15 Best PS3 Games For Couples | Best 2 Player PS3 Games For Couples

Video games are fun to play on your own but they’re even better when experienced with a company especially if that company is your significant other.

You’d be surprised as to how many titles are out there that you can both play from the comfort of your couch and have some fun together.

I’m VishalSolanki from SolankiGaming here are the best ps3 games for couples.

Lets Explore the Best ps3 Games For Couples-

Top 15 Best PS3 Games For Couples To Play Together

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris is the most unique game of the franchise.

Not because it follows a great story or has unique gameplay mechanics. the fact that it can be played in co-op Mode and has an isometric top-down look gives it a spot on our list of Best ps3 games for couples to play together.

Your partner you can solve puzzles find ways to move from one area to another.

And more the game’s intense boss fights are another way for you to bond or rage at each other.

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Unravel 2

Unravel 2 unravel – is designed to be a co-op.

Unlike its predecessor this one is made in such a way that is best experienced if played by two.

Undeniably there’s a huge variety of games to play with your girlfriend or boyfriend out there but a game as serene and emotional as unravel – can give you a perfect night of couch gaming accompany it with blankets and hot chocolate you’re ready to go.

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Gears of War

The list Of best ps3 games for couples wouldn’t be complete co-op guide if Gears of War wasn’t in it.

the whole franchise is a sight for sore eyes for all co-op lovers and we’ll give you both a fast heart rate and some tiers here and there.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is new to video games then you probably shouldn’t start with this franchise.

As your first together but as they get accustomed to it pop up the question ready for some gears remember that you need an Xbox 360 or Xbox one for Gears of War games if you don’t you can move on. This is the best 2 player ps3 games for couples.

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Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers is the most laid low game of the whole bunch. it can easily be overlooked with so many co-op titles out there.

Believe me when I say that this is one of the funniest games you’ll play with your partner.

Throughout the game you don’t know if you’re helping each other or competing some Crashers will put you into situations where you can move forward together or play tricks on one another.

Making the game even more enticing did we mention that it also has rocking graphics. this one is a must try.

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Resident Evil 5

The Resident Evil franchise used to have a soft spot for co-op games if we could choose one for you to play with your significant other though.

this would be Resident Evil 5 same as Gears of War if your partner is a newcomer to the world of video games he or she might not be able to fully appreciate.

It mess around with few others of the games we mentioned and you’ll both be ready for the big guns of co-op gaming.

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Portal 2

Portal 2 is a game where you can get to know your partner a little better.

I’d suggest you play the main campaign before you jump right into the co-op missions to get to know the setting and various mechanics better.

your partner should get to know GLaDOS and how hilariously evil she is after you head to the co-op testing chambers be gentle with your partner.

these things don’t come easy and you’ll fall to your death multiple times before you finally found your way and get to the exit. This is also one of the best 2 player ps3 games for couples.

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if you haven’t tried Trine with one of your friends yet you don’t know what you’re missing.

the game is based on co-op and he’s so easygoing that it’s easily suitable for a newcomer to video games.

You’re controlling different characters and have to combine your forces to reach the end of the stage by using your abilities I’d highly recommend this one to be your first game to play with your partner.

there’s three games in the franchise as well so you won’t be left with a bitter sweet taste after finishing the original game.

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Diablo 3

If you’re more of a grinding type than following a classic story then Diablo 3 on consoles is the best way to experience co-op with your significant other.

The classic Blizzard RPG is fully playable in two-player co-op on consoles and you can grind through the main story and the endgame adventure till your heart’s content.

My advice – Don’t struggle too much on builds and min maxing your resources on your first few days or your partner will be hit right in the face with too much information take it step by step and you’ll have a new favorite activity in the house.

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What would this list of best ps3 games for couples be without the addition of some classic old Borderlands.

the shootin loot FPS will keep you and your partner up for hours with his vibrant colors and intense gunfights.

Just make sure to let him or her get the good weapons too we know what a sneaky

loot hoarder you are skidding as with trying Borderlands 2 has two more games and they’re all filled of activities to take on together classic fun and a good introduction to FPS gaming.

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Overcooked is believed to be one of the best couch co-op games out there.

And we can’t disagree it’s fast paced fun requires complete concentration if you want to beat the scores.

Sure you’ll get a good laugh out of your experience in the game but be ready to rage too having to depend on your partner to cut the onions or boil Tomatoes.

while the platform is changing will be a good test of your patience fun and lessons for your relationship it’s a win-win.

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Rayman Legends

Rayman legends on consoles lets you have that classic platformer co-op experience that you never knew you wanted in co-op.

there will always be one guy running forward opening the road andthe other will be following in silence.

since those games aren’t meant to be hundred-percent played in co-op there’s not many things that you can do together

other than running to the end but that’s its charm rayman legends is perfect for you to introduce to your partner if they’ve never played before tackle this one and you’re ready for every hardcore co-op game. this may be one of the best ps3 games for older couples.

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Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

what would you do if your partner would be found with a time to bomb in his or her hands.

And you had a full text book of instructions on how to disarm it would you be quick and concentrated enough to get through it.

that’s where keep talking and nobody explodes comes in.

One player looks at the screen and sees a time to bomb with several puzzles on it the other has the instructions but can’t look at the screen can you cooperate.

This game is also available on VR so you can experience it in all its glory a must-try for couples and friends alike.

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Rocket League

One of the best multiplayer games right now on all consoles also has a split-screen co-op mode that you can try with your partner.

Luckily this screen is split vertically so you won’t be getting dizzy with all the stuff going on around you even though you’re missing a portion of your point of view.

Just make sure your boyfriend or girlfriend does want to try rocket League before you drag them in it though there’s always a chance that they’ll get tired of chasing the ball and give up undeniably.

You’ll need six skills or hours of playing to get used to its fast-paced mechanics. Check Out The best ps3 games for couples reddit- Check Now

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Best ps3 Games For Couples To Play Together

Divinity Original Sin 2

Divinity original sin to is uh as close to a classic tabletop RPG as a video game can get the game itself is excellent both gameplay and narrative,

And has tons of activities to tackle together be warned though cuz you might get tricked every character has special traits.

which can be used as a benefit to the party or to yourself will you help out your partner or will you let them find their own way around while you know the answers to all your problems. I think this one might be best ps3 games for older couples.

It’s up to you to to decide either way divinity original sin 2 has so much for you. Check Out The best ps3 games for couples reddit- Check Now

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One OF The Best ps3 Games For Couples

A Way Out

Number one for the list are a narrative heaven for couples in this one you’re controlling two prison inmates on their attempt to escape from prison.

You’ll have to work together and find the best way to assess situations.

Don’t think too much whether you wreck everything or talk your way out of situations work. just try not to argue too much over who will take the lead in certain occasions.

You’ll both have a ton of decisions to make and act smart can you cooperate or will you argue every step of the way.Check Out The best ps3 games for couples reddit- Check Now

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Thanks For Reading

This marks the ending of our top 15 best ps3 games for couples to play together. if your partner is getting bored of watching you play all the time.

Let them in your world and introduce them to the best co-op games that are out there.

Sure I might have missed some of your personal favorites if you want to share them with us do so in the comments below.I will be going to provide other best video games for couples ps3, in upcoming days.

I’ll be glad to find out more about them also do share with us what are your funniest moments while playing with your significant other.

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