Top 20 Forge Minecraft Mods Download 1.18


Hey guys, this article is going to take a look  at some of the best Forge Minecraft Mods released over the  past month, for those of you playing on Forge for Minecraft 1.18.1.

There’s some great mods here.

I also want to quickly mention that Tinkers Construct has been updated to this version too.

So without wasting any more time lets take a look at out Top 20 Forge Minecraft Mods Download 1.18 In 2022.

Forge Minecraft Mods Download 1.18

Enchanting Overhauled

With Enchanting Overhauled installed, you’ll start to find Library Ruins spawning in your world.  


These contain Chests, which have Enchanting  related items, like Bottles of Enchanting,  

Enchanted Books and some new Tomes, which come with the mod. Inside an Enchanting Table,  the interface has changed slightly, and there’s also a reroll button, so that you can spend  your experience on rerolling for something more worthwhile.

There’s also a slot for your Tomes,  and these can be applied to your items as many times as you’d like,  they aren’t restricted to a one time use like regular Enchanted Books are,  but you can still apply regular Enchanted Books here too.


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Forge Minecraft Mods Download 1.18

Patina Pipeworks

Patina Pipeworks makes a great decoration mod, but is also functional too when it comes to Farming.  


To start, you’ll need to craft a Copper Pipe Base, some Copper Pipes and a Copper Valve, and start  connecting them together in a pattern you like. 

When you place a Cauldron filled with Water next  to the Copper Pipe Base, it will flow through the 
Pipes, either when you turn the Valve, or manually  open the Pipes yourself.

The water will hydrate farmland blocks, and provide a growth boost in  a 3 by 3 area.

You can also use Redstone instead of a Valve, so that you can automate the process.

Forge Minecraft Mods Download 1.18

Neon Craft 2

Neon Craft 2 will allow you to create some neon lettering, with arrows and numbers also  being available.


You’ll need lots of Neon Tubes and Glass Sticks in the recipes, so you should  collect a lot of Glass, Iron Nuggets and Blaze Powder.

You’ll only create the neon items in  white at first, but you can later use different colored dyes on them to change the color.

Forge Minecraft Mods Download 1.18

Awesome Dungeons Nether Edition

Another expansion has been released for Awesome Dungeons, with this one being themed around the  Nether.

You’ll find locations like the Obsidian Palace, Tower Blaze, Giant Crimson Tree, Obsidian  House and more.

A lot of these locations contain Blaze too, which might eliminate the process of  looking for a Nether Fortress.


Some of the best loot you’ll find might be Emerald, Diamond and  Gold Blocks, but there’s also Barrels scattered around these dungeons containing loot too.

Fireball Launcher

The Fireball Launcher is a new weapon which can be crafted from a Red Dye, Glass Pane,  String, Flint and Steel, 2 Iron Ingots and an Iron Block.

It uses Fireballs as ammunition,  and they can be fired pretty quickly to cause explosions and set blocks on fire.

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Forge Minecraft Mods Download 1.18

Redstone Villager

You can turn an unemployed Villager into a Redstone Villager, by having them interact  with a Target Block.


They’ll then be able to trade items like Redstone Torches,  Iron Trapdoors, Daylight Sensors, Pistons and more.

Xtra Arrows

Extra Arrows adds some interesting Arrows, like the Vexing Arrow,  which is able to phase through walls.

If you fire an Ender Arrow, then you’ll teleport with  it. Torch Arrows and Lightning Arrows will both 
summon Arrows and Lightning respectively.

You can  use the Padded Arrows for practice, as they’re covered in wool so it will deal no damage, and will fall from walls.

There’s also Explosive, Slime and Tracking Arrows. And each arrow has a  tier, ranging from Flint to Netherite, which determines the amount of damage they deal.

Forge Minecraft Mods Download 1.18

Snowy Spirit

One of the first items introduced with Snowy Spirit is the Sled, which gives a new way to travel on land, and are much better for traveling down slopes and on ice.  

But if you tame a Wolf, then you can attach it to the Sled with a Leash,  which increases the speed and control of Sleds. 

You can place Carpets on a Sled for decoration.  

If you’re in Winter, or using a mod like Serene Seasons, then the AI of Villagers will change,  so that they can place down festive blocks like Wreaths, or children will throw Snowballs.

Other  blocks included with the mod are Gingerbread, Glowing Lights, Candy Cane Blocks and Snow Globes.

Forge Minecraft Mods Download 1.18


Cookietology is all about creating your own Cookies, and to start, you should create  a Butterator, and place a Fan on top of it. 

When you place Milk inside, it will be turned  into Soft Butter, one of the most important ingredients.

You can then place Soft Butter,  Flour, an Egg and Sugar into a Mixing Bowl to turn it into a dough, and your dough has Brilliance and  Thickness values, which determines the saturation and nutrition.

