Top 13 Best Zombie Games ps5 In 2021

As always there’s a bunch of zombie Games on the way.

I mean why wouldn’t they it’s a popular topic but which one’s the best. wasabi games range from survival simulation to Lovecraftian co-op period pieces and if you like you can even take a detour.

through tower defense and post the apocalyptic power corps with that in mind.

here’s a list of zombie games with everything in them every hunted enthusiast could ask for coming our way in 2021 and beyond.

List Of best Zombie Games ps5 In 2021

  • Back 4 Blood ​
  • The Callisto Protocol
  • Dying Light 2 ​
  • Resident Evil Village
  • After the Fall
  • Dead Island 2
  • State of Decay 3
  • Synced: Off-Planet
  • The Last Stand: Aftermath
  • No More Room In Hell 2
  • ZomDay
  • Zombie Killing Simulator
  • Undying

13 Best Zombie Games ps5 To Play In 2021


Back 4 Blood ​

So first of all turtle rock is holding a closed alpha from actually a couple days back until December 21st for back for blood.

Actually encouraging players to come in and play this then maybe even break the upcoming coop zombie shooter over here.

In case you missed the announcement of the game awards the bag for blood is a well-known co-op shooter pretty much similar to left 4 dead games.

It can be played online with a squad of 4 players or even solo with ai teammates. well there’s actually even a player versus player multiplayer option check it out back for blood’s due out on june 22nd 2021.


and try to survive each time you play you’ll face a new set of threats as you play through the closed alpha test you’ll also discover new items gear and weapons to help you take your fight against the red end further.

though each time you play the game director will change what you find and where so make sure you run through more than once.

when back for blood launches gamers may assume the role of eight playable characters.

Known as cleaners in addition to distinct personalities each of these cleaners has their own unique secondary weapon and character perk in the back for blood

closed alpha test players may take control of the following cleaners.

  • walker
  • holly evangelo
  • and hoffman

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The Callisto Protocol

kalisto protocol on the other hand was revealed at the game awards last week as well and it was a pretty big deal for horror fans.

well why because it literally looks a lot like a new dead space game and well the good news is that it’s not even a coincidence.

this game’s in the hands of glenn schofield formerly the general manager of original dead space games .anyway wars has this new game takes place in a prison on well callisto which is one of Jupiter’s major moons.

and to tell the truth I can’t even think of anything more isolated than that.

even dead space games callisto protocol is still a long way off and it’s not expected to be out until sometime in 2022.

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Dying Light 2 ​

it’s been a long time since we’ve last seen dying light 2 and of course we’re still anticipating what’s to come with the follow up to the open world zombie apocalypse title.

So last time we saw any footage of the game in action was during e3 2019 and the parkour the combat and actually the increased focus on role playing elements showed a lot of promise.

I don’t know guys I just hopefully 2021 will be the year the follow-up will be revealed again and headed for release.

dying light was also said to have a bigger narrative focus that will dynamically impact the state of the game’s world and all of its characters.

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Resident Evil Village

Resident evil village is apparently getting an online multiplayer mode according to some leaked information this mod then will receive updates as a free-to-play game we also got some new screenshots.

In case you wondered resident evil village sits some years after the events of resident evil 7 and this time sees the return of ethan along with chris.

Just keep in mind the game launches on pcn consoles on a yet to be confirmed 2021 release.

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After the Fall

On the other hand vertical games the studio behind Arizona sunshine well the survival game.

Just announced that its long-awaited co-op vr shooter after the fall for pcvr and psvr is actually going to be delayed until early 2021.

For those of you who missed it after the fall was first announced all the way back in e3 2019 offering up zombies shooting four player club action in a frozen wasteland thing.

This game was originally projected to arrive sometime in 2020 but when I’m hoping for a pleasant surprise after more time in development check it out.

