Top 10 Best ps4 Games To Play With Your Girlfriend In 2021

What’s good..

It’s Vishal Solanki. In this article we will be going to cover best ps4 games to play with your girlfriend in 2021.

Today I wanted to go over some great option for co-op games to play with your wife your girlfriend your significant other maybe all 3 of them.

Great co-op games can be rare and a lot of the usual suspects for team oriented games don’t quite work when you want and need to keep the tone while playing positive- and end on a good note.

A quick note about the list..

I’m disregarding MMORPGs- and most 1st party games.. like say.. any co-op Nintendo Game or even some of the PlayStation titles just to make the list more accessible for all going through every Mario game one after another could get boring.

You can play these games on your ps5 also.

Let Get Started.

List Of best ps4 games for girlfriend in 2021-

  • Castle Crashers
  • Orcs Must Die 2
  • Borderlands 2
  • Diablo 3
  • Rayman games
  • Trine 2
  • Chariot
  • Don’t Starve Together
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Best ps4 Games To Play With Your Girlfriend In 2021

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Top 10 Best ps4 Games To Play With Your Girlfriend In 2021
Best ps4 Games To Play With Your Girlfriend In 2021 no-1

Castle Crashers

Even single player this is on my list of most unexpectedly fun games.

It has a great art style it is incredibly noob friendly and most important local co-op or couch co-op. Something you’ll see a lot of this in this list.

There is incredible variety and as someone who grew up visiting arcades.. this game.. more than most captures that 4 joystick to a machine.. side scrolling casual beat-em-up feel better than most games.

I want to also point out.. that the developers, The Behemoth.. also have a suite of other games Pit People, Battle Block Theatre and Alien Hominid- that all do co-op so well.


In a similar type of art style and quality level that make them almost auto recommends to anyone looking for a great game.

You can’t have a list about co-op games.. and not mention the giant catalogue of LEGO games.

I truly believe that much like a mario game LEGO games are distilled fun that play well with other people.

Those other people can be avid gamers new gamers young kids adults it really is a one size fits all way to play.

At this point there are a lot of titles and while I think most of them are worth playing..

I would have to rank the Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter series very high and the Indiana Jones and the Batman ones very low.

Orcs Must Die 2

This title..

I had to really sell to her to play.. it’s a 3rd person.. tower defense game.. it comes off cartoony and a little cheesy.. in essence.. you are trying to stop waves and waves of Orcs.. and watching a YouTube video of the game.. doesn’t do it justice.

It seems very bleh.. but as she found out.. being in the game.. was incredibly different.

The levels are designed for co-op.. it’s mindless fun where you’re laughing and it’s goofing off.. but more than anything.. there is a strong understated gameplay of relying on the other.. you grab left spawn..

I’ll grab right.


Holler if you need help and reacting with good communication when shit ends up hitting the fan.. and then reassessing a strategy if you fail.. which you might not.. because the difficult is pretty meh.

We both went into the game thinking not much of it.. but then our major criticism was that the game didn’t have enough levels- we wanted more.

We tried to get that same feel from Dungeon Defenders and Sanctum- both games.. that are good.. but really didn’t do it the same as Orcs Must Die.

the only game that got close.. was Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare.. which I think hit a little harder just because we’re familiar with the IP.

Top 10 Best ps4 Games To Play With Your Girlfriend In 2021
Best ps4 Games To Play With Your Girlfriend In 2021 no-3

Borderlands 2

Shifting to a completely different genre.. the shooter.. let’s talk Borderlands 2.

There seems to be magic in the second installment of games. For people who somehow haven’t played the Borderlands series.. these are loot and shoot games.

Action RPGs with guns… many different types of guns.. guns with different stats.. and elements.. shot by characters.. characters with unique skills that you can build individually.

that all funnel into killing stuff.. and as we get better stuff.. the damage from our guns and abilities.. goes up.. and up.. and up.


Borderlands 2 was one of the best meldings of RPG and Shooter that has come around.. it’s a shooter that people who don’t like shooters.. might like.

and because of the graphics style.. it’s aged.. ok.. and much like a lot of the games that she found fun.. it’s a game that doesn’t take itself seriously.. at all.

best ps4 games to play with your girlfriend
Best ps4 Games To Play With Your Girlfriend In 2021 no-4

Diablo 3

Sticking with the ARPG..

Diablo 3.. console edition. Now I enjoy the PC version.. I think a lot of people do.. even the people with strong opinions about the game.. a lot of which turn out to be negative.

I think stem not from a failure of the title, as is.. but frustration that it isn’t updated and supported to the same extent that they want.. or that other games are.


Regardless.. the console edition of Diablo 3.. plays and feels like an entirely different game.

Again.. much like a lot on this list.. couch co-op.. incredibly controller support.. and winds up feeling like a next gen Gauntlent Game.. which side note- great games- and it just works.

The game has a lot of it rebuilt for console.. whether it’s the interface or the gameplay.. which makes it much different than just playing the PC version with a controller.. it just feels so fluid and simple.. and pure.

best ps4 games to play with your girlfriend
Best ps4 Games To Play With Your Girlfriend In 2021 no-5

Rayman games

Next we have.. the Rayman games.. specifically Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends.

