Top 15 Best PS4 games to play on PS5 In 2021

In this article we will be going to cover top 20 Best PS4 games to play on PS5 in 2021.

if you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on a ps5 you’ll know one of the best features it boasts is backwards compatibility.

which allows you to play virtually every ps4 game on it with many receiving numerous benefits thanks to the more powerful hardware.

so in this video i’m going to run down five of the best ps4 games that take advantage of the ps5 thanks to unlocked frame rates and resolutions and in five ps4 games i’ve had a full free ps5 update.

It really taps into the hardware even more with features like ray tracing 120 hertz and dual sense support.

Best PS4 games to play on PS5 In 2021


Sekiro: SDT

this kickoff is sakuro’s shadows died twice which was many people’s game of the year for 2019.

Sakura runs at 1080p on the base ps4 and 1800p checkerboard on the ps4 pro with the ps4 sitting at 30fps although with bad frame pacing and a pro targeting 60fps.

but rarely ever achieving it fluctuating between 40 and fps.

on the ps5 the game still runs at 1800p checkerboard but at a near lock 60 which makes a massive difference for a game like sakura.

with its brutal difficulty level and precise timing when parrying.

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there’s also a major benefit to the load times if you choose to install it on the ps5 internal ssd.

which are a game where you’ll die plenty you’ll spend less time waiting around in loading screens and more time in the action.

from software’s games are without exception the kind of experiences that would benefit hugely from improved frame rates.

sekiro’s shadows die twice in fact would benefit from that more than all of the others.

given its frenetic and fast-paced combat blessedly that’s exactly what its ps5 upgrade does.

while it ran at 30 frames per second on the ps4 securo enjoys a major boost on the ps5 with a 60fps frame rate. so do yourself a favor and dive into this one once again.

Game Screenshots


Genshin Impact

next up is a free to play gacha game gen genshin impact.

genshin impact borrows quite heavily from breath of the wild’s art style and looks great for it. but his fps has never been perfect with frequent drops to the low to mid 20s at 1080p on the base ps4.

And even on the pro it struggles to hold 30 fps during hectic moments albeit at higher resolution on the ps5 however this less than ideal fps is boosted to an almost solid 60 fps.

there are still drops occasionally hitting the mid 50s when in combat with a lot going on. but overall the experience is vastly improved.

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Game Screenshots


Days Gone

Next is another ps4 exclusive that benefits even more than goes to sushima day’s gone.

Days gone is well known for being a pretty good game that was marred by some performance issues on both the ps4 and ps4 pro. with the fps occasionally dropping to the low 20s on the pro were more harsh and frequent drops on the base ps4.

This isn’t an issue on the ps5 however as not only do drops no longer happen but like what goes to sushima we now get a buttery smooth 60fps.

that completely transforms the experience with days gone being added to the recent ps plus collection.

if you haven’t played it yet there’s no excuses not to give it a go now.

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like ghost of tsushima day’s gone is a massive time investment but sony bin’s zombie apocalypse behemoth’s impressive ps5 upgrade too.

is hard to say no to whereas it ran in checkerboard 4k at a capped frame rate of 30 fps on the ps4 pro. on the ps5 day’s gone runs in dynamic 4k at an impressive 60 frames per second.

those who are yet to check out this underrated diamond in the rough should definitely do a ps5 play through.

but even players who have seen the credits roll on a ps4 should consider a replay on sony’s newest console.

Game Screenshots


Rainbow Six Siege

now we move on to ps4 games that have been given a full ps5 version. the first being rainbow six siege which is free to those who own a ps4 copy.

and the oldest game on this list originally releasing back in 2015.

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there are two modes for the ps5 version resolution mode which targets 60fps at a native 4k and performance mode which targets 120fps with a dynamic 4k. no matter which you pick.

it looks and runs better than ever the ps5 version is also bolstered by some fairly decent haptic feedback and adapted trigger support.

not to mention the new activity cards to help you get into the action as quickly as possible.


