Top 27 Best ps5 Horror Games To Play In 2021

In this article we will be going to cover 27 Best ps5 Horror Games.

the newest generation of console gaming is here but there are already some really compelling horror titles and games with heavy horror elements to look forward to.

From the supernatural to the psychologically terrifying here are 12 such games for the playstation 5 that you should look into.

if you dare. Lets explore top 12 the best ps5 horror games

  • Ghostwire Tokyo
  • Resident Evil Village
  • Observer System Redux
  • Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2
  •  Little Nightmares 2
  • Dying Light 2
  • Atomic Heart
  • Quantum Error
  • Returnal
  • Martha Is Dead
  • Monstrum 2
  • Control Ultimate Edition

Top 12 Best ps5 Horror Games In 2021 (New Upcoming)


Ghostwire Tokyo

Best ps5 Horror Games No-1

the more of a supernatural action adventure game there’s plenty of frightenings going on in ghostwire tokyo.

most of the city’s population has vanished followed by the arrival of visitors hostile spirits based on japanese folklore.

there’s one resembling the kuche sake ona a slit mouth woman that goes around scarring people’s faces with scissors. faceless suit-wearing foes can be seen which bear a strong resemblance to slenderman.

and there are headless spirits running around as well that’s not including the mysterious hanya mask wearing group.

who have their own motives ghostwire tokyo is currently slated to release in 2021 for the ps5 and pc first.

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Resident Evil Village

Best ps5 Horror Games No-2

between werewolves evil chris redfield and possible vampires to say nothing of las plagues potentially returning. resident evil village is shaping up to be quite the horrifying experience.

traversing the dark forests and walking through the desolate village which the development team insists has a character of its own.

conveys a pretty strong sense of dread at least in the gameplay footage seen thus far.

whether we’ll pack as many freaky creatures as resident evil 7 biohazard remains to be seen but so far.

we’re hooked resident evil village is out next year for ps5 xbox series xns and pc.


Observer System Redux

Best ps5 Horror Games No-3

currently available for ps5 xbox series x and s and pc. observer system redux leans further into the dark sci-fi future aesthetic of cyberplagues and neural dreamscapes.

the overall system of hacking into a person’s cerebral implants traversing nightmarish landscapes.

was already pretty trippy when the game first released.

but system redux further ups the ante with improved textures and character models brand new animations 4k resolution hdr and ray tracing.

there are even three new side cases that delve further into the game’s dystopian future.

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Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2

Best ps5 Horror Games No-4

hard suit lab’s long delayed sequel to the beloved cult classic is a role-playing game first and foremost.

heck you start the game as a freshly turned vampire after several others attack humans in mass.

from there it’s all about allying with a clan feeding on the general populace for that all-important blood.

And tearing apart your foes with powerful abilities.

vampire the masquerade bloodlines 2 is currently set to release in 2021 for previous and current gen consoles.


Little Nightmares 2

Best ps5 Horror Games No-5

the maw was a terrifying place already but the pale city in little nightmares 2 already looks way more terrifying.

Disembodied mannequin limbs traverse the hallways of hospitals looking to snare mono and six. the smiling teacher stretches and bends her neck around obstacles to find them.

and of course there’s the thin man himself ever present in the various tvs dotting the streets.

if you liked the first game and wanted the creepiness factor dialed up to 11 then little nightmares 2 looks set to deliver. it’s out in february 2021 for previous and current gen platforms.

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Dying Light 2

Best ps5 Horror Games No-6

Ever since its delay there have been very few details about dying light 2. as such what we know is already intriguing enough.

the infected return sure but the true horror seems to lie in what the various factions of the city will do.

make one wrong move and you could find gangs roaming about committing atrocities.

we’d like to think there are some truly terrifying creatures that await as well possibly even worse than the last game’s volatiles.

now as for whether it will even release next year or later remains to be seen.

Atomic Heart

Best ps5 Horror Games No-7

Munfish’s atomic heart takes place in an alternate soviet union-dominated universe.

As a special agent the player must infiltrate something called 3826 after contact with it was lost. thus far we’ve seen pristine environments masking blood-coated interiors.

deranged robots and inexplicable phenomenon. it looks genuinely intriguing though mundfish hasn’t provided a solid release date till now.

regardless atomic heart is currently planned for previous and current gen platforms.

