Top 12 Best ps5 Games To Play With Girlfriend In 2021

In this article we will be going to talk about the best ps5 games to play with girlfriend in 2021.

Valentine’s Day is upon us and at times like this it’s best to allow ourselves
to remember that even on romance centric days like this one there’s no reason why a date should hollow out your wallet.

In fact a date centered around something the two of you love doing even if it’s a simple stay-at-home pursuit can often make far better memories than an elaborate night out.

thankfully that’s where videogames can come in.

the concept of a videogame centric date may have seen pretty weird a few years ago but nowadays with gaming haven’t taken off.

As a pop-culture phenomenon more and more couples are realizing that a quiet evening in playing video games makes a far better date than they might have thought.

these are the sort of games that require coordination and cooperation and work best when you really know how your partner plays which in turn makes it an easily affordable thing to do on a date.

But also a wonderful bonding experience well that’s how you sell it to them anyway so in today’s video we’re going to explore 12 of the best ps5 games to play with girlfriend on this Valentine’s Day.

List Of Top 12 Best ps5 Games To Play With Girlfriend In 2021

best ps5 games to play with girlfriend
Best ps5 Games To Play With Girlfriend Number 12

Overcooked 2

First let’s take a look at overcooked – this really has to come first because well the cute style and homey themes of the game just make it perfect for couples.

Building on many strengths of the original overcooked – once again has players selecting from a roster of adorable cartoon chefs and racing against the clock to prepare a succession of increasingly elaborate recipes.

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Food must be chopped and cooked plates loaded and washed all within a narrow window of time but don’t let it to knock us appearance fool you though overcook – can get ruthlessly challenging on its later levels-

  • split-second timing
  • careful allocation of tasks and
  • precise coordination

Is required to ensure that you fulfill the orders of your increasingly demanding patrons.

And most couples would agree that there’s nobody who they coordinate such things better with than their special someone in brief and over cooked to date will make the tedious task of splitting kitchen duties a whole lot more fun.

Top 12 Best ps5 Games To Play With Girlfriend In 2021
Best ps5 Games To Play With Girlfriend Number 11

Don’t Starve Together

Next up we have don’t starve together it’s rather funny to think that don’t starve was initially intended to be a solely single-player game.

Not that at single-player aspects aren’t fantastic of course but there’s just something that works so wonderfully well about teaming up with someone special to wander the wild woods and plains of this fantastically unforgiving land.

  • Keeping each other alert to its many dangers
  • And uniting your efforts together the many resources your characters require.

It’s kind of like a weekend away camping except it be done in an evening and from the couch.

Top 12 Best ps5 Games To Play With Girlfriend In 2021
Best ps5 Games To Play With Girlfriend Number- 10

Portal 2

Next we moved to portal 2 perhaps this is a pretty obvious one for a co-op game list.

but it really is striking how much you can bond with someone after you’ve had to face a challenging set of puzzles with them.

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the portal games could well be said to have revived the puzzle game genre and a big part of that was exposing players to the unique thrills of tackling them with friends.

  • portal 2’s physics puzzles are specifically designed to ensure that they can only be solved,
  • with two people putting their heads together.

In the process of tapping into your partner’s logical thinking powers and combining them with your own.

all while GLaDOS snarks about the in comprehensibility of human traits like mutual affection can bring two of you together in ways that you might not have thought possible.

Top 12 Best ps5 Games To Play With Girlfriend In 2021
Best ps5 Games To Play With Girlfriend Number- 9

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

Now let’s check out keep talking and nobody explodes.

this is a game for couples who like their days to be heart pounding Lee intense and who also happened to own a VR headset.

the premise is simple one of you is trapped in a room with a rapidly ticking bomb while the other uses the game’s official manual to talk you through the process of disarming.

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It as you can guess this particular date involves a whole lot of frantic shouting and probably a great deal of laughter but more than anything else it’s going to need a whole lot of working together but once it’s done well is there anything that could bring a couple together.

More effectively than having survived a bomb pretty intense right.

Top 12 Best ps5 Games To Play With Girlfriend In 2021
Best ps5 Games To Play With Girlfriend Number- 8

Left 4 Dead 2

Next I can’t forget left 4 dead 2.

There’s a massive genre of co-op games out there dedicated to killing hordes of the undead or some very close but somehow despite being over a decade old Valve’s trend creating effort still stands out as one of the best.

This probably isn’t the New Orleans state most couples dream of but charging through the streets gunning down the bloodthirsty hordes.

Keeping each other’s backs covered and patching each other up when you’ve had one bite too many taken out of you makes for the sort of bonding thrills that I’ll have you both cuddling and happy exhaustion by the end of the night.

With so many great titles on the list do you think that you’ll be able to get your partner to agree to play some with you let us know what you’ll be playing in the comments below.

Top 12 Best ps5 Games To Play With Girlfriend In 2021
Best ps5 Games To Play With Girlfriend Number- 7


Up next we have Minecraft perhaps the best allegory for a Minecraft date would be the two of you spending your evening playing with a massive and elaborate set of Legos except more socially acceptable and a fair bit less expensive.

Minecraft really is the perfect game for allowing each of you to tap into your knee quirks and tastes and blend them together to see the sort of world they create.

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And with Minecraft being one of the most incredibly versatile and multifaceted games on the market.

It’s likely that after a few dates spent in that angular world you’ll have shaped it into something quite unique from anything produced by the efforts of any other players.

