Best Streaming And Gaming PC Build Under 50000

In this articel we will talk about the gaming pc build under 50000.

All right so you want to build a gaming PC and you have a budget of 50,000 rupees and there’s a lot of guides on YouTube.

that do a really good job but you also see that the 50,000 rupees species that are on YouTube look like 50,000 rupees pcs they look cheap they use cases from cheap companies.

they use you know non branded like non-standard brand parts and they don’t give good performance. but hey if you’re spending 50,000 rupees which is not like a small budget or something don’t you think you deserve something.

So Lets Exlore the- best gaming pc under 50000 for editing, gaming whatever you want to do for 2021.

Parts Used-

CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3500 Desktop Processor 6 Cores
RAM XPG Adata GAMMIX D30 8GB 3000Mhz DDR4 U-DIMM Desktop RAM
CASE NZXT H510 Compact ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case
SSD Western Digital WD Green 240 GB 2.5 inch SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (WDS240G2G0A)
Storage Western Digital WD10EZEX 1TB Internal Hard Drive for Desktop 
Graphics Card Gigabyte GTX 1650 Super Windforce OC 4GB (GV-N165SWF2OC-4GD)
Power Supply Corsair VS550 550W Active PFC 80 Plus Power Supply

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Parts Required To Build Gaming Pc Under 50000 In India 2021


gaming pc build under 50000
Gaming PC build under 50000 Rs

Starting over the CPU it’s a no-brainer here we’re going with the AMD Ryzen 5 3500  it’s a six-course 6 thread CPU with SMT disabled so there’s no simultaneous multi-threading.

but it is unlocked so you can all clock to get to mixture performance.

you have a base clock of 3.6 gigahertz a boost of 4.1. 16 megabytes ol l3 cache and again you have that great stealth cooler pre included for ten thousand eight hundred rupees.

it’s a 65 watt TDP CPU and in my opinion it’s the best for 1080p no budget gaming at 60fps.

And the mantra play titles again ten thousand eight hundred rupees is a really good value price in my opinion. now how’s that CPU yeah the gigabyte p450 MDS 3h now you can go over the p4 50m gaming motherboard.

if you want the better looks but that will only come with two RAM slots whereas the ds3 H motherboard that we are going for is a micro ATX motherboard.

that has the aim for you know socket type D 450 chipset has four ddr4 slots and again you have USB 3.1 1 MB or two slot 4 again a super-fast SSD in the future.

And you have HDMI DVI it does support overclocking.

And yeah comes at a price of six thousand two hundred rupees whether the gaming motherboard will come out of six thousand eight hundred rupees.

Not a lot of difference in the price but it’ll come down to your preference and what kind of aesthetics you want the gaming motherboard will obviously look better.

But this is more value for money in my opinion. This is one of the most important part for our gaming pc build under 50000.

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gaming pc build under 50000
Gaming PC build under 50000 Rs

Now for our we have eight gigabytes of XP geez a data deep 30 Ram.

now there’s an or RGB but has some you know design or heat sinks on top and does look good. and it comes at the speed of 3000 mega Hertz now I do realize that Rison works better with dual channel memory.

so if you can get dual channel memory like 16 gigabytes just get to eight gigabyte DIMMs in the same kind of brand.

And configuration and you’ll get a better performance.

new channel is preferred when it comes to rise and build and just you know Amy loves dual channel RAM so I really really recommend you guys to just please get sixty two gigabytes of RAM.

now it might increase your budget.

But you’re definitely not regret it and it’ll totally be worth it and you will thank me later.

This is the second most important part for our gaming pc build under 50000.

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Best Streaming And Gaming PC Build Under 50000
Gaming PC build under 50000 Rs

Now for SSD because it is something that’s necessary in a build in 2020 obviously we have the tumor and 40 gigabyte Western Digital green SSD.

now I’m personally using this SSD and it’s you know again your modern-day SSD with a three-year warranty and gives you a speed of 500 megabytes per second in read.

and write so 500 megabytes per second plus you’ll obviously get more than that and definitely improves your operating systems responsivenes.

you get you know faster boot time your PC starts faster.

you couldn’t have a couple of gains in to 40 gigabytes and also put on your operating systems.

and programs that you use like editing or something like that so those will open up faster and even have a better experience overall for again 1800 rupees.

This is gonna be the best purchase you will do for your PC in terms of just your user experience.

This is the third most important part for our gaming pc build under 50000.

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Best Streaming And Gaming PC Build Under 50000
Gaming PC build under 50000 Rs

Now for the mass storage because I know you guys want to store your games we have the Avant here by WD blue hard drive again it comes at 7200 rpm.

And it is a normal state of 3.5 inch hard drive for 3,200 rupees.

And shouldn’t get the job done it is you know bulky and slow and old but again this is very reliable in my opinion and Western Digital is known for their products.

