Top 10 Best Survival Games ps5 In 2021

In This article we will be going to cover Top 10 best survival games ps5 In 2021.

Survival games you know once kind of a trend have trudged on to become a compelling game genre and in 2021. there’s quite a variety of new survival game experiences you’re going to want to check out.

So here are 10 best survival games ps5 to look forward to throughout the year.

1. Icarus
2. Little Devil Inside
3. Winter Survival Simulator
4. State Of Decay 3
5. Dead Matter
6. Away The Survival Series
7. Undying
8. Sons Of The Forest
9. The Day Before
10. Valheim

List Of Top 10 Best Survival Games ps5 In 2021

best survival games ps5
best survival games ps5 no-10


Starting off with number 10 let’s talk Icarus which is from developer publisher rocket works the people behind dayz well.

It seems like for a couple of years now they’ve been taking their daisy money and they’ve been tinkering with some really cool creative new game ideas.

And icarus seems to be the product of that while at first glance first person gameplay here you might think it’s just another game where you chop down a tree and survive.

The actual concept around it is really cool. essentially it’s a free to play multiplayer co-op survival game that has persistent progression.

Their description is actually pretty interesting so while navigating each prospect’s unique challenges players must collect better resources to permanently progress create advanced technologies and take on longer missions.

They describe it better than i can but that sounds really cool permanent progression permanent resource gathering.

Just dean hall and rocket works trying to take a little bit of a different spin on things.

I welcome that and I’m looking forward to seeing how icarus really goes down.

best survival games ps5
best survival games ps5 no-9

Little Devil Inside

Next over at number nine we have little devil inside which made a big splash last year during all the next-gen console reveals people saw gameplay of this game.

And immediately all collectively went whoa cool what the hell is that.

Little devil inside looks to be a bit different compared to the other games on this list.

It’s less survival more just kind of action adventure fun indie style game but still it looks like it’s gonna mix survival and simulation mechanics in a more accessible way the developers have said that you know you gathering stuff to survive isn’t like the core main element of the game.

It’s just part of many things it’s really just you trying to survive a level or a mission that you go out and embark on more than just the entire game just being about you surviving in general.

If that makes sense but from what we’ve seen most of it is going to be you getting water to survive and chopping wood to make a fire dealing with nature.

The weather elements and creatures and you know what this looks pretty damn awesome and it is apparently releasing this year on all the major consoles npc July 2021.

best survival games ps5
best survival games ps5 no-8

Winter Survival Simulator

Next over at number eight we have winter survival simulator this is a pc only survival game focusing around you guessed it.

Surviving in harsh winter climate there is a bit of a story set up to it basically you and some friends go on a hike to mount Washington state park until things go awry and you fall off a cliff and you’re lost and stranded.

You have none of your equipment and it’s freezing cold.

So of course it’s up to you to scrounge up some equipment and survive and get to an abandoned ranger station.

So of course you’re gonna have to worry about getting food drinking water all that basic survival stuff.

But also your sanity meter as well as fending off hypothermia it does seem pretty cool and fairly comprehensive as of right now it is slated for release in 2021 and there’s a demo available on steam right now.

And it seems like people are responding positively to it we’ve seen a lot of people playing it on social media.

A little rough around the edges like a lot of steam survival games but the inventory management is cool.

And just the arctic weather theme is interesting and we’re excited to see where this one goes.

best survival games ps5
best survival games ps5 no-7

State Of Decay 3

Next over at number seven we have state of decay 3. undead labs has really kind of figured out a very cool new spin.

On the post-apocalyptic zombie survival crafting thing.

And we’re really excited to see how they change it up in three because state of decay 2 really grew into its own after release and got updated and became pretty interesting.

And we’re just excited to see where they can take it next and i say that because as of the time of making this article all we really have still is that winter themed cinematic teaser trailer doesn’t tell us much.

Maybe that there’s zombie animals this time around still we’re thinking this might be a big one.

So fingers crossed it’s great and fingers crossed we definitely get it this year.

Dead Matter

next over at number six we have dead matter now we’ve talked about this one quite a bit i think we’ve done actually a couple videos focusing on it solely.

because it’s an incredibly ambitious sounding game and they’ve been working on it for a very long time.

There’s a big history behind this one this is an open world survival horror survival type game.

With an emphasis on kind of hardcore simulation and realism basically if you are into something like escape from tarkiv this might be the open world zombie survival game you’re looking for.

It was completely crowdfunded many years ago meaning a lot of people believe in this and also just want to see this idea come to fruition and play it.

Because they ponied up a bunch of cash for it you’re gonna be able to play online and scavenge for supplies and build stuff up with your friends and the game is leaving alpha and heading into early access in 2021.

best survival games ps5
best survival games ps5 no-5

Away The Survival Series

Next over at number five we have away the survival series this is a survivor game that was revealed with a really cool trailer and essentially the game is inspired by nature documentaries.