A Minecraft date in other words is an opportunity for the two of you to embrace and celebrate each other’s creative uniqueness.

Top 12 Best ps5 Games To Play With Girlfriend In 2021
Best ps5 Games To Play With Girlfriend Number- 6


Next we’re talking about cuphead.

  • this is the ideal game for couples with a bit of mutual nostalgia.
  • gorgeous and cheery art style.

Whether that nostalgia happens to be for classic cartoons classic platformers or just the era when games were teeth grinding lis hard luckily Cup heads tends to take the edge off the relentless

Challenge it persistently throws at its players.

And while having a fellow player to face your tune doesn’t exactly make things easy having someone to play the other half the Phi C cup head and mug men duo and offer you some extra firepower against those beastly bosses can be profoundly reassuring.

Even if it makes those halls of projectiles and sweeping attacks twice as dangerous stardew valley is .

Top 12 Best ps5 Games To Play With Girlfriend In 2021
Best ps5 Games To Play With Girlfriend Number- 5

Stardew valley

Up next stardew valley added multiplayer a fair while after its initial release.

And players quickly realized how invaluable it was to get to share this game’s bright and merry charm with their loved ones.

The ideal game for wins the two of you aren’t in the mood for fast-paced franticness of more fast paced games and are simply looking to satisfy your gaming fixed and unwinding sort of way stardew valley will have the two of you retreating to a sun-soaked valley to run a farm.

  • The daily cycle of sowing seeds
  • Gathering crops
  • Chopping down trees
  • Caring for animals
  • And harvesting
  • Precious stones down in the mine.

Seems just that much more enchantingly enjoyable when you’re doing it with your significant someone and by the end of the date the two of you might well find yourself seriously considering selling everything and retiring to the countryside.

Just keep in mind that the pastoral life tends to be a whole lot more muddy in reality.

Top 12 Best ps5 Games To Play With Girlfriend In 2021
Best ps5 Games To Play With Girlfriend Number- 4

Divinity 2 Original Sin

Next we’re looking at divinity 2 original sin.

Okay so this is not just for a single date but more for a couple who’s decided to spend a whole succession of dates at home.

But if there’s any time of year that this is likely to happen it’s around valentine’s.

The point is if you and your significant other should happen to share a love of fantasy backdrops multifaceted RPG mechanics complex storylines.

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There’s no better option than this celebrated addition to the divinity franchise.

  • it’s currently considered one of the best Western RPGs in the market.

Tapping into the classic notion that in a good RPG every member of the party plays a crucial role in winning every battle.

  • Divinity 2 will require the two of you to communicate extensively balancing out.
  • And making use of each other skills to the fullest possible extent.

If you’re to overcome the foes that you face and unlike so many other co-op RPGs it does all this without skimping on story or neglecting to make you feel like you’re participating in an epic tale through a faraway land.

It’s basically the most practical way to combine the experiences of going on a romantic date and playing a tabletop RPG at the same time plus we know for some couples out there the concept of that is a dream come true.

Top 12 Best ps5 Games To Play With Girlfriend In 2021
Best ps5 Games To Play With Girlfriend Number- 3

Viscera Cleanup Detail

Now we take a look at viscera cleanup detail it’s bizarre we know but despite its core soaked content and its hefty helpings of extremely dark comedy.

This game is one of the most relaxing on this list.

Taking place in a series of standard video game settings alien festive planets gloomy abandoned spaceships laboratories that have played host to hideous experiments.

This game casts you not in the role of the gun-toting hero the lowly blue-collar janitors who arrive afterwards to clean up the mess and mangled bodies that the hero has left in his wake.

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You and your partner will find ourselves tasked with chucking garbage and chunks of flesh into the furnace and mopping up puddles of other unidentifiable substances.

And don’t think you’ll be skipping any steps either you’ll need to change the mop water and empty the bins and if you wander through the bloody puddles.

You’ll find yourself with a fresh set of footprints to mop up if you’re to get it done with any sort of efficiency you need to spend a fair bit of time planning out who’s cleaning what think of this game in similar terms to overcooked.

Sven co-op

next up is Sven co-op another one for the nostalgic couples out there this game evokes the fast-paced experience of playing a classic FPS but with slightly more backup.

this time around and since like so many valve games out there spend co-op has still an active modding community you don’t need to confine yourselves to those old half-life maps pop into a random server into.

And you’ll find yourself in the whole succession of exotic locations all rendered in those classically angular graphics and evening spent reliving those old childhood gaming memories is all the more special.

Top 12 Best ps5 Games To Play With Girlfriend In 2021
Best ps5 Games To Play With Girlfriend Number- 1

Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 is up next yep another zombie killing game but it’s a distinct one this one’s a bit more tongue-in-cheek has a generous amount of blood and gore and offers up a more

European setting oh and you do a bit less running around and a little more holing up in a set spot while mowing down the looming hordes.

the frantic pace comes less from your race point 2x and more from the effort of keeping yourself alive long enough to run out the clock .

and if you and your partner have a taste for the horror genre which you hopefully do if you appreciate games like this you ought to try the free toy master mod which replaces the undead hordes with legions of ventriloquist dummies baby dolls.

And various other profoundly creepy toys all of which are after your blood it’s the ideal way to bring the spirit of Halloween into the Valentine season so wrapping up this article.

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