White knuckle your way through treacherous terrains and survive long enough to make it
to the finish line. With their unforgiving tracks and realistic hurdles, Dirt Rally teaches
the virtues of hard work and patience in the hardest but most addicting way possible.

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Make your way through rain dipped valleys and give in to the heat of overheating, punctured tires, and other time-consuming repairs. It’s hair-pulling diversion that’s sprinkled with the rugged delights of the road less traveled.

Hard has never looked this good. It has a Plays core of 8.5.

Top 15 Best ps5 Games For Kids In 2021

MLB The Show 16

What better sport to channel your youthful energies into than America’s favorite past time itself. Take an in-depth look into the life inside the diamond in this 2016 edition of the Major League Baseball franchise.

Despite the release of later versions, this title has stood the test of time, giving us a taste
of the baseball we all deserved.

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Not only is it a technological achievement with its realistic lighting, it also offers a range of new game modes like Conquest and Battle Mode, and the career simulating Road to the Show.

Bring yourself into the baseball world and use your perks to batter up with the best. It has a Plays core of 8.51.

Top 15 Best ps5 Games For Kids In 2021

Sound Shapes

A Sony Platformer that combines the likes of Loco Roco and Patapon, with a few innovative strokes of genius. Your task is to guide a lowly blob through a beat-driven musical adventure.

Every passing level is filled with the sound of pulsating notes and colorful art style.

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As difficult as the journey may be, time your movements right and reach the objective. You just have to listen to the music. Sound Shapes was heavily praised for its boundless imagination.

While you can also create your own levels, it’s own collection of stages
are diverse and fulfilling–ranging from the upbeat to the poignant.

Creating a healthy atmosphere for creativity, it has a PlayScore of 8.52.

Top 15 Best ps5 Games For Kids In 2021


Another adorable platformer with a streak of ingenuity. This time, it’s a game that puts you right smack in the fabric of space and time. Dip your toes in this side scrolling adventure, and survive the seemingly absurd trips between the realms of the 2nd and third dimension.

Play as the Fez-wearing protagonist and use his newly-acquired abilities to make sense of the disorienting world he finds himself in. It’s a game that challenges your perspective.

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Switch between dimensions with a press of a button and discover the hidden trails beneath the planar puzzles.

A platformer with an intelligent and flawlessly
executed premise, it has a PlayScore of 8.53.

Top 15 Best ps5 Games For Kids In 2021

NBA 2K17

Of course, when ball is life, 2K’s basketball game is an obvious choice for kids. This not only features a wide roster of iconic NBA players, it also comes with the most modern basketball simulation in the world of videogames.

What’s amazing in every 2K NBA game is it’s career mode.

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Create your own customizable character and help him become the best player of all time. Simulate events, create your own team, or just enjoy the life of an actual
NBA player.

2K doesn’t stop there, the game releases annually and it promises to get better with every game.

It has a Plays core of 8.55.

Top 15 Best ps5 Games For Kids In 2021

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Giving you the behind the scenes scoop of the football drama on and off the field, Konami’s football simulator is back with a fresh new chapter.

Out with the old and in with the new, Barcelona, Dortmund, and Liverpool have come to conquer the center stage.

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Go along with them as they take on high stakes matches against today’s best football clubs.

This 2018 edition also shows off their Real Touch+ feature, upping ante on the realism and giving you a more accurate control of the ball. Sadly, you might be a little too late for the Usain Bolt preorder freebie. Nonetheless, the Pro Evolution field is more satisfying than ever.

It has a Plays core of 8.6.

Top 15 Best ps5 Games For Kids In 2021


Revenge is a dish best served cold while fun comes in an sizzling hot platter of couch party enjoyment. While it’s dubbed as a cooking simulation game, this is definitely not your ordinary kitchen.

Step inside Ghost Town Games’ bustling kitchen settings and step up to this full plate of next level gastronomic.

Jump on icebergs, keep your footing on moving trucks, and take in the sweltering heat of volcanoes–all while struggling to keep up with the orders.

Like all good meals, it’s made to be shared. Invite over your friends and work against all odds to prepare, cook, and serve your lot of precious patrons.

Almost as hard as cooking for Gordon Ramsay.
It has a PlayScore of 8.63.