These are my least favorite games on the list.. yet some of her favorites. Rayman games are great platformers in their own right.. in fact they are a great example of modern platforming games.. and are designed well for co-op.

Again.. the aesthetic and the art style, the music.. it’s almost.. jovial in tone.. that she loved.

Her big take away from the game is that it felt fair. If we died it wasn’t due to some cheap obstacle..
and very little stress on personal performance.

As long as you end the level.. your score gets added together.. and it doesn’t feel like you beat the other person.. you beat the level together.. equally.

Which is more important if there is a mismatch in the gaming ability of the two players.

best ps4 games to play with your girlfriend
Best ps4 Games To Play With Your Girlfriend In 2021 no-6

Trine 2

Another great platformer is next on the list.

Trine 2.

This is a different take on the platform genre than Rayman. Also.. yes, Trine 3 is out.. but Trine 2 was
the winner for me in this trilogy.

There are very few games that I would say are beautiful.. this one definitely is on that list though.

As a platformer.. this is more.. puzzle oriented.

Playing around in an almost physics based sandbox to deal with puzzles.. and more importantly.. a ton of interactions between characters with their unique strengths.. to enable different methods of clearing levels.

The constant back and forth of.. hey babe can you do X.. cool.. can you handle those baddies.. what should we do here.

Definitely was more prominent in this game than others and really gave you that.. working together feel..

best ps4 games to play with your girlfriend
Best ps4 Games To Play With Your Girlfriend In 2021 no-7


Another game that strongly relies on that feel, overlooked a lot.. is Chariot.. that I liked.. that she thought was a bit tedious… and similarly.. an honorable mention to Lara Croft and the Guardian of
Light.. it’s a good game that I don’t think aged well.

If you are really scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for things to play.. it’s not bad.. just make sure you use a controller.

best ps4 games to play with your girlfriend
Best ps4 Games To Play With Your Girlfriend In 2021 no-8

Don’t Starve Together

I’ve never been a fan of survival type games.

I think it’s been a visual quality level thing thing.. I just can’t get over the super blocky, grid based.. aesthtics that are common.. and a

lot of the 3D ones are very.. janky, indie looking- so without a love of the genre- I was skeptical before trying this next game on the list..

Don’t Starve Together.


This is a multiplayer version of the original, Don’t Starve.. and puts you into this hyper stylized nightmare fueled wilderness.. where you’re doing a lot of what you would do in other survival games.

Forage for materials, secure food, defend against enemies.. and really.. just survive.

Don’t Starve Together has quite a few.. interesting.. things that can happen- which I wouldn’t spoil for you.. but appealed to me more than.. oh no a creeper.. and I forgot where I read the term.. the game acts as a great story generator- loading a game up for the night.. play til we die..

generally leads to some sort of situation that you laugh off.. because we cut down too many trees or the pigmen with forks got angry.

best ps4 games to play with your girlfriend
Best ps4 Games To Play With Your Girlfriend In 2021 no-9

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

And the last.. specific game callout on this list.. was probably the game we had the most fun with.. and that is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

It’s an old game cube game. This isn’t an underrated game.. but an underplayed game..

most who have played it.. in co-op.. up to 4 people.. know just how incredible a game

this is.. it’s been a while since it’s been released and isn’t worth playing without someone else.. it’s a game that I’m rooting for Nintendo if they ever make a Gamecube MINI- to include so more people can get the oppurtunity to play this…

And since we’re talking about old games here.. Neo Geo and Smash TV also are top tier.

best ps4 games to play with your girlfriend

BackSeat Gaming

And for the number 1 spot..

I guess in our top 10.

We’re going a little off the wall here.. because between both of us.. when we made our own lists.. and compared- something we both liked a lot.. we both said it was sharing our favorite games and almost backseat gaming sometimes.

re-experiencing them.. through watching the other person play it.. regardless of if they were single player games or not… sometimes we made up weird co-op rules.

like swapping the controller back and forth.. or alternating decision making.. or I control X character
and she controls Y character

but there is something about watching someone experience.. say Journey or Shadow of the Colosuss or Link to the Past.. for the first time.. and they are someone whose reactions and enjoyment you care about.

I know that this might seem like a cop-out.. which is why I jam packed so many different titles as recommendations.. but so many people enjoy watching strangers on Twitch..

And we found watching each other.. sometimes as background noise.. sometimes invested.. sometimes relaying walkthrough or achievement criteria.. or telling them to kill a specific NPC or use a special party member.. or mad lib the character names.

Was fun.

Some Other Games

At the end of the list here.

I should cover my bases to curb some of the.. you didn’t mention this and that game.

Portal and Magicka are games people enjoy,
we didn’t..

honestly I think Portal is overrated as hell.

  • Keep Talking
  • and Nobody Explodes..
  • Overcooked..
  • most MOBAs..
  • Rocket League..

Again… these could be games that you might enjoy.. for us.. both as gamers who can get a little competitive.. it’s not that we ever started yelling at each other..

but sometimes might feel like we mess up and goofed.. and end up letting each other down and just didn’t hold on to that pure positive, fun experience that you want to have playing with your significant other.

We do things outside of gaming together to fulfill that competitive drive.. so when we do play games.. we just want to have fun.

So.. that’s our.. my.. list of games. If you have any other best ps4 games to play with your girlfriend Leave them in the comments.

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