Top 24 Best Role Playing Games For ps5 In 2021

Alright guys welcome back for once again another article of some of the most interesting upcoming best role playing games for ps5 in 2021.

And some beyond the year 2020 is coming to an end so now is a perfect time to get excited for what’s coming and god knows how many delays into 2021. that we’ve had this year.

so there is fortunately a lot of games to get excited for. As always make sure you guys drop a like to give some support and let’s get started.

Top 24 best role playing games for ps5

1 Horizon Forbidden West
2 Cyberpunk 2077
3 Demon souls
4 Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
5 Vampire the masquerade bloodlines 2
6 Hogwarts legacy
7 Gotham knights
8 The witcher 3 wild hunts complete edition
9 Dragon age 4
10 Outriders
11 Godfall
12 Final fantasy 16
13 The legend of heroes hajimari no kiseki
14 Ayudin chronicle 100 heroes
15 Scarlet nexus
16 Yakuza like a dragon
17 Little devil inside
18 Ruined king a league of legends story
19 Lost souls aside
20 Crimson Desert
21 Kana bridge of spirits
22 Project Aethea
23 Elden ring
24 God of War Ragnarok

Top 16 Best Role Playing Games For ps5 2021

best role playing games for ps5
best role playing games for ps5 no- 16

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon zero dawn has already showcased some solid action RPG combat along with a variety of armor mods and weapons to customize one’s play style.

While gorilla games have yet to outline the new weapons and gear that can be expected in horizon forbidden west.

We’re already anticipating all the new skills that air loy will doubtless have.

Will there be new damage types new ways to fight the machines we’ll find out in the coming year.

best role playing games for ps5
best role playing games for ps5 no- 15

Cyberpunk 2077

Years in development and delayed multiple times cyberpunk 2077 is cd projekt red’s most ambitious project yet.

players will have a deep character creation system.

the ability to specialize in hacking stealth or straight up combat various perks numerous weapons to choose from and much more.

Along with branching stories and choice-based gameplay. Players will have three different life paths from the outset.

Corps nomad and street kit that will dramatically alter the experience.

Cyberpunk 2077 is slated to release on November 19th for Xbox one ps4 and PC with support for ps5 and Xbox Series X and s at launch.

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best role playing games for ps5
best role playing games for ps5 no- 14

Demon souls

Blue point game’s take on from software’s classic was hyped as something special and it didn’t disappoint.

In terms of visuals and sound design the demon souls remake boasts a painstaking amount of detail and flourish.

Old bosses and foes have been wonderfully reimagined and the kingdom of boloteria is simply stunning to behold.

underneath all of this however is the same souls-like gameplay we all know and love.

demon souls is out on november the 12th for ps5 in the united states and november the 19th in europe.

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Ubisoft’s focus on massive worlds and action rpg gameplay in the assassin’s creed series continues.

while you can expect to gather new loot across Anglo-Saxon England. assassin’s creed Valhalla won’t force you to grind out levels.

S ide quests are also apparently non-existent with the player partaking in world events and activities that occur more naturally alongside the main story.

then there’s the whole exercise of settlement building and customizing your own band of raiders.

assassin’s creed valhalla is out on November the 10th for xbox series x and s ps4 xbox one pc and google stadia while the ps5 version releases on november the 12th.

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best role playing games for ps5
best role playing games for ps5 no- 12

Vampire the masquerade bloodlines 2

In the world of darkness the masquerade of vampires must be maintained. unfortunately a mass embrace takes place in seattle.

leading to the player character turning into a vampire.

As a thin blood one will choose from three different disciplines and join one of five vampire clans to further add to the repertoire of abilities.

there’ll be several different side quests with varying approaches.

The ability to feed on the living and even manipulate the various clans against each other. it’s been delayed multiple times but hopefully 2021 will be the year that vampire the masquerade bloodlines 2 finally releases.

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best role playing games for ps5
best role playing games for ps5 no- 11

Hogwarts legacy

though it was leaked seemingly ages ago Hogwarts legacy received its first proper reveal at the recent ps5 showcase.

It’s set in the 1800s with the player attending Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry and living the student life.

From learning spells to visiting Hogsmeade village.

There will also be mythical creatures to battle secret locations to explore and combat along with a morality system. Hogwarts legacy is out in 2021 for current and next-gen platforms.

hogwarts legacy is a brand new story set around 100 years before the events of the harry potter series.

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porky games and avalanche software have stated that you’ll be able to create your own hogwarts student.

explore the open world and uncover secrets about an ancient magic that may affect the future of the wizarding world.

the game starts out with you receiving an acceptance letter to Hogwarts and then choosing which house you’d actually like to become a part of.

from there you soon find out that you possess an unusual ability to perceive and master ancient magic.

and the game has some sort of morality system where you can choose to use that power for good. or evil while we don’t have an official release date yet this game is set to release sometime in 2021.

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best role playing games for ps5
best role playing games for ps5 no- 10

Gotham knights

the batman is dead apparently gotham city still needs protecting though so the rest of the wayne family namely batgirl red hood robin and nightwing steps up.