Destiny 2

Alongside the expansion beyond light destiny 2 takes a leap onto the ps5 as a free upgrade.

the biggest difference you’ll notice is that it now runs at an almost lock 60 fps in addition to a native 4k.

another interesting addition for the ps5 version is the ability to adjust the field of view something that previously only pc players could mess around with.

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in crucible mode you can even bump up the fps to 120 and the cost of resolution.

there are frame drops down to the 90s but there’s no doubt such a high fps will give you a competitive edge against other players.

finally there is also haptic feedback and adapted trigger support for the dual sense which contributes to an all-round great ps5 upgrade.

Game Screenshots



Unlike the others on this list the ps5 version is only free if you own the ultimate edition.

but it was a ps plus game for February so many of you who are watching will have it for free now. on the ps5 you have two modes in graphics mode it runs at 1440p upscaled to 4k.

alongside ray trace reflections which looks fantastic and while it is limited to 30fps.

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it’s a far more stable 30 than it ever was on the last gen.

In performance mode you lose that awesome ray tracing but it targets 60fps which is incredibly smooth despite some small dips here and there.

it also uses the dual sensor’s haptic feedback adaptive triggers and even the game help feature which is something i really haven’t seen too many ps5 games utilized yet. so that’s a really nice addition.

Game Screenshots


Ghost of tsushima

ghost of tsushima only came out on the ps4 a few months ago and it was an absolutely massive game.

so given that there’s a good chance that those who finished it might not want to go back in it just yet but the enhancements it’s received on the ps5 are hard to resist.

Already a technical and artistic achievement on the ps4 sucker punch’s samurai epic is an even smoother experience on the ps5. seeing as it runs at a buttery smooth 60 frames per second.

given ghost slick and punchy combat that boost in performance is a huge draw.

it runs at a standard 1080p at 30fps with some dips here. and there on the ps4 pro there are two modes one for resolution and one for performance.

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In resolution mode it boosts the resolution to 1800p while still sitting at 30fps with performance mode holding in more locked 30 fps but at 1080p.

on the ps5 it still runs at 1800 pm resolution mode but is no longer relegated to 30fps jumping up to a lock 60 which is a night and day difference.

the performance increase really can’t be understated it makes the already fantastic game even better and who knows maybe sucker punch will give it a full ps5 patch in the future to further increase its visuals as well.

Game Screenshots


Killzone Shadow Fall

Gorilla games debut ps4 game may not have been nearly as impressive as the game that they followed it up with was.

but killzone shadowfall was still an important first party release early on in the ps4’s life. especially seeing as it was such a technical showcase back then.

well it’s no longer that kind of a showcase in 2020 especially on the ps5 but it has still received some enhancements to be more precise.

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while the resolution is still stuck at 1080p the shooter now runs at 60 frames per second.

if you have the hankering for a solid 10-hour long shooter to blow through look no further than a ps5 playthrough of killzone shadowfall.

Game Screenshots


Dark Souls 3

sekiro’s shadows die twice is not the only from software game that runs better on the ps5 than it did on previous generation consoles. no that long-awaited 60fps patch for bloodborne is still an unfulfilled wish.

but dark souls 3 does now run at 60 frames thanks to ps5’s game boost features. granted souls fans will probably be busier with the demon souls remake right now.

but if you find that you want to keep that train going a dark souls 3 replay on the ps5 should be a real treat with its improved performance.


Until Dawn

until dawn was one of the earlier games in the ps4 sizable library and remains a beloved release for millions of fans to this day.

so it’s fitting that it’s one of the ps4 exclusives that have received enhancements on the ps5.

those super massive games horror adventure title runs at 30 frames per second on the ps4 on the ps5 that frame rate is boosted to 60fps.

even though that performance boost is Less of an advantage in a game such as until dawn as it is in say sekiro or killzone 60fps performance is always nice to have.

