How To Take Care Of A Gaming Laptop | Best Tips In 2021

Hello Friends, Today in this article, we will talk about how to take care of a gaming laptop?

I think you buy a new gaming laptop, and you do not want it to be damaged, dirty and not working correctly in the future.
If you want to keep your brand new gaming laptop net and clean, please read the article.

First, we will talk about 15 tips you should follow after purchasing a gaming laptop.

Then we will be going to talk about some essential Top 10 tips that every person have to follow after purchasing a gaming laptop.

I have about Top 10 tips that you should follow to keep your gaming laptop new. So let us Explore that how to take care of a Gaming laptop?

Top 15 Things To do When Getting a Gaming Laptop

How To Take Care Of A Gaming Laptop | Best Tips In 2021
how to take care of a gaming laptop?

15. Remove programs that are not needed

When you’re purchasing a new machine, and you start it up, you’re going to see many programs that you don’t need, such as Mac and fee, you have a free trial base of office.

Depending on what company you purchase the laptop from that company, Dell or Lenovo has their pre-built stuff in it you don’t want.
That stuff so removes it.

14. Disable OneDrive (Uninstall)

If you upgrade your machine to the latest Windows 10 credit update, one drive is now available within the removing program section, so you could uninstall it you don’t need it.

It’s one less thing that you don’t need.

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How To Take Care Of A Gaming Laptop | Best Tips In 2021
how to take care of a gaming laptop?

13. Remove Microsoft Apps

There are many apps within the Start menu that you don’t need. It depends on you. For me, I like to remove Twitter, candy crush, one drive one.

Those apps I don’t need. Just remove from the Start menu right top.

12. Configure Start Menu

Basically mean start removing a lot of junk that you don’t need within the Start menu you know a lot of stuff is already attached.

They’re removing customize it shrinking down make it feel comfortable for your environment.

11. Clean Up The Taskbar

The taskbar has Cortana has the Microsoft app I like to remove the Microsoft app and just minimize Cortana small or you can just hide it it’s really up to you.

10. Upgrade Graphic Drivers

Upgrade your graphics card now it really depends on what kind of machine you have probably you have a laptop.

that is running an AMD graphics card or Intel integrated graphics card or Nvidia make sure you go to the site and upgrade the graphics driver very in point if you want everything to run smoothly with your gaming.

Make sure that your graphics drivers are up to par don’t get me wrong Windows 10 which comes with a lot of these gaming laptops by default up grace the graphics drivers for you.

But I would like to do that manually give me that power.

How To Take Care Of A Gaming Laptop | Best Tips In 2021
how to take care of a gaming laptop?

9. Upgrade Your PC Windows Updates

on the list is upgrade your PC Windows updates this is very very important all right guys make sure that you push out all the updates on that machine again.

if you got a new machine that new machine probably wherever you purchase it like Best Buy or wherever they don’t really keep those machines up-to-date.

so when you get home you got your machine on your Wi-Fi make sure you push out all those Windows updates.

8. Change Windows Update Scheduled

this is really a huge thing especially if you’re a gamer you don’t want to play video games at night and all of a sudden your machine is rebooting because of an update again.

if you upgrade it your machine to the latest Windows updates you have it fully patched and you probably have the option within the update section to change the active hours so change those active hours ok.

So your when you’re playing games late at night it doesn’t reboot right .

How To Take Care Of A Gaming Laptop | Best Tips In 2021
how to take care of a gaming laptop?

7. Update Windows Defender

make sure that your machine is protected even though Windows updates Windows Defender by default just open a Windows Defender within the Settings app

And check that you’re got the latest definition push it manually do it do a scan all right.

6. Disable Startup Services

By default your machine is going to start a huge amount of services that you don’t really need.

Best thing with Windows 10 accounting 2 gives you a break now what’s low medium and high when you’re starting up services just take a look of your high services.

That are starting out during your boot time and just disable if you don’t need it.

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How To Take Care Of A Gaming Laptop | Best Tips In 2021
how to take care of a gaming laptop?

5. Download Your Favorite Browser

Again Windows 10 gives you Microsoft Internet Explorer but the default browser is edge if you don’t like using that like myself I don’t like using those browsers at all.

I will download my favorite one which is Google Chrome because Google keeps chrome nice updated.

So I don’t have to worry about it which is a plus a lot of you might have to download Firefox it’s really up to you.

But download your favorite browser to make that laptop comfortable for you.

4. Install Your Games

before start installing all your games a lot of laptops nowadays come with two partitions your C Drive is your primary operating system partition and you have a D Drive which is your raw storage.

You have to debate where you want your installation to be held either C Drive.

if you have a C Drive in the solid state drive most likely you want to take advantage of that read and output three speed on that C Drive you install your games on the C Drive.

If we don’t worry about the read and write speed install it on the D Drive save more space.

how to take care of a gaming laptop
how to take care of a gaming laptop?

3. Enable System Protection

This is very important and I kind of recommend that you enable it on your C Drive.

Because if something happens like if you upgrade a particular game or software and a particular file gets corrupted, you’re always able to rework back using shadow copies.