At first glance Gotham knights may be concerning with its loot damage numbers leveling and so on.

but despite appearances it’s not going for a games as a service approach.

With co-op for up to two players only character-specific storylines and a lack of level gazing. it’s out next year for currents and next-gen platforms so time will tell if our fears are unfounded.

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best role playing games for ps5
best role playing games for ps5 no- 9

The witcher 3 wild hunts complete edition

the Witcher 3 wild hunt is a pretty great game.

if you haven’t heard and with its free next-gen upgrade it will look even better for console players.

cd project red is leveraging the ps5 and xbox series x to implement road tracing and speedier load times along with other visual improvements.

if that weren’t enough the complete edition includes all of the free updates along with the heart of stone and blood and wine expansions.

If you’ve never played it and wants a great open world action rpg out of the next gen gate then it’s worth looking into.

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best role playing games for ps5
best role playing games for ps5 no- 8

Dragon age 4

Bioware hasn’t said much of anything about the next dragon age.

Following anthem’s release reports revealed that dragon age 4 had been rebooted to implement live service elements. how that will tie into the overall single player story remains to be seen.

it’s still a long ways off though with ea projecting a release after fiscal year 2022 which is april 2022 onwards .so we’ll have to wait for more details.

but it’s still bioware and dragon age so there might be a shred of hope.

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best role playing games for ps5
best role playing games for ps5 no- 7


people can fly’s third person looter shooter takes place on enoch. with humans gaining strange powers thanks to the anomaly.

the player is set on investigating a strange signal cutting through hostile wildlife and factions to find out what it’s all about.

though cover-based gameplay and weapon modification is important. outriders also emphasizes abilities by way of four distinct classes.

there are also side quests hub areas world tiers and co-op for up to three players.

it’s intriguing if nothing else and releases in q4 2020 for current and next-gen platforms.

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On the other end of the looter spectrum is godfall. players will don different valor plates which act as classes and utilize a variety of weapons.

From pole arms and Warhammer to dual blades and great words.

combat is shaping up to be pretty interesting with mechanics like breach soul shatter and polarity.

But the overall loot economy end game and so on have to be detailed. godfall is currently slated to release on november the 12th for ps5 and pc.

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best role playing games for ps5
best role playing games for ps5 no- 5

Final fantasy 16

Long rumored to be a ps5 console exclusive with reports claiming timed exclusivity. Final fantasy 16 had quite the reveal

With hack and slash heavy gameplay and a more mature medieval fantasy style.

It’s already looking quite stunning. the next big information reveal is in 2021 so more details are still to come.

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At one point in time square enix was the definitive rpg powerhouse of the genre. they made the most compelling rpgs out there with insane graphical detail.

and as they moved away from the turn-based rpg into more of an action-based rpg. the company struggled to make the switch.

However with the recent success of the final fantasy 7 remake and finally mastering their action-based combat system it seems they may have found their footing again.

this game seems to be bringing us back to the roots the final fantasy series to a classical fantasy world as you take on the role of the protagonist clive ross field.

And while we don’t know his backstory yet we do know he’s after revenge while this game does not have an official release date we do know that it’s been in development for over 40 years now.

And a square enix recruitment page was translated indicating a release before the end of 2021.

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Top 24 Best Role Playing Games For ps5 In 2021
best role playing games for ps5 no- 4

The legend of heroes hajimari no kiseki

falcom’s latest sequel in the legend of heroes series only recently launched in Japan for the ps4.

So it may be awhile before it’s localized for the west. Thankfully it will be compatible with the ps5 with a post-launch update.

With three protagonists and dozens of other playable characters it should serve as a strong new beginning for the franchise heading into the next generation.

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Top 24 Best Role Playing Games For ps5 In 2021
best role playing games for ps5 no- 3

Ayudin chronicle 100 heroes

konami may have forgotten about suey koden but its legacy lives on. yoshitaka murayama and junko kawano who have worked on various titles in the series.

Founded rabbit and bear studios and went on to announce ayudan chronicle 100 heroes.

It’s essentially a spiritual successor to suey coden with over a hundred heroes to recruit. Six character battles and 2d sprites with 3d backgrounds.

The current release window is fall 2022 and despite how early it is the game’s aesthetic and combat are looking good.

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Top 24 Best Role Playing Games For ps5 In 2021
best role playing games for ps5 no- 2

Scarlet nexus

bandai namco’s latest hack and slash title mixes psychic abilities with brain punk aesthetics and bizarre creatures.

As you eat so sumaragi of the osf the player must protect new himuka from the others.

How do you do this though why by slicing them up and using psychokinesis to toss objects like trains. Various teammates will join in fights letting you utilize abilities like pyrokinesis as well.

Scarlet nexus doesn’t have a release date yet but is coming to both current and next-gen platforms.

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scarlet nexus is being developed by bandai namco and is being led by former members of the tales team.

this game takes place in the distantnfuture when scientists have discovered a method to grant human psychokinetic abilities.

allowing them to control all sorts of things with their minds. bandai namco has stated players can expect visuals and psychic battles with high resolution and frame rate.

along with fully interactive real-time battles with dynamic action.

while no official date has been given for this game the target release date is set for summer of 2021.