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Game Screenshots


The last guardian

So this one’s a little curious the last guardian runs on the ps5 at 60 frames per second.

but only if you play it on a disc without any of its post launch updates and patches installed.

this is one of those cases where having a disk drive on your ps5 will really pay off especially seeing as the last guardian was mired with performance issues on the ps4.

though it ran at a mostly 30fps on the ps4 pro the game was infamous for its frame rate drops on the ps4.

if you’re looking for the definitive the last guardian playthrough we really hope you have the game on disc.

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Game Screenshots


God of war

the last guardian god of war’s best ps5 enhancements are restricted to the game’s physical version.

if you play it on a disc without any of its post-release patches installed you can play the game in 4k at a full 60 frames per second which to state the obvious is the best way to play it.

even if you don’t have a disc though you do still get some boost on the ps5 with the game’s favor performance mode running at 60fps.

god of war had the favor performance mode on the ps4 pro as well of course but that usually hovered in the high 40s range as far as the frame rate was concerned.

so even digital players still get a boost on the ps5. up until the very recent patch you have two options on the ps5 play at 4k 30 or 1080p 60.

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meaning no matter which you picked you have to make a pretty big compromise.

the only way around it is if you had a disk copy and played it completely unpatched which allowed for 4k 60.

but that meant you were missing out on various updates.

while the new patch is here meaning everyone can now enjoy 4k 60fps and looks incredible it’s super smooth super sharp making it absolutely worth a replay on the ps5.

like with days gone is also part of the ps plus collection so free to download for ps plus subscribers.

Game Screenshots


Borderlands 3

unlike all the other games we’ve spoken about in this feature so far borderland 3’s next-gen improvements don’t come from game boost or from a patch but from a dedicated port for the new systems.

on the ps4 pro borderlands 3 ran either at 4k and 30fps or in 1080p and 60fps. though the frame rate was far from stable especially at launch.

on the ps5 however it runs in 4k and 60fps or incredibly enough if you go with performance mode in 1080p and a whopping 120 frames per second.

that in and of itself is enough to make you salivate especially for a game with combat as busy as borderlands has.

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if you own the ps4 version. borderlands 3 now runs at a native 4k at 60 fps in resolution mode which is a big leap over the ps4 pro.

where it runs at 1800p air targeted 30fps in the same mode but for sure with the frame rate being really unstable.

so much so i had to switch to performance mode which targets 60 fps at 1080p and even then it’s not a lock 60.

switching to performance mode on the ps5 it still targets 1080p but allows for 120 fps which gives unrivaled performance.

so borderlands 3 on the ps5 is a massive upgrade in both resolution and frame rate. but it also includes dual sense support improved shadows and four player split screen.

Game Screenshots


No man’s sky

like borderlands 3 no man’s sky has seen a dedicated release on the newer consoles.

and on the ps5 hello game’s open world or open universe title really shines. it runs in 4k at 60 frames per second has faster load times and touts ps5 specific dual sense features.

along with denser environments improved geometry high resolution textures and various improvements to animations volumetrics shadows lighting draw distances. and so much more.

no man’s sky has been worth checking out for a long time now but with its ps5 upgrade it’s pretty much become irresistible.

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no man’s sky has had a hell of a journey since his disappointing 2016 launch.

progressively getting bigger and better patches have turned the original bare bones experience into an incredible game and a free ps5 upgrade for all owners. is the icing on the cake.

this ps5 upgrade not only gives you a silky smooth 60fps at 4k but some decent adaptive triggers and haptic feedback support.

much fuller more detailed worlds 32 player multiplayer which is 4 times out of the ps4 version and 3d audio support.

you can buy no man’s sky incredibly cheap nowadays and with it being the best it’s ever been there really is no better time to explore its endless universe.

Game Screenshots


Spiderman Remastered

before i writing things off i do want to make an honorable mention to spider-man remastered which didn’t make it onto the list because it’s not a free upgrade to the ps4 version.

it’s a completely separate remaster that can only be had for the ultimate edition of miles morales.

but does have some really great ray tracing and a fantastic 60 fps mode so it’s worth shouting out.

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