Place the dough inside a Cookie  Mold, place it in the Baker alongside some Cocoa Beans, and you’ve made your own Cookies.

Fire Extinguisher

With this mod, you can craft a Fire Extinguisher, which is pretty efficient at putting out fires  quickly.


It can also be placed down, so that you have quick access to it, and it also looks great  as a decoration object. There’s also a Fire Axe, which can be used to put fires out too.  

If you wear the full Fire set of armor, then you’ll be completely immune to fire damage,  but you’ll be slowed.

There’s a few other items that work with roleplaying,  like Fire Extinguisher signs, and Fire Exit signs.

Forge Minecraft Mods Download 1.18


One of my favorite mods from Minecraft 1.12 is the Open Glider Mod. With this Glider mod,  it feels a lot like that mod.

You can craft the Glider using Wool,  Sticks and Slabs, and use it to descend from great heights without taking damage.


DRG Flares

This mod introduces the High-Intensity Flares, from the Deep Rock Galactic game.  

You’ll start with 4 Flares, and they can be thrown by pressing the V key by  default. Overtime, their brightness will fade, with them lasting around  50 seconds by default.

They have some really cool sounds and animations too.


You might come across Quicksand with this mod installed, when exploring locations like Deserts  or Beaches.

It’s quite hard to notice, as the texture doesn’t differ too much,  and if you end up being suffocated by it, then you’ll take damage.


You can walk over  it by wearing Leather Boots, and it can be picked up in Buckets and placed down again.

Forge Minecraft Mods Download 1.18

Human Companions

Human Companions adds some new characters, who you can find naturally spawning in your world.  

If you give them food, you can recruit them, and they’ll be either Knights or Archers.  

If you right click them, you can open their inventory and make them carry items,  or just give them some better armor and weapons, as long as it fits their class.

They’ll equip the best items they’re carrying.


Like Wolves, they’ll  follow you around, and can be told to wait at a location, and they’ll also attack your enemies.

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Forge Minecraft Mods Download 1.18

Unusual Fish

Unusual Fish will add lots of creatures into Minecraft, which includes Squids, Starfish,  Freshwater Mantis, Jellyfish, Lobsters and more. 

They can be collected in Buckets, but it seems  a few textures are missing right now, and the developer is looking for texture artists to help.  

A lot of the mobs don’t drop items yet either, which is supposedly coming in a future update,  but it’s still going to help with any aquarium type builds.

Forge Minecraft Mods Download 1.18

Ecospherical Expansion

Eco Spherical Expansion adds more biomes into Minecraft, which look pretty impressive  and unique, as they’re a lot different from what you’d normally see in the vanilla game.  

No new blocks are added, as the mod uses ones that already exist, and a lot of the Biomes look  like they’re above surface versions of Caves. 

You can come across Biomes like Lush Forests,  Deepslate Cliffs, Glacial Plains, Mega Swamps, Mushroom Groves and more.

Forge Minecraft Mods Download 1.18 (2022)


This mod will eventually update a lot of Minecrafts Biomes, but in its current version,  it focuses on the Beach Biome.

There, you can find Seashells spawning on the ground, and these can be  turned into Sand Castles, which will hide Turtle Eggs from Zombies when placed on top of them.  


There’s Coconut Trees too, which give a new Wood Type.

Coconuts can fall out of trees,  giving you some food, but they can also turn into Coconut Crabs, which are hostile.  

They drop Crab Claws, which can be turned into a Tropical Stew alongside Coconut Slices.

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Revamped Phantoms

Revamped Phantoms brings some interesting changes. 


Firstly, a Phantom will now pick up their prey,  carry them into the sky and drop them from quite high up, so that they die when they hit  the ground.

They’ll also target Villagers and livestock in addition to players from now on.  

They have a new ability, where they can stun you with their call,  which makes it harder to attack them, as the camera moves like it’s in  cinematic mode.

And even if you’re well rested, you might find Phantoms spawning naturally.

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Forge Minecraft Mods Download 1.18

Eating Animations

Eating Animations, which was a Fabric mod, has been ported over to Forge.

When you  eat different food items, you’ll see that they slowly get consumed over time, instead of just  disappearing in your hand.

There’s lots of items supported, and it looks a lot more immersive.

Forge Minecraft Mods Download 1.18

Hardcore Torches

Hardcore Torches is going to make lighting up your world harder. From now on,  both Torches and Lanterns have fuel, and will burn out over time.

When you craft a Lantern,  it will be unlit, and will need to be provided with Oil from a Can, which uses Animal Fat,  and then you need to use a Flint and Steel to ignite it.


If you leave a Torch out in the rain,  then it can go out too.

There’s some extra settings you can choose, such  as whether Torches should be crafted unlit, and whether they should use fuel in your inventory.

That covers some more Forge mods from the past month. There was quite a few releases,  but some that I liked the look of where throwing errors out,  so hopefully I get to mention them sometime soon.

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