Top 15 Best Racing Games In ps5 2021

In this article we will be going to cover 15 best racing games in ps5.

When one thinks of racing games to look forward to gran Turismo and Forza motorsport immediately come to mind.

thankfully there’s a whole lot more coming up in the near future whether it’s new ips or familiar franchises.

List Of Top 15 Best Racing Games In ps5 In 2021-

1. Monster Energy Supercross
2. Next Forza Motorsport
3. Gran Turismo 7
4. Need For Speed
5. Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown
6. Project Cars 4
7. Circuit Superstars
8. Drift 21
9. Dangerous Driving 2
10. F1 2021
11. Drag
12. Gtr3
13. Writer’s Republic
14. Project Cars Go
15. Kart Kraft

Let’s take a look at 15 racing games of 2021 and beyond.

Top 15 Best Racing Games In ps5 In 2021

Best Racing Games In ps5 No -15
Best Racing Games In ps5 No -15

Monster Energy Supercross

Monster energy supercross the official video game 3 released earlier last year and it was fine nothing too amazing but definitely not the worst racing game.

Still milestone is looking to improve on the formula further with a new career mode which has a new skill tree. the compound for free roam gameplay with different collectibles and challenges and an improved track editor.

Monster energy supercross the official video game 4 is currently slated to release on march 11 2021 for Xbox series x and s ps4 ps5 Xbox one pc and google stadia.

Best Racing Games In ps5 No -15
Best Racing Games In ps5 No -14

Forza Motorsport

Next Forza motorsport– Forza motorsport 8 or as it was revealed in july 2020 forza motorsport broke tradition by not releasing in the same year as its announcement

though captured in engine the first trailer is pretty in line with the series premise of fast cars and a mere obsessive simulation of racing.

Now we just have to see if it actually releases this year for Xbox series x and s and pc.

Best Racing Games In ps5 No -15
Best Racing Games In ps5 No -13

Gran Turismo 7

In comparison polyphony digital wasn’t shy about touting gran Turismo 7‘s features and gameplay.

Gt simulation mode returns along with driving school special events and other classic features. gt sport mode and discover are also being included and the developer promises 4k 60fps action.

Real-time ray tracing is also confirmed though whether it’s at the same resolution and frame rate is unknown.

Gran Turismo 7 is slated to release sometime this year for PlayStation 5.

Best Racing Games In ps5 No -15
Best Racing Games In ps5 No -12

Need For Speed

Next need for speed of all the big names coming this year the next need for speed is definitely worth noting.

It’s the first title to be developed under criterion games since need for speed rivals in 2013 and will utilize frostbite 4 for photorealistic visuals.

There isn’t much else known but more details should be coming this year. followed by a possible release in the fall for current gen platforms.

Best Racing Games In ps5 No -15
Best Racing Games In ps5 No -11

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

Test drive unlimited solar crown the first title in the series since test drive Ferrari racing legends released in 2012.

Test drive unlimited solar crown was announced in july 2020.

It’s currently confirmed for ps5 with other platforms yet to be announced and utilizes wrc eight’s handling and overall framework.

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With open world gameplay set on an island and a progression system based on social status test drive unlimited solar crown is as mysterious as it is intriguing.

Project Cars 4

Project cars 4 to say that project cars 3 wasn’t what fans expected would be an understatement.

Slightly mad studio seems to be returning to a more simulation-heavy approach in the next entry with ceo ian bell saying it would be the most realistic racing sim ever.

Then again that was said in some deleted tweets that also touted leaves shadowing other leaves and bump mapped track edges.

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With ea. acquiring code masters which slightly mad is a part of it should be interesting to see how development on the next project cars goes.

Top 15 Best Racing Games In ps5 2021
Best Racing Games In ps5 No -9

Circuit Superstars

Circuit superstars don’t let its overhead perspective fool you. circuit superstars promises enough sim aspects to go with the intense action. utilizing a dynamic driving system the racer offers a variety of different vehicles across various eras and a unique aesthetic.

A steam early access release is set for q1 2021 and we’re definitely looking forward to more.

Top 15 Best Racing Games In ps5 2021
Best Racing Games In ps5 No -8

Drift 21

Drift 21 another early access racer which may fully launch this year is drift 21.

Developed by ecc games sa and published by 505 games. it aims to be the definitive title for fans of drifting.

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It currently offers more than 750 parts to customize one’s vehicle.

A practice mode and numerous challenges set in Japan’s ibis circuits. multiplayer is also currently available and the full game will offer even more cars and tracks to race on.

Dangerous Driving 2

Dangerous driving too three fields entertainment announced that dangerous driving 2 would release in holiday 2020.

