Is gaming a hobby 2021

Is Gaming a Waste of Time?

Gaming is a massively popular activity current research suggests is over 2.3billion active gamers worldwide and teenagers are playing more than ever with over 83 percent of teenage girls playing video games regularly and almost all boys. Or is gaming a hobby.

the global gaming market itself is almost a hundred and forty billion dollars worldwide and that’s now larger than film and music industries combined with mobile gaming accounting for over50% of revenue Gaming is more accessible than ever as well and that means that people are playing more and more but it’s gaming a waste of time or is it just a fun activity that people enjoy for entertainment that’s the question we’re going to explore today. Is gaming a hobby?

is gaming a hobby

what’s up everyone my name is cam and if you’re not familiar with my story I was addicted to playing video games for about ten years and after hitting rock-bottom decided to quit and move forward in my life and since Dan and I started a website called game quitters comon that brings together people who feel similarly and really try to just support them in whatever way we can it’s important for me the state before we begin that I’m not against gaming I don’t think that all gaming is bad and really I’m just here to shed some light on how we can have a more productive or positive relationship with gaming.

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is gaming a hobby

this for people who are just gaming because it’s fun or they’re more casual game mills and not for people who are pursuing gaming for a career obviously if you’re trying to make gaming a career then putting hours into gaming isn’t waste of time but if you’re not pursuing gaming for a career then it’s really important that we really reflect on why we’re doing what we’re doing and if it’s aligned with the goals and dreams that we have if it’s aligned with the vision that we have for our life the first question I like to reflect on is.

What is the purpose of gaming ?

why are we gaming why are you gaming what are you hoping to get out of it is it just to have fun is it to be entertained is it because you want to develop your skills and master a certain game is it because you want to be social and play with your friends are you just really stressed and you need to escape understanding why you’re gaming and what the purpose is behind it is crucial in order to answer this question of whether or not it’s a waste of time .

I don’t think it’s important to be productive every single hour of the day and everyone needs things like entertainment or to relax but how you choose to achieve those results is going to have a big impact on your life which brings me to the second question

 Is the activity you are choosing actually effective?

If you achieve those results since if you’re just looking to kill some time being detained and just have some fun then gaming can be a great outlet for that but if you’re also playing gamest hat are very competitive and you find yourself and more of a toxic environmental more toxic community and you’re getting really upset at the game is it actually helping you relax or is it just changing the type of stress that you ‘reexperiencing. Is gaming a hobby.

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it’s also worthwhile to note that not every activity is as effective at achieving the results that you want for instance you could go to the gym to relax or you could do another activity like say Photography in order to feel this sense of progress or accomplishment maybe hanging out with friends in person would give you a deeper level of satisfaction in your social life than just chatting with people online .

so it’s important to distinguish not only the purpose behind the activity but whether or not that activity is effective and helping you achieve that sort of ROI. I also believe it’s important to think about the

What Is Trade Off ?

trade-off so for instance gaming might allow you to experience some fun and to escape but it also comes with certain consequences the example -I would give is that I love to DJ and DJing is inactivity that’s very immersive I get those my skill improve I get to have fun I get to relax and be creative but if I needed to stop DJing and go for dinner with my girlfriend I would be able to dot hat very easily and come back to it compare that to gaming.Is gaming a hobby .

where gaming is immersive and you can be creative and it can be a lot of fun and you can escape and you can relax but if my girlfriend called me in the middle of my game you know we’re going to come for dinner that might actually cause a lot of tension or if I’m Dingo’s able to do it in more moderation I’m able to do it just a couple hours a day or not even every day whereas with gaming .

I have this feeling of I just want to gain more and more and more it’s never enough no amount of times satisfying I just want to play more and more so it ends up creating a lot more tension for me where I’m constantly having the battle against wanting to play more and more .

Is gaming a hobby 2021

whereas attractivity just don’t have that same sense of craving so consider the trade-off yes inactivity may be effective at satisfying different needs or goals that you have but is it also coming with consequence sand ultimately is that worth it is that the sort of ROI you want from the activity. Is gaming a hobby .

What our vision is for our life ?

whether or not our life is in balance from a research study that we did with our community at game Quarters we found that the average member of our committee was gaming twenty seven hours a week which is about three or four hours average per day but they were also spending twenty seven hours a week in other internet activities things like browsing Reddit watching YouTube video or streamers on Twitch .

so the average member was spending almost eight hours a day on the Internet in activities theatre more entertainment that’s a lot of time to be entertained now entertainment feels good because you’re able to just kind of sit back relax and enjoy yourself but is it helping you move forward in your life and this is where the question of balance comes in balance is super crucial yes you need to be entertained .

yes you need to relax and you also needs get stuff done you need to pay your bills you need to be independent you need to go out there and achieve different results that you want so if you’re still living in mom’s basement and your gaming four or five hours day and you’re just watching YouTube videos for four or five hours a day.

Is playing video games a hobby ?

My question is playing video games a hobby now this is an interesting question they see kicked around a lot because occasionally some guy will ask and you write and thread how guys can make themselves more attractive to women and response is almost always something akin to pick up a hobby.

Do something with your time make yourself more interesting make yourself something that we can invest in and we can share with you and this of course kicks in the question of whether video games are hobby or they’ rejust a waste of time that’s the Is gaming a hobby .

I want to explore that first our video games a waste of time yeah technically they are because you’re not gaining anything out of playing them but when you think about it the majority of things that we do are a waste of time in this sense like browsing Facebook is a waste of time watching TV is a waste of time watching YouTube videos to waste the time it is good that we have wastes of time.

because it means we can do more with ourselves and refresh our minds I’dargue that most people spend more than half of their life doing things that are now productive and that’s perfectly acceptable because you need time for yourself you don’t want to work all the time you have to work hard to make yourself a better future.

Games Like Among Us

is gaming a hobby

But you also have to enjoy the pictures while you have to enjoy your life but video game sare different from those other mediums of entertaining and that is video games require a lot out of you they require you to constantly pay attention and have fast reflexes they’re require you to memorize secret button combinations and secret locations and their skill there as kill you have to get used to the controls and such and skills fade if you don’t use them so you have to practice a lot just to stay where you are in the skill sets that takes up a lot of time and a lot of efforts you can actually feel mentally tired.



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