Very important.

2. Run performance test

Run performance test on your machine once you have all your applications everything is up to great run a performance test you can download 3d mark on a particular kind of performance test application.

That you’d like to use run performance tests, run battery tests, memory tests, graphics cards test run as much testing that you could do on your new machine.

That when you’re using it like really heavy you shouldn’t have any problem you know the capacity of what the machine can go up to.

1.Backup Your System

this is the most important thing that you need to do once you have your machine fully up-to-date with all the software.

That you need with all the gaming software that you need make sure you backup your system.

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Top 10 Tips To Take Care Of A Gaming Laptop

1. Protect Your Laptop From Dust

You have to understand that dust is one of the greatest killers of your laptop.

Therefore it is essential to clean it once in a while to prevent overheating and damaging your hardware. Internal hardware should be cleaned two times a year by compressed air.

This is available in any computer store for a more thorough clean you can take to any local electronic shop externally.

It should be cleaned all the time so give your laptop a clean

How To Take Care Of A Gaming Laptop | Best Tips In 2021
how to take care of a gaming laptop?

2. Keep Liquids And Food Away

Your laptop is not a kitchen table, so don’t eat buffets.

The crumbs can fall between the keys in the keyboard. if cause malfunctions of your device, use an unused toothbrush or compressed air.

To create one stand wire.
Remember, the greatest enemy of your computer is water, so keep all it quits away from it.

In case of spillage on your device, quickly unplug it from the power, take away the battery, turn it upside down, from leave it to dry for at least 24 hours.

You should be good to go after if not contact any computer professional.

How To Take Care Of A Gaming Laptop | Best Tips In 2021
how to take care of a gaming laptop?

3. Have Clean Hands

When using your laptop, dirty, oily, and sticky hands are not squad for function and generally your laptop’s look.

The keyboard is a vital user interface between you and the virtual world, so make sure you have clean hands when you’re using the keys touchpad and your mouse.

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how to take care of a gaming laptop
how to take care of a gaming laptop?

4. Don’t Leave Your Laptop On The Bed or bed sheets

This is a widespread problem that many people are unaware of calling your device is very important for internal hardware and life durability.

So it needs to be free and not block overheating is very dangerous for your laptop beds and pillows are heat holders, so it can result from damaging your device.

Every newer kind of laptop has an emergency temperature shut down if they reach about 105 degrees. That’s when your laptop changes to the frying pan

5. Don’t leave your laptop in a visible place

Leaving your laptop in the car in a visible place is a bad idea because this is an easy target for thieves to learn to hide your laptop in your trunk or onto the seat so it won’t attract or wants to tension.

Remember, smartphones, tablets, and laptops are all favorite loops for these

6. Turn The Laptop On Enough Correctly

Many people don’t know that what should adequately turn on and laptops off.

Extending its service life best technique is to switch your laptop off through the operation system for worship if a crash or laptop freeze, you can hold down the control alt delete’ button.

In Windows, to insert the crash taskbar if nothing is working, the last favorite option is a hard restart, and you do that by holding down the power button for a few seconds.

How To Take Care Of A Gaming Laptop | Best Tips In 2021
how to take care of a gaming laptop?

7. Don’t Hit your Laptop

No matter what makes you angry During interphase with the computer, whether it’s a crush or losing your favorite game.

Remember, it’s not the laptop’s fault many people do hit their laptops, unfortunately, but that move is for some Hardware fatal mostly.

You can damage your hard drive, which will contain all your data plots, and if you don’t have it backed up well, you’ll lose it and learn your lesson damage can also be your most expensive parts.

Like the motherboard or display, sometimes they’ll throw the whole device away and don’t hit the wall. You can hurt yourself. Learn not to have anger issues when you are working on it, or something goes wrong okay.

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8. Open your laptop only by its displayed base and carry it by its body

Never Cover your laptop with its LCD. Remember displays the sensitive parts, and it should not be held by any means.

Your laptop’s opening should be a straightforward process where you apply pressure on the middle display base like this, you protect important screen holders are connecting your display with a laptop body

how to take care of a gaming laptop
how to take care of a gaming laptop?

9. Inserting things in and out must be done with care

Always look at the symbols on our laptop carefully before inserting devices plugging the USB connector into Ethernet damage the socket making it possible to use them again.

It’s essential to pay attention while doing it because you can easily scratch a device by the connectors.

If you are not careful so make sure you put it in the right home.

How To Take Care Of A Gaming Laptop | Best Tips In 2021
how to take care of a gaming laptop?

10. Don’t Leave Your Laptop exposed to the direct sunlight

Large temperature swings are deadly for your device; therefore, make sure it’s not exclusive direct sunlight anywhere.

Temperatures are rising to the top on the internal hardware, so don’t use it during your sunbathing laptop. Just don’t like Sun these the ten most important things to take care of a gaming laptop.

Final Word

If you want to ask any other question then make sure to comment down below. Also Comment me the next topic other than “how to take care of a gaming laptop”.

Thanks you so much for reading.

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