But that date has currently lapsed with no update. 2021 is looking more likely and with the integration of a dynamic open world along with the signature emergent crash mechanics.

The sequel could be just what burnout paradise fans are looking for. it’s currently in development for Xbox one, ps4 , ps5 And Nintendo switch .

Top 15 Best Racing Games In ps5 2021
Best Racing Games In ps5 No -6

F1 2021

Another project that we’re interested in seeing the results of following ea acquiring code masters is f1 2021. while the latter hasn’t announced its development it seems all but a given.

f1 2020 offered a number of new additions like my team mode and varying season lengths so we’re keen to see what the sequel brings to the table.

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Top 15 Best Racing Games In ps5 2021
Best Racing Games In ps5 No -5


Drag you could be forgiven for not knowing about a rontast game’s drag. inspired by Richard burns rally and spin tires it’s all about using the slipstream to tail other racers and utilize the resulting boost to overtake them.

With some highly realistic physics 24 different challenges in single player and support for multiplayer drag is worth keeping an eye on.

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It’s currently in early access on steam and is expected to be out by 2022 at the latest.

Top 15 Best Racing Games In ps5 2021
Best Racing Games In ps5 No -4


gtr3 remember simben studios gtr3 well there hasn’t been much information on its release date but it still looks good.

utilizing unreal engine 4 it’s stated to have a realistic damage model dynamic weather system day to night transitions and much more.

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with development apparently still

Ongoing for xbox one ps4 and pc perhaps this year will be when it finally releases.

Top 15 Best Racing Games In ps5 2021
Best Racing Games In ps5 No -3

Writer’s Republic

Writer’s republic Ubisoft’s sports racing title is set in a wait for it open world but this time the emphasis is on sports racing with activities like mountain biking snowboarding and more.

Races can feature more than 50 players at least on the Xbox series xns ps5 and pc versions with locations like Bryce canyon Yosemite valley and more serving as the backdrop.

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Writer’s republic is currently slated to release on Xbox one ps4 and stadia along with current gen platforms.

Project Cars Go

Project cars go for as little information as there is about project cars 4 project cars go has a bit more to offer.

The mobile racer is developed by slightly mad and game Ville with its first closed beta taking place last October.

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Along with more than 50 licensed vehicles and multiple tracks it uses a one-touch mechanic for racing with one hand.

Whether it turns out more than the sum of its parts remains to be seen but it’s still something for mobile fans to look forward to.

Top 15 Best Racing Games In ps5 2021
Best Racing Games In ps5 No -1

Kart Kraft

Kart Kraft no you won’t be throwing turtle shells in black delta’s upcoming kart racer but it does offer its own brand of racing fun emphasizing a realistic style of kart racing.

Kart Kraft promises 20 licensed manufacturers 10 tracks a cart builder with over 1 000 parts to choose from.

League support and more when it launches out of early access. it’s currently in development for pc Xbox one and PlayStation 4 and 5.


What racing games will be on PS5?

Best PS5 Racing Games Ranked In March 2021
1. Soil 5. A redesign of the Dirt convention experience, Dirt 5 is effectively the most outwardly fantastic and available passage in the arrangement. …
2.WRC 9. Wedding the display of the assembly dashing with a profound taking care of model and an exceptionally point by point climate framework, WRC 9 is a sublime interpretation of the world’s muddiest motorsport.

Will there be Forza for PS5?

At a first look, a Forza Horizon 4 PS4 discharge is plainly not going to happen at any point in the near future. This is on the grounds that the game is made by Playground Games, who are possessed by Microsoft, solely making games for the PC and Xbox stages. Nonetheless, there is a way PlayStation players might have the option to play the game later on.

Is PS5 coming to 2021?

Following a solid 2020 brimming with quality PS4 special features and the PS5’s dispatch, Sony is wanting to make 2021 considerably greater. This is each and every PS5 selective coming in 2021 that we think about up until now.

Can you play Forza Horizon 5 PS5?

Forza Horizon 5 on PS4/PS5? Likewise with all Forza games, there is just about zero possibility that Horizon 5 will at any point get dispatched on Sony’s PS4, or PS5, comforts. … In the event that you don’t wish to purchase a Xbox comfort to play the Forza Horizon arrangement, at that point dread not, as it’s additionally accessible for the PC

Do PS4 games look better on PS5?

The PS5 flaunts some amazing equipment highlights, similar to a SSD that improves stacking times and beam following for unfathomable visual detail. Yet, fortunately PS4 games can likewise profit by the PS5’s overhauled highlights. Numerous PS4 games got a decent overhaul when the PS4 Pro delivered with its Boost Mode highlight.

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