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Quantum Error

Best ps5 Horror Games No-8

what seems like a fire emergency in the manad research facility prompting captain jacob thomas and his crew to investigate.

quickly gives way to cosmic horror shenanigans in quantum error.

the facility is completely locked down and all kinds of nightmarish creatures roam about.

it’s up to the player to rescue as many survivors as possible and ideally resolve this whole mess. though recent gameplay has hinted at traveling beyond the confines of this dimension.

quantum error is slated to release in 2021 for previous and current gen consoles.



Best ps5 Horror Games No-9

In your typical roguelite death is merely a means to an end returnal embodies that but with a heavier story focus.

set in a gorgeous but ultimately hostile alien world teeming with monstrous creatures big and small. that’s not even taking the foreboding environment into account.

which constantly shifts in each new playthrough and offers new mysteries to solve.

what is the purpose behind the protagonist’s visions and just how badly will they affect her sanity. we’ll find out when return launches next year for the ps5.

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Martha Is Dead

Best ps5 Horror Games No-10

from lka martha is dead is completely different from the studio’s previous title the town of light.

it’s set during world war ii but focuses on a woman whose twin sister martha is dead big spoiler we know. the war provides a harrowing backdrop but there’s something more disturbing brewing.

look no further than the reveal trailer showcasing someone or something. delicately cutting removing and seemingly wearing a woman’s face.

in terms of sheer disturbing creepiness martha is dead should be worth watching out for when it launches next year.


Monstrum 2

Best ps5 Horror Games No-11

An asymmetrical multiplayer game like dead by daylight team junkfish’s monstrum 2 is about 4 players working together to escape a labyrinthine fortress.

while a player-controlled monster pursues them lighting and shadow play a role in how the players run and hide.

while the fortress’s layout changes with each match providing new obstacles and puzzles to surmount.

monstrum 2 looks very promising and will release an early access for pc in 2021. with subsequent releases on ps5 and xbox series x.

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Control Ultimate Edition

Best ps5 Horror Games No-12

Remedy entertainment’s control isn’t known for its sheer range of grotesque sites or survival horror mechanics.

instead it’s the creepy presentation which draws you in playing on your perception of reality. if it’s not bodies floating around innocuously.

then it’s the shifting nature of the oldest house and its many secrets. couple this with the two expansions the foundation and awe the latter featuring spooky writer extraordinaire alan wake.

and control ultimate edition will be worth checking out on the ps5 and xbox series x and s.

Top 15 Best ps5 Horror Games In 2021 (Already Released)


Until Dawn

Until dawn wonky framerate aside there’s a whole lot to like about supermassive games –is until dawn.

it has all the ODEs to a teenage horror slasher except the overall direction is influenced by your decision-making.

the backstory and lore is fairly well done even if some of your characters can be grading and I’m looking at you Emily.

most importantly of all it’s scary especially when making all the wrong decisions and potentially getting everyone killed because well they die in horrible horrible ways.

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Resident Evil 7 biohazard

Capcom needed to bring Resident Evil back with a bang and Resident Evil 7 biohazard did just that.

players control Ethan winters searching for his wife Mia on the Baker estate and encountering all manner of Horrors.

along with a return to the survival horror format of your Resident Evil 7 employs a first-person perspective and the new re engine.

not only does this help deliver a more gruesome level of fidelity but the horror finally feels visceral after so long.

Protip fear Jack Baker that’s all.


The Last of Us remastered

You could consider the Last of Us as more of an emotional story or third person survival title but the horror element is tough to ignore.

whether it’s the oppressiveness of the clickers fighting off bandits or the long arduous journey.

The Last of Us keeps the tension high and who can possibly forget the experience of playing as Ellie and trying to fight off David. which then led into the emotional charged climax.

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Layers of Fear

less complex than many of the games on this list layers of fear nonetheless hooks you with. its premise a once prolific painter searching his house for materials with the fate of his wife unknown.

well sign us up especially since the descent into madness results in more surreal scenarios as time goes by.

layers of fear succeeds on the basis of its atmosphere and visuals even if the gameplay isn’t terribly involving.