Top 15 Best ps5 Games For Kids In 2021


Giving us another peek into the superstar football life is EA’s ambitious FIFA title.

Initiating a massive change from their usual formula, FIFA 17 was the first game of the series to include a story mode. Written by acclaimed director Spike Jonze, it puts you on the shoes of the up and coming football star, Alex Hunter.

Pick from your favorite Premier Clubs, and become first-hand witnesses to his journey to the top. With alternating trips to the football field and the locker rooms, it’s every bit as action-packed as it is emotional.

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Topped off with EA’s efforts in visual design and technological innovations, it’s a title that promises fun in every aspect.

It has a Plays core of 8.64.


A brilliant counterpoint to the violence and frustration of most of the gaming world. That game company’s acclaimed adventure game aims to soothe your senses, forming what might be the videogame equivalent of Sunday Mornings.

Sit back, relax, and forget the troubles of the world as you float around its airy environments. Take control of the wind and go about collecting spectacle of floating petals.

Powered only by its outstanding visual designs, it doesn’t form the need for plot of narrative. Just a relaxing experience that’s rife with positivity.

It has a PlayScore of 8.73.

Top 15 Best ps5 Games For Kids In 2021


A traditional storybook adventure told through the eyes of a courageous young mouse. Thriving in her interactive verdant expanses, help Quill achieve her dreams of greatness as she goes on a mission to save the world from a dangerous magical awakening.

Seen from the eyes of the small yet noble, Moss manages to evoke a sense of wonder in awe inside not only through its charming designs.

Travel around fantastic locations, and admire the wonders of its interactive and dynamic world. Packed with magic and mystery.

It has a Plays core of 8.86.

Top 15 Best ps5 Games For Kids In 2021

The Witness

If you want to mix together creativity, mystery, adventure and heart into one game, The Witness stands as a hallmark of excellence since it dawned on the gaming world.

Wake up in an unknown island with no recollection of your past and decipher cryptic buildings, towers and structures in its lush land. The game has over 500 puzzles.

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Half of them
are easy peasy lemon squeasy, the others are a nightmare that takes hours of your time.
The only way to progress on the game’s 40 hour campaign is to solve these puzzles and
recover your memory.

An adventure that keeps on calling you back, it has a Plays core of 8.87.

Top 15 Best ps5 Games For Kids In 2021

Shovel Knight

The legendary Kickstarter creation that stole all of our hearts and wallets. From its humble beginnings, Yacht Club games has brought their 8bit masterpiece to almost every possible platform.

Venture into their vintage vistas, and come along with Shovel Knight and his friends in a journey of friendships and rivalries.

Loved by critics and gamers alike, Shovel Knight continues its goodness streak with 3 massive DLCs that introduce new Knights like Plague Knight, Specter Knight, and King Knight. Master each of their varying abilities as you complete their individual adventures.

Capturing not just the hearts of medieval maidens, Yacht Club Games proves that chivalry isn’t dead. It has a Plays core of 8.98.

Top 15 Best ps5 Games For Kids In 2021

Sonic Mania

A celebration of Sonic’s rich history, SEGA flashes back to the classic days with his return to the 2D universe.

Roll around the familiar corners of this pixel-perfect lands in this colorful remaster, packed with new
and exciting surprises.

With Dr. Robotnik up to his old tricks, it’s up to Sonic and the gang to stop it before it’s too late. Free from the limits of the old consoles, Sonic Mania brings new life to their renowned stages, running their HD graphics in today’s standard 60fps.

Sprinkling new tricks into the classics, rekindle the fire of his loop-filled stages with new bossesn and brand new secrets to discover.

A great way for kids to discover a videogame icon, it has a Plays core of 9.01.

Top 15 Best ps5 Games For Kids In 2021

And the best child-friendly game on the
PS4 is Journey

That game company is taking us on another ethereal adventure with this journey through enigmatic ruins. Play as a robed figure in the orange deserts and traverse the quiet pathways of the dream-like world.

It’s a game that commits to the silence, partnering you up with people online to serve as companions in the pilgrimage.

Communicate through musical chimes, and work together to unravel a collection of rewarding
puzzles. A multi awarded gem known to deliver a magical audiovisual experience.

While its contemplative nature might turn off today’s distracted youth, it might also be an excellent bonding opportunity for parents and children alike. It has a Plays core of 9.29.

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