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Dead Island 2

Remember dead island too of course you remember this game was first revealed at e3 in 2014 with a pretty memorable trailer.

only to disappear then ever since wow. it turns out that dead island 2 might not be dead just yet according to the game’s popular share deep silver.

well they said we’re not quite ready to talk about the latest dead island just yet but they also said maybe just maybe that island 2 is coming but that’s all.

You can actually pre-order the game from certain retailers if you’re feeling particularly optimistic if you ask me i think it’s a 50 50 so.

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State of Decay 3

so state of decay 3 i hardly doubt you’d miss just in case you did somehow it’s a third person zombie maybe experience with an emphasis on surviving in a post of course impossible work.

well according to developers since we didn’t get any gameplay for it yet you will need to gather resources in front of the undead and former community.

with other survivors hoping to rebuild humanity once again.

with that said actually information instead of the k3 is light at the moment but we know it’s in the works for xbox one xbox series xns ps4, ps5 and windows pc.

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Synced: Off-Planet

So make sure to stay tuned for more updates later on so I’m assuming you’re unfamiliar with synced over here.

and so here’s the thing about it so just imagine coming face to face with a horde of zombies in the game daze gun assuming you know.

That game which you probably don’t so look it up once you did imagine you have a couple of your buddies with you to come along for the ride and you’re doing it all in a place like world or z.

Also if you’ve ever played division games and you know dark zone with the mode and maybe found it a bit of a slug. and actually like your zombies with a side of coop to it.

I think a synced off planet over here is one you should definitely keep an eye.

On problem is saint of planet currently has no scheduled release date or launch platforms beyond pc words as we’re getting some updates on this one in le 2021.

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The Last Stand: Aftermath

All right last stand on the other hand well juno just returned for a fifth title the last stand aftermath which is scheduled to launch for pc and ps4, ps5. developers con artist actually launched a kickstarter campaign for the game too.

Go give him a visit if you can and we’ll finally for those of you aren’t familiar the last 10 series has been around since 2007.

and while this new entry aftermath will pick up 15 years after the events of the last one. aftermath will be available in late 2021.

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No More Room In Hell 2

Development for several years if not more people behind no more room in hell to finally release a brand new trailer for the zombie shooter.

which i think will no doubt please you especially if you’re a fan of the 2011 free-to-play original game.

if you’re not familiar with the normal roman hell franchise this game actually started as a mod for half-life 2 all the way back in the year 2003. which well then ended up becoming its own thing.

it’s a co-op first person zombie survival shooter. got lots of good qualities although there is still no releases for this game.

but you can go ahead and keep track of development through its discord so keep it in mind.

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Zombie on the other hand is a vr game seems like we either have a horror game or a zombie game and not a whole lot else in vr these days but well.

At least the good news is that this one is one of the cheaper vr or zombie games to come out recently.

someday you should know has been getting some buzz as an underrated game that might surprise you actually.

but also might not i mean there’s quite the frustrating controls in this game to deal with but it has are really nice.

fast and frantic gameplay. really nice graphics as well interesting ideas it’s fun what else do you need zombie is available right now on steam for 9.99.

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Zombie Killing Simulator

okay you all know zombie killing simulator is an action simulation game.

which went on to steam early access some time ago and ever since we haven’t had any updates regarding and well.

I just wanted to make a quick reminder this game is still on full development plan with more modes to have upon release they said.

the goal is like 10 extra modes for this game like you can do all the zombie thing in space or just design your own levels and bring people in.

if any of that sounds good and to your taste make sure to stay tuned with us i think they will have some proper update on this one very soon.

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i would also like to mention another game which is one that’s a really unique take on the zombie survival genre called undying. this game was originally announced about a year ago as coming to consoles in pc.

but now it also has been officially announced so the game is coming to ios and android as well. so what about it.

if you’ve ever played through telltale’s the walking dead games especially season first you probably know how great the emotional impact of having a child could be in a zombie apocalypse plot.

well undying over here takes you on a journey just like that except it’s a bit different check it out.

undyne is targeting an early access launch on steam pretty soon with the full launch plan for some time later in 2021.

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