I’m personally using this hard drive and have no complaints about it at all. 4th Important part for our gaming pc build under 50000.

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Power Supply

Best Streaming And Gaming PC Build Under 50000
Gaming PC build under 50000 Rs

now for our Power Supply again something that I’m personally using in my second table we have the Corsair VS550 550W.

again it’s a 550 watt power supply three years of warranty it is 80 plus certified so you should get 80 plus you know 80% plus efficiency at all times.

or please in ideal conditions and for 3,500 rupees is not a bad deal.

And 550 watch should be more than enough to power your belt as well as get you some upgrade room in the future so you can add more components.

Change some components if you want to get some better performance. 5th Important part for our gaming pc build under 50000.

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Graphics Card

Best Streaming And Gaming PC Build Under 50000
Gaming PC build under 50000 Rs

now for your graphics card again this was a no brainer and you’ve seen this everywhere.

you’re going for the gigabyte geforce gtx 1650 super.

the reinforced OC edition so it has that meant for schooling design as well as or clocking support and you get four gigabytes of gddr5 memory.

And that’s all clocks at 128-bit interface and this core clock is going to be at seventeen fifty five minutes.

whereas the factory card will be at 1725 so there is a decent o clock for you to get some extra performance and this is a gigabyte cards you expect the quality.

that comes from it and it is a really nice card for its price. 6th Important part for our gaming pc build under 50000.

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Best Streaming And Gaming PC Build Under 50000
Gaming PC build under 50000 Rs

right now let’s talk about the case which case are we using for this build if you’ve seen other bills on YouTube around 50,000 rupees.

You’ll see something from and in sports antic.

they’re really nice brands and those cases are usually no very value for money centric and on budget centric cases.

they kind of compromise on the quality sometimes and they’re usually lying between the 2500 rupees to 4000 rupees price bracket. sometimes even cheaper but in this bill you’re gonna spend more than 6000 rupees.

because the case is not gonna go anywhere it’s gonna stay with you.

You can change the whole build and still keep the same case. we gonna go and for this build we’re going to go over the NZXT h5 10 case now again it’s a ATX mid tower case it’s available in red black as well as white color.

So depending upon your choice you can get something.

Best Streaming And Gaming PC Build Under 50000
gaming pc build under 50000

You have your temperature side panel as well as your steel construction this is a quiet case comes with the USB type-c port on the front and also your audio jacks.

And it looks good and it looks memory stick it looks simple.

And in my opinion I prefer these kind of cases you know over the flashy gamer II cases that come and you know price ranges data below this now this one is also NZXT cam supported.

So if you do buy any in the next react series of products in the future they’ll integrate you know.

And you can control everything but in the next eh 510 retails for six thousand four hundred rupees it is kind of pricey or at least that’s what you’re thinking.

But it is totally worth it and you won’t regret it it’s a really nice case PCs on.

It is a quiet case does not make any creaky noise it it’s built really well so it can take a beating.

And it’ll last you long so trust me on that all right so vit the parts over the wheel.

Last And one of the most important part for our gaming pc build under 50000.

Gaming Pc Build Under 50000 Performance

now let’s talk about the performance and the future upgrades that you can do on this build.

talking about the performance rising 530 500 coupled with the GDX 1650 super again 8 or 16 gigabytes of RAM and an SSD in the bill it will perform really nicely for day-to-day tasks.

And also if you’re doing something like productivity live-streaming video editing.

you should be able to do modern gaming like triple-a titles gaming at 1080p medium to high settings you know 60fps plus.

if you’re into the esports games you should be able to get 100-plus FPS 140 plus FPS.

so games like csgo rock and you need dota 2 league of Legends fortnight pub tea and stuff should work fine so yeah that’s you know possible and this PC is obviously capable of more than just gaming.

if you’re not doing gaming and doing other things like live-streaming and editing.

that should be possible as well.

Future Updates

now talking about your future upgrades because there’s the MDOT to slaughter in this bill you can definitely add a higher-end SSD in the future.

if you want to go for that also if you have extra money right now in my opinion.

the best purchase you can do it’s gonna be you know SSD.

again higher capacity SSD as well as more RAM for this build and if you just want more aesthetics like if you want to build to look better you can go for RGB Ram.

something like this again this is the d60 from a data these are on the pricier side will increase your budget like upgrading more RAM.

Or getting our RGB RAM or getting like m dot 2 SSD but these are all purchases.

that you won’t regret and they’ll definitely like significantly improve the performance of your PC so that’s that alright slow to your future upgrades and that’s pretty much it for this build.

Thank You So Much

I hope it was helpful I hope you enjoy and I hope it was different from what you usually see on YouTube.

when it comes to PC build guides and if you want me to make more of these let me know in the comments down below.

So If you want to ask any question related to best gaming pc build under 50000, so then make sure to comment down below.

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