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Top 5 Best Chota Bheem Racing Car Games In 2021

Chhota Bheem Speed Racing – Official Game

Race with Chhota Bheem through energizing universes of Dholakpur, Kathmandu, Incan, Petra , Bali and Shinobi!

An exceptional round of Speed Racing that has Chhota Bheem The Hero as a fireman, a legend taking on the Asuras, helping his companions and significantly more while hustling all through the towns.

This time Chhota Bheem and his companions Raju, Chhutki, Jagu and Dholu Bholu have a vital mission.

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They need to go through the 6 distinct universes and assist the residents with tackling their issues.

You are the one that should join Chhota Bheem and guide him through his experiences!

Bheem is driving quick vehicles in these energizing race tracks to achieve his main goal quicker!

Chhota Bheem Egg Drive

Stay away from approaching Trains

  • Jump over and under Obstacles
  • Use a choice of Frisbees to get extra lives
  • Ride on Rockets
  • Collect Coins
  • Get Multipliers
  • Get Past Stations in Mumbai by gathering Letters
  • Surf utilizing Colorful Frisbees
  • Incredible Powerups
  • Boost your Score
  • Participate in occasions
  • Challenge your companions

Chhota Bheem Jungle Run

chota bheem racing car games

Ever wished to become Bheem yourself, this is the perfect time. Isn’t this exceptionally energizing. So… ..Get-Set-Run.

  • Chhota Bheem, India’s superhuman is back in real life.
  • He is far away from Dholakpur and the street back to the town is through a thick Jungle.
  • Unlike some other wilderness, this is exceptionally mischievous and loaded up with unusual animals.
  • Bheem needs to save himself by evading every one of them. Witches and mummies will attempt to hurt you. Wilderness climate is likewise not all neighborly and is loaded up with immense stones, awful honey bees and lethal snakes.
  • But Bheem is macho child and Now, you are there to help him and allowed him to arrive at his home quicker. You need to control bheem to run, slide and fly.
  • Guide your superhuman to conquer snags and maintain a strategic distance from adversaries.

Chhota Bheem Race Game

Utilize great weapons that you can gather while in transit to triumph and utilize them against your adversaries.

Bounce over hindrances to surpass your number one Bheem characters.

Shoot Rockets, , convey the Vetal Ghost to transport players behind, utilize the sorcery hourglass to hinder time for your rivals.

Drop dangerous punch encloses your wake to hinder your rivals.

Outfit your characters with marvelous weapons like the Belan, the Danda, the cricket bat, the Mace, the Trishul and the Gadda.


  • Race against characters from the Chhota Bheem universe.
  • Collect and utilize magnificent catalysts on your foes.
  • Race in fascinating areas from everywhere the country.
  • Earn coins as you dominate races and purchase new characters and weapons to race with.
  • Gain prizes by dashing and attempt to top the pioneer sheets.

Chhota Bheem Jump

Chhota Bheem Up is currently Chhota Bheem KungFu Jump

It is known as where the Jade Palace rests and is significantly high and encircled by fog. The other location is congenial by means of steps that is intensely ensured.

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Save your falling companions in this shared experience.

Slice through obstructions, Collect Coins and Save falling companions in this activity pressed experience.

Twofold tap the screen to enact the super shield.

Great PowerUps.

  • Grab the Rocket.
  • Get a Score Booster
  • Grab a Magnet
  • Start with the Mega Headstart
  • Open Mystery Boxes

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