Games like dark souls for Android | Top 10 Best Game

 If you’re looking to hack them and slash them dark souls style then look no further. hey warriors I’m solanki and today on android game spot I’ll give you my picks for the games like dark souls for android and iOS.

So stick around to see which games you should play and let me know your picks in the comments below for this list the order is randomized and with that said let’s explore the best games like dark souls for android

List Of Games-

  1. Pascal’s Wager
  2. Ire Blood Memory
  3. Animus
  4. Dead Cells
  5. Dark Sword 2
  6. Implosion
  7. Way Of Retribution
  8. Dark Sword
  9. Wayward Souls
  10. Grim Valor

Top 10 Best Games like dark souls for Android

1.Pascal’s Wager

starting with pascal’s wager only a handful of games provide a close souls-like experience and pascal’s wager comes to widen the library and in a good way.

The game takes from the combat of dark souls and the world structure of neo. you play as Terence in search of his missing wife and the story is told more through cut scenes and long dialogues.

Rather than through the world and subtle whistles here and there as it’s done in the source games.

It comes in the list of best games like dark souls for android.


Although challenging the game is not as hard either. all in all pascal’s wager delivers on the souls like experience with meaty combat good progression and an absolutely gorgeous 3d world.

and although it may take you some time to get used to the controls the payoff is absolutely worth it and I highly recommend playing it.

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2.Ire Blood Memory

Ire blood memory is the spiritual prequel to animus and was one of the first souls like games on mobile.

that actually delivered and its core ire is a antastic tactical action rpg with a great and yet complex battle system and demanding inventory and crafting system.

With influences such as demon souls dark souls and monster hunter are follows their footsteps and that means the game is demanding.

You’ll be jumping from short battle to the next fighting enemies that just keeps on getting stronger of course the only way to kill them is by learning their attacks.

And patterns meaning you’ll be coming in with a plan and todo so you need to learn each enemy’s ticks. you’ll be making.

It also comes in the list of best games like dark souls for android.

Plenty of mistakes and yes you will die a lot which is almost expected of a dark souls type of game

And definitely welcome here,

The graphics are great the progression is rewarding and the game will keep you busy for many many hours.

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Next on the list is animus for dark souls fans there isn’t an official game on mobile not yet at least but animus.

Which is the spiritual sequel to iron blood memory gets pretty close all while being designed from the ground up for mobile.

And there’s a lot to like about the game the combat system is balanced well enough between grinding for gear and getting a grasp of the reflexes and physical tails of the enemies.

You will go through a variety of missions designed for shorter sessions that best suit playing on mobile.

Story wise you wander off into the darkness to find monsters to kill after you’ve been explained what’s happening by a dead king.

It comes in the list of best games like dark souls for android.

Control wise the analog stick is for moving and you swipe to look around you also have two buttons to attack a couple more for specials and one for healing using potions.

Enemies are tough and bosses will give you a hard time so expect to die a lot.

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4.Dead Cells

that sales is a metroidvania action platform with a roguelike aspect that came out on android this year following a 2019 iOS release.

The game lets you explore an ever-changing castle if you can survive the monsters in it.

everything about dead cells is fast and pushing you to go even faster the music, the animations, the enemies walking around bursting from the ground or falling down from the ceiling.

You get it the action is fast paced and intense with the constant permitted threat always around the corner.

It alslo comes in the list of best games like dark souls for android.

the progression is non-linear as you can take different paths with every death and the game mechanics are very much like the dark souls games.

so when you die you restart from the first level and lose all of your weapons and health you gained except for the upgrades.

dead cells is a must play in my book.

5.Dark Sword 2

Next is dark sword 2 which is a silhouette styled rpg where you take on hordes of blacked out enemies.

Hack slash your way through the campaign or team up with two other friends in co-op mode.

the game’s difficulty is manageable when you’re just starting but things do get challenging later on.

It comes in the list of best games like dark souls for android.

the crafting system is simple and fast and with over a hundred missions to play there is loads of content in here.

Also low spec devices will be able to run the game thanks to some smart optimization and the entire game can be played offline which is always a plus.

Dark source 2 brings everything the original brought to the table and then some.

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implosion is one of the oldest games in this list but don’t hold, that against it developed by ryark from taiwan implosion blends in fast-paced action with high production values and extremely well designed combat.

the game puts you in the shoes of jake a mecca pilot and you and your team are back on earth after you have fled it following a global disaster.

You have different types of attacks like a basic slash with your sword ranged machine gun and a special move.

the combat system is highly refined and the game feels like a dark souls and devil may cry hybrid.

It Also comes in the list of best games like dark souls for android.

And if this wasn’t enough on its own the graphics are decent the action is smooth the level design is great with a variety of environments and the progression system is highly enjoyable.

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7.Way Of Retribution

next is way of retribution which is a newly released open world rpg that plays a lot like you guessed it at dark souls games.

You start by creating your character before heading into the world, the combat is also similar as in you have to take your time and watch for the enemies patterns.

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strike at the right time and defend or get out of the way when they’re attacking.

As for the story i’m not really sure what’s going on but the game’s open world is huge.

It comes in the list of best games like dark souls for android.

The soundtrack is really good and although the game got pretty grindy after a recent update, it is still worth trying if you’re looking for an open world action rpg with a challenge.

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8.Dark Sword

Dark soul took the mobile gaming world by storm when it first came out in 2016 and it stood the test of time as it is still loads of fun to play today.

it looks nice with its simplistic silhouette style and it has that gloominess of dark souls.

The gameplay is that simple you play as a knight with a big sword and a fancy armor and you’re to beat the darkness out of all the dead zombies and lurking things that come at you.

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Control wise the combat is smooth and simplistic you can move left and right jump and dodge and the other,

buttons are weapon dependent as some swords have five skills and some others three.

Each sword comes with special abilities giving room to some nice animations and plenty of power to get you out of a tough situation.

It also comes in the list of best games like dark souls for android.

dark sword may not be as deep as some of the other games in this list but just like its sequel it’s playable offline.

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9.Wayward Souls

Next is wayward souls which will see you slashing your way through a series of massive dungeons in true dungeon crawler style.

Every room is filled with traps monsters and other challenges that you need tosurvive and get the best of.

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The only thing is often enough you simply won’t because you will die a lot unlike dark souls wayward souls generate a different dungeon.

every time you play so it’s less a case of figuring out what’s where and how to defeat it.

It comes in the list of best games like dark souls for android. Then trying to be ready for anything the game throws at you.

If you’ve not played this one yet then you really should.

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10.Grim Valor

if you’re only going to try one game from this list make it grim valor.

Although it strays from the souls blueprint quite a bit the ways in which it does make it one of the best action games ever on android and iOS.

This side scroller finds success by copying the deliberate combat model in the source game series and giving it a speed boost.

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To help keep up with the action grim valor features ultra responsive controls that work well both using touch controls and a Bluetooth controller.

This formula blends really well with the exploration based structure to make for a game.

that feels like dark souls meet castle Vania and i highly and i repeat highly recommend playing it.

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It comes in the list of best games like dark souls for android.

If you Still have any quarry other than “games like dark souls for android”, Then sure to comment down below.

I think now you will be not going to search games like dark souls for android on google and YouTube.

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