Top 5 best ps5 games for beginners In 2021

hey guys it’s Vishal Solanki here back up again with another article with this one being the top 5 best ps5 games for beginners Christmas is right around the corner and many of you will probably be getting or buying a ps5 soon.

And this article video can help you guys choose the right game for your start on the ps5 console experience these next games I’ll be mentioning are one of the best options to begin with and keep in mind I’m not a multiplayer games guy.

So there won’t be any of those on this list so with all that being said let’s begin.

Lets Explore the top 5 best ps5 games for beginners that you can play in 2021-

List Of Top 5 best ps5 games for beginners In 2021

best ps5 games for beginners


Uncharted collection probably one of the greatest series out there anyone who knows at least a very little about gaming has heard about Uncharted.

this is one of the greatest start to get into ps4 game Nathan Drake’s fun and thrilling adventures plus other great characters along with some amazing cinematic gameplays.

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definitely makes this series very remarkable for the gaming industry and the Uncharted 2 is my favorite among those first three if you happen to care there is no way you can go wrong with this choice.

Top 5 best ps5 games for beginners In 2021

Middle Earth shadow

Mordor shadow of Mordor is a Middle Earth story that takes place in the lore of Lord of the Rings this open-world game contains an impressive and exciting gameplay playing as a badass Ranger called Italian is something you’ll absolutely love this.

Game got a good and an exciting story line along with some beautiful score throughout the game making it one of the must play really game experience out there.

if you love the world of Lord of the Rings this is a no brainer even if you’re someone who isn’t into middle-earth stories trust me this is something you will undeniably love playing.


Doom is a mindless insanely entertaining game you could ever play the campaign does contain a decent story but you don’t go out buying doom for the story.

It’s all about the fun arcade vibe rock music insanity that you get to experience if you love video games this is definitely a must cop.

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It’s fast paced gameplay badass graphics dope weapon choices ugly-ass aliens that makes you love killing them along with the decent story that takes

Place in Mars like c’mon how does that not scream fun if you are one of those oh gee do lovers or loved arcade games going up this is a huge and a great upgrade for this era.

Top 5 best ps5 games for beginners In 2021

The Last of Us remastered

The Last of Us remastered the first game I believe that showcases the power and the potential of the console a remarkable evolution for the gaming community.

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the first cinematic experience at best with beautiful visuals cinematically exciting gameplay great story even better characters everything about this game screams masterpiece.

Top 5 best ps5 games for beginners In 2021

Uncharted 4

whether you love it or not this is a game you simply cannot miss it’s not even a choice number one uncharted for a

thief’s end I literally bought a ps4 for this bad boy right here in 2014 when I first saw the teaser for uncharted 4 I was blown away and regretted not having a ps4 and two years later I was able to buy the Uncharted limited edition ps4 yep.

it was meant to be and let me tell you it’s a real beauty uncharted 4 is a playable cinematic experience this game is Nathan Drake’s beautiful closure with some amazing emotional tones action set-pieces.

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and game the game was so beautiful to the point where there were many times I just pause it and admire the scenery and the artwork of the game.

this game reaches the highest peak of what a ps4 console game can achieve it’s breathtakingly insane a true visual masterpiece you simply cannot go wrong with it.

it’s a must own game for any gamer alive just appear masterpiece are you ready to seek your fortune a cinematic experience that you get to play nothing can come close to what it has achieved so far.

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I promised that I was done with this life the only thing that is set out and has a potential to beat this one for now is another ps5 exclusive horizon zero dawn

my most anticipated ps5 game of 2017 so with all that being said guys that’s my top fun list for ps4 games for beginners

and there are other great games out there but these were just my personal picks so guys let me know if you are planning to get a ps5 or any of these games on the comment section down below.

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