Amnesia The Dark Descent

First person horror titles were nothing new nor were games that effectively toyed with your sanity.

however frictional amnesia the Dark Descent did more than just combine these two aspects when it released in 2010.

it had an atmosphere that relies on environmental storytelling strong sound design and a constant sense of dread to terrify you.

amnesia the Dark Descent simply showed us how a horror game could be great even if the graphics weren’t groundbreaking.

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Best ps5 Horror Games


it would have been easy for frictional to follow up and nisha the Dark Descent with yet another first person horror title but. soma is something deeper.

the sense of mystery and befuddlement is stronger as protagonist Simon explores the underwater lab of pathos – with no memory of how he got there.

despite the presence of terrifying robots the secrets of pathos to unfurl revealing a dark sci-fi fantasy with some interesting moral implications.

Top 27 Best ps5 Horror Games To Play In 2021


Of course if straight-up horror that gets under your skin is needed then red barrels is outlast fits nicely.

it follows miles Upshur a journalist – heads to Mount massive to investigate some freaky occurrences deranged patients abound from the hulking Chris Walker to the enigmatic yet brutal wall rider.

Outlast has elements of psychological horror and stealth but there’s also a lot of manic running dodging and just plain not dying to be had.

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Alien Isolation

the creative Assembly’s alien isolation is a game of adventure puzzle solving and battling creepy robots. honestly though the main appeal is an out winning in surviving against a lone xenomorph.

not only does the xenomorph actively hunt for Amanda Ripley even when she’s hiding.

but it also reacts to motion trackers sound and the flashlight oh and it can’t be detected inside of air ducts so good luck if it suddenly decides to go for death from above.

alien isolation is intense and truly worth experiencing especially for its callbacks to the first alien.

Top 27 Best ps5 Horror Games To Play In 2021


red candle Games’s detention seems like a quirky game with its visuals.

despite being set in a cursed school and playing from a side-scrolling perspective detention incorporates elements of martial law and Taiwanese Horrors to master full effect.

the shift in perspectives the terrifying lingered that roamed the hallways and that feeling of digging deeper and deeper into a living nightmare. make it one of the most unsettling titles ever made.

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The Evil Within

from the mind of Shinji Mikami comes a new third-person survival horror which has some admittedly clunky controls.

nevertheless the story of Sebastian Castellanos and pals as they venture into the nightmarish world of stim battling forces beyond their control along with corporate conspiracies is quite compelling.

the sheer range of horrors from the keeper to Laura is enough to keep you on your toes.


The Evil Within 2

of course if th original was too constrictive and claustrophobic then the evil within – takes a grander scale with its nightmares. various terrifying entities.

like the mama like anima and obscura composed of murder victims and a camera inhabit the world.

Sebastian is further stressed by trying to save his daughter Lily from Psychopaths like Stefano Valentini.

if all of this wasn’t enough you can experience the terror of the evil within in first-person so what more do you need.

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Lone Survivor

a post-apocalyptic title with retro 2d visuals. believe it or not but superflat Games’ lone survivor can have its way with your brain.

as the survivor in a city turned to ruin following a zombie outbreak the main character must try and gather supplies to get through each day.

with shifting rooms terrible mutants and other dangers lone survivor is fairly intense.

Top 27 Best ps5 Horror Games To Play In 2021

The Walking Dead

when Lee Everett an escaped convict meets Clementine a girl looking for her parents you don’t initially appreciate the weight of that moment.

and while season 2 the new frontier and the final season all have their merits it’s Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 1 which really cemented the terrifying circumstances of the universe.

characters have very real chances of dying so clementines well-being especially as her bond with Lee becomes stronger is a constant source of concern.

season one is also worth checking out for having arguably one of these saddest endings out there.

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Slender the Arrival

is it the snazziest horror game on the market well no. but it does bring the terror of Slenderman into a full experience.

slender the arrival takes place after parsec productions slender the eight pages and sees Lauren trying to locate her friend Kate.

naturally Slenderman is involved and there are various decrepit settings like abandoned mines houses and so on to explore.

so once again if you’re in the mood for some easy scares while slender the arrival isn’t the worst option.


The Impatient

Not the best VR game by any stretch of the imagination but the impatient from the studio behind until dawn offers a fairly unsettling psychological horror experience.

as an amnesiac patient trying to regain their lost memories players must explore the black woods sanatorium several years before the events of until dawn.

impressive visuals and a compelling atmosphere make the impatient or checking out.

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