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Hello, hello! I am Solanki, and this is the third episode of my series Ultimate Weapon Guide! Many of you have inspired me to create a YouTube channel for this series, and I did! Thank you so much for encouraging me and for all your kind comments.

This time, we will discuss MP7.MP7 is one of the best SMGs at Warzone, of course. I actually think it’s definitely the best SMG bar, when used as a side cover. These combination can be the best mp7 loadout warzone.


  • TTK = Times to kill
  • BTK = Bullets to kill
  • AR = Assault Rifle
  • SMG = SubMachineGuns


Base = 22 ~ 18 ~ 16 ~ 14

Torso = 25 ~ 20 ~ 18 ~ 16

Headshots = 40 ~ 32 ~ 29 ~ 25

It says recently, the efficiency of the headset is not so good or important to this gun.In detail, one headshot does not really affect BTK in the immediate range. While it can if the distance is long enough, because MP7 is a portable SMG and usually you don’t have an optic installed, any efficiency of the headshot you have is really lost.

While you can build with the construction of a long wide headphone in MP7, you will definitely be better off if you pick up a weapon suitable for that style of play and use this gun as a good sidearm to support some of your choices.

2. BTK

3. Range

7.5m ~ 11.5m ~ 15m

MP7 has a very short range, or compared to other SMGs.

However, it is important to note the low availability and the large magazine you have.I would say that with those features, even if the operating range isn’t the best, you can create and use MP7 between medium and long engagement.

I believe short-term performance has been put in place to balance this weapon, because you can completely throw the bullets into a sniper and get the right shot right now.

4. TTK

Against an enemy with 3 Armor plates equipped, 568ms

Guns that have faster TTK than MP7 (Without headshots)

– Aug (560ms, 5.56mm ammo: 545ms)- MP5 (525ms, 10mm ammo: 531ms)- Striker45 .45 Hollow Point ammo (400ms)

Guns that have slower TTK than MP7(Without headshots)

– P90 (600ms)- Uzi (712ms, .41 AE ammo: 610ms) PP19 Bizon (646ms)- Striker45 (700ms)

As you can see, MP7s TTK is not really fast or fast compared to other SMGs in the standard range.One of the features that makes MP7 such a great gun is that it actually has a better TTK than any other SMGs when over 60m.In fact, it has the fastest TTK in those distances throughout Warzone!With its low layout and insane fire rate, it surpasses even Aug and MP5 in this way.

5. Recoil

The recoil pattern goes up and to the right.Even though there is a bit of randomness in the pattern, the gap between the bullets is very consistent.Because of that consistency, the recoil is quite easy to control.

6. Features

MP7 has the second best mobility among SMGs, and its recoil is really easy to control.

The rapid rate of fire that it totes is the second fastest in the game. (FR 5.56 is technically faster, but because it’s a 3 burst shot weapon it’s not really the same and I won’t include that in the comparison)

MP7 also has better hipfire accuracy than any other gun in Warzone, which allows it to melt down anything at close range without even needing to aim down the sight.

7. Comparison


I honestly think that MP5 is the only SMG that can try to at least compete with MP7.Compared to MP7, MP5 has a longer distance and faster TTK.However, while MP7 can expand its magazine size to 60 rounds, MP5 can only increase to 45.This is a major MP5 problem in Warzone, where you often face multiple enemies with a single engagement.

MP5 fades quickly depending on how far your target is, while MP7 still shines even at great distances. Technically it has a low mathematical range, but it still performs better at playing with its huge