This is an indie game and the concept is really cool essentially you’re this little sugar glider guy.

And it’s up to you to flee from a big storm.

That is hitting your lands you’re gonna have to glide you’re gonna have to climb you’re gonna have to run as a little agile guy and outwit predators.

And the elements and it just seems really creative and cool and that’s why we’re highlighting it because yes in this game.

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You’re not gonna be chopping down trees or collecting diamond resources or anything like that but you are literally trying to survive.

It’s a survival game and we wanted to just kind of take a break and highlight something a little bit more unique.

A way the survival series looks like it’s gonna release on pc and playstation this year.

Top 10 Best Survival Games ps5 In 2021
best survival games ps5 no-4


Next over at number four we have undying not to be confused with the early 2000s clive barker horror game.

Uh the undying is a different type of horror essentially you play as a woman in a post-apocalyptic zombie plague who has been bitten.

And her time is limited but she’s also traveling around with a child and it’s up to you to keep that child alive .

Teach them skills do a lot of the survival game mechanic style stuff but in a different setting a different tone a different different atmosphere.

And a little bit of a story touch personally i think that sounds really cool yes the visual style is a bit more indie focused but the idea the concept behind.

It sounds really awesome and like something we haven’t played before in this survival zombie apocalypse type thing.

This was actually slated to be released in 2020 but it did get delayed and we’re gonna see it this year.

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Top 10 Best Survival Games ps5 In 2021
best survival games ps5 no-3

Sons Of The Forest

Next down to number three we have sons of the forest now of course we wouldn’t have a survival game list without mentioning the spin-off game of the survival series the forest.

With this new game it seems less like you’re stuck in the woods and you’re figuring it out and more like you’re journeying into the woods.

But you’re gonna have to do all that survival stuff forage for supplies build a little fortified base either alone or with friends.

All while you know there’s creepy stuff out there lurking.

Then of course you gotta fight those bad things off. this looks like a much more realized more in-depth the bigger version of the forest and we’re looking forward to seeing it hopefully this year.

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Top 10 Best Survival Games ps5 In 2021
best survival games ps5 no-2

The Day Before

Next down to number two we have the day before this is a new open world survival mmo that takes place in america.

After a pandemic fittingly enough and they’re zombies and i’ll be honest it looks a little bit derivative of something like the division.

You walk around these empty city streets there’s leftovers of a Christmas season and you look for loot and you do all that stuff.

But the addition of zombies surviving waves of them that can come running when they hear sounds and of course other players out in the world in this more mmo style world.

Makes it sound like it could be pretty cool a lot of these ideas have been done before but not all completely coupled together like this.

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It’s also third person which is really nice as a fan of third person games.

Some of the early gameplay we have seen does look pretty exciting does look pretty thrilling and higher budget.

We’re just hoping this game can really nail its lofty premise because it looks ambitious.

If it’s like the division and the last of us and multiplayer mmo survival combined it’s a good idea.

We just hope it works and we really hope we get to see it sometime this year because as of right now it is slated for 2021.

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Top 10 Best Survival Games ps5 In 2021
best survival games ps5 no-1


And finally at number one you guessed it valheim the newest kid on the block the game that is really kind of taking the world by storm with record sales numbers and twitch streams in a limited amount of time.

We think for good reason it’s very simple it’s viking themed but at the end of the day it’s just a very well made survival game so far.

It is still in early access but for once refreshingly it doesn’t feel like it’s in early access.

The developers have said that they’re still spending another year working on this game adding more monsters more weapons all types of things like that.

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But the game on its own right now is fun it’s a simplified survival game but with an emphasis on pve messing around with your friends.

Building out large mead halls and farms and eventually making boats and venturing out even further fighting monsters.

All of course rooted in norse mythology coupled that with a very interesting visual design a lot of people dismiss it as just bad graphics.

But on a high-end machine with a high resolution and good lighting you can tell that this is a really creative art style.

that’s kind of like a new spin on retro graphics.

Overall so far it is a ton of fun and we were genuinely surprised as we’re often skeptical of survival games and especially early access one.

But valheim is no joke those are all the survival games we think are worth paying attention to in 2021.

But we got a couple of extra bonus games for you including wild by famous game developer and creator of rayman and beyond good and evil michelle ansel.

He has actually left game development and that’s already after this project has been in the works for a really long time.

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You were supposed to play as like a neolithic man in ancient history fighting for survival using the environment to your advantage.

And stuff like that but like with a really cool creative art style and spin on the whole thing.

But again it’s gone kind of radio silent then we have small land another survival game.

Kind of like grounded the concept is you’re a very very very small person and you have to forage for supplies and survive stop me if you’ve heard that a million times in this article.

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