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Top 24 Best Role Playing Games For ps5 In 2021
best role playing games for ps5 no- 1

Yakuza like a dragon

ryugaga toku’s latest yakuza title finally comes to the west. But it’s not quite the beat-em-up you’re expecting.

Featuring a new protagonist ichiban kasuga yakuza leica dragon is a turn-based RPG.

It features different classes via jobs party assists.

Crafting and other rpg mechanics .along with the usual side stories and activities like dragon cut.

Though yakuza like a dragon is out in November for Xbox Series X and s xbox one and PC the ps5 release date is still yet to be confirmed.

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List Of Top 8 Best Role Playing Games For ps5 2021

Little devil inside

Little devil inside is a third person action adventure RPG being developed by neostream.

This project has actually been around since 2015 is a Kickstarter project where you were hired by a professor who’s researching unusual incidents in uncharted parts of the world.

You’re assigned to undertake risky missions and as more and more research is done you’ll be able to upgrade your armor weapons and transportation.

I find the art style very intriguing and in the trailer you see the main character pull off an array of different motions ranging from running to jumping slicing decapitating.

And all of these animations look incredibly well done. And all of them transition very naturally into each other. While no official release date has been announced this project is currently set to release sometime in 2021.

Ruined king a league of legends story

Ruined king a league of legends story is a story-driven turn-based rpg game being developed by riot forge. for those of you who don’t know riot is a powerhouse in the online gaming world.

however this is riot’s first attempt into a single player story driven game.

you control a party of up to three different popular heroes from the league of legends world to take on the mysterious ruined king.

And while not much else is known about the story wright almost always releases quality games. so keep an eye on this title as it’s set to arrive sometime in 2021.

Lost souls aside

Lost souls aside you play as the protagonist kaiser with the goal of eliminating the monsters that have broken into your world. and discovering why they’ve come.

the creator has said to take inspiration from final fantasy xv and ninja gaiden.

And the full trailer shows a multi-phase boss battle that i highly recommend checking out if the game looks at all interesting to you.

while the release date of this game is currently unknown. this was a project that was hopeful for a 2020 release but was delayed due to covid.

so expect this game out sometime in 2021.

Top 24 Best Role Playing Games For ps5 In 2021

Crimson Desert

crimson desert is an open world single player action rpg.

and this game is being developed by pro abyss that’s the team behind black desert online.

this game was initially announced as another mmo project but has since changed course to a story driven solo experience with some multiplayer functions.

players travel as mcduff the main protagonist of the story.

Solving mysteries and fighting a wide variety of foes alongside your own group of mercenaries.

All of whom have their own backstories crimson desert is set to have very strong fantasy elements and is set for a quarter 4 20 21 release.

Top 24 Best Role Playing Games For ps5 In 2021

Kana bridge of spirits

kana bridge of spirits is one of the most beautiful looking action adventure games i believe was teased in 2020.

ember labs have created a new ip where it basically looks like you’re in a pixar-esque world.

where you place the character kana and journey to discover what’s behind the fall of your village. you’ll find and collect little creatures known as rot during your adventure.

and the rock can actually acquire new abilities. this game just looks absolutely gorgeous and with the fast-paced combat and puzzle solving elements.

the game is definitely one of the most intriguing titles on this list. this game is scheduled to drop in quarter 1 of 2021.

Project Aethea

project aethea a title that will probably change for its release is a beautiful looking fantasy title from luminos productions.

for this project they had brought on the star wars rogue one writer gary witta to be project atheist writing lead and he has stated that he has a cracked team of a-list writers from the world of film tv games and fantasy literature to create the game’s universe.

the trailer shows a female character who appears to be a magician of sorts traveling through burnt ruins interesting creatures and probably one of the coolest dragons that i’ve seen in a trailer.

while little more is known about this game we do know the game is targeting a 2021 release date and will be exclusive to the ps5 two years after its release.

Top 24 Best Role Playing Games For ps5 In 2021

Elden ring

Elden ring is being developed by from software the fame producer of the soul series.

they also brought on George rr martin to write the mythology of the world and if you don’t know who that is he’s the writer for the game of thrones series.

it’s been stated that this is from software’s most ambitious game to date and this game went dead silent on any news since over a year ago when the trailer was shown.

however very recently there have been reports that the game is actually finished and is now in the polishing stage of development.

so while there is no official release date my personal hope is we do see this game drop sometime in the first half of 2021.

Top 24 Best Role Playing Games For ps5 In 2021

God of War Ragnarok

And rounding out the list at number one god of war ragnarok. this is obviously the follow-up to the ps4 god of war game that won pretty much every single game of the year award out there.

And we know next to pretty much nothing about this game. except that it will release sometime in 2021.

there are some online rumors that there will be a time skip involved but nothing has been confirmed yet i do believe that this game will release on the ps4 as well as the ps5.

so if you won’t be able to get a ps5 this year i think you’ll still be okay to play this game.

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