Top 5 Best Ps5 Games For 3d Audio In 2021

It’s a hard feat with a brand new dedicated 3d audio engine the PlayStation 5 and a handful of games too. which one will utilize it the most and which one holds the most potential to.

to take it that step further I’ve listened to every launch title through my 3d audio earphones to see which one gives real immersion and true 3d spatial object locations.

So I can tell what’s above me or below me and how these sounds interact with surrounding objects so here’s my top 5 games that hold the most potential to be the best immersive PlayStation 5 launch games of 2021.

Lets Explore the best ps5 games for 3d audio-

List Of Best Ps5 Games For 3d Audio [Top 5]

best ps5 games for 3d audio

Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War

A release before next gen and the alpha and beta have already impressed me.

the game has implemented what the engine state is going to do already and that’s even before using it with the PlayStation pulse so far they’ve nailed atmospheric sounding areas player placement and how they interact with surrounding areas.

you can pinpoint an enemy above or below you which brings a whole new level to competitive multiplayer. the campaign however we can only start to imagine how immersive that’s gonna be.

Top 5 Best Ps5 Games For 3d Audio In 2021

Watchdogs legion

Certainly impressed me it’s a London-based game and holds the city in its hands for us to explore and enjoy.

I’ve always been a fan of the Ubisoft and watchdogs franchise but having London as your playground and the diversity of the cityscape watch song seriously holds potential to be an incredibly immersive game.

the gameplay footage already shows extreme object sound placement and how your interactions with the environment bounces from wall to wall.

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let’s not forget about the fun that could be had in the watchdogs multiplayer. It is one of the best ps5 games for 3d audio.

when somebody hacks your world and they interact with the environment that they’re in. you’ve got more chances of hearing and placing them within the city. I feel like there’s a lot of fun to be had with this one and I feel like this is one to watch.

Top 5 Best Ps5 Games For 3d Audio In 2021

Demon Souls

blue point games know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to remakes and demon souls is no exception.

it holds the most potential to scare us in new ways not just with updated graphics but with an updated audio engine and earphones. and honestly this really did surprise me the most.

who knew hearing things again would make you want to play a game again.

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so there’s a particular moment in the showcase that completely surprised me you’re walking down these abandoned hallways and you can hear enemies from about 10 to 20 seconds away unsheathe their weapons preparing for your arrival.

to comprehend that distance guys it’s like playing tomb raider on the PlayStation 1 and hearing the discs spin up before you’re even an enemy.

Top 5 Best Ps5 Games For 3d Audio In 2021

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

it’s new York city traffic’s below you enemies are above you they’re around corners. if you really want to use your Spidey sense then I think our ears are going to be our first go-to. This is also come in the list of best ps5 games for 3d audio.

they didn’t nail sound perfectly on the first ps4 title but now insomniac have got this dedicated engine that’ll emphasize practically how every sound interacts with every environment. this is one to be on the watch list for the most immersive game coming to PlayStation 5.

swinging through streets sirens everywhere you’re in buildings there’s sewers explosions and just all this spiny stuff.

Top 5 Best Ps5 Games For 3d Audio In 2021

Cyberpunk 2077

jumping into 2077 this hits number one on my top five list guys cd product red are no strangers to massive worlds.

they nailed it in the witcher with spatialized object location within a certain radius you could already hear what was all around you.

it’s kept under close lock and key about how much we can hear in these games.

but are they going to be expanding that one mile radius and pushing the console to its full potential. is night city going to have the soundscape and the object locations as if it were the real world?

because everything in the gameplay that’s been released for this game already has utterly blown me away every aspect of 3d spatial awareness has been hit on the head.

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cyberpunk doesn’t just enter a realm of stereo right and left but uses its full potential to give a huge dynamic audio experience.

from building tops to inside markets to drones. This is best ps5 games for 3d audio.

to the slash of a blade getting into a car out of a car it is one I am excited for the most as i feel like we’re just going to be totally immersed into a completely new world.

Best Surround Sound Games On Ps5 [Top 4]

Top 5 Best Ps5 Games For 3d Audio In 2021

Outlast 2

Number one outlast 2 everyone knows that outlast is one of the scariest game series out there. but you might not have realized the attention to detail that went into the game’s audio.

Developer red barrels did a great job of centering the player in the canyons of Arizona by using audio mixing to maximize tension.

Players can hear voices in the hallways of a haunted elementary school whistling gusts of wind tearing through the desert and the ever so close breathing of your sailor chasing right behind you in effect that is maximized through excellent use of salons.

Outlast 2 is definitely worth a visit for those that want to put their surround sound systems to work.

Top 5 Best Ps5 Games For 3d Audio In 2021

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

number 2 call of duty modern warfare the call of duty experience has always been enhanced by playing in surround sound but Infinity Ward’s focus on sound really shines in 2019 so modern warfare.

especially when played in surround sound obviously playing with good speakers or headphones will always help you score a few extra kills per match by making it easier to pinpoint enemy footsteps and gunfire.

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the modern warfare takes special care to make sure that everything sounds great. not just the aspects of war bullets are rendered as actual projectiles and you can hear them traveling through space around your character’s head in real time.

the click of a claymore right before it sets off is more heart-wrenching than ever this is definitely a title that you want experience with your audio turned up to the maximum.

Top 5 Best Ps5 Games For 3d Audio In 2021

Resident Evil 2

Number 3 Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 7 biohazard Resident Evil.

2 & 7 do excellent jobs and making sure the audio is on par with the game’s stunning gory visuals re sevens Baker Mansion is filled with excellent ambient noises that sound great even. when standing in one spot.

you can hear the old house creak and loan from behind and above you with amazing clarity but my favorite sound effect comes from Resident Evil 2.

as you progress through the game you can constantly hear the footsteps of mr. X following you wherever you go but with the surround sound capable system you can actually use the sound of mr. X’s footsteps to determine where he is relative to your player.

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this detail has actually saved me a death in more than a few occasions and is completely missed by using TV speakers on their own.

Capcom has been on a great winning streak for the past generation and this is accentuated by the excellent sound used in re 2 & 7.


number 4 hell-blade since you a sacrifice if you just bought a surround sound headset or speaker system stop what you’re doing and go buy this game.

hell-blade is a game that goes above and beyond to create an audio experience unlike any game I’ve ever played. you play a syndrome a woman living in ancient Norse mythology that is a victim of psychosis many of us she can hear voices in their head and all times.

never had that feeling like someone is watching you while hell-blade uses its audio to recreate that feeling perfectly.

all of the audio was created by neroli making the whispers that sends you a hears in her mind sound like they’re coming from your own.

imagine being stuck in an ASMR video from hell surround it with the voices of demons and monsters that have burned their hardest to discourage you and send you false information.

and you might have just the slightest idea of the uncomfortable experience that ninja Theory has created with this masterpiece. This is also one of the best ps5 games for 3d audio.

he’ll play is one of the most gut-wrenching skin crawling experience I have ever played in a video game and it is all made possible by the laser focus that is placed on creating the game’s amazing audio.

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So what do you think are you going to go back and try any of these surround sound games with your new system are there any games with great audio that we missed let us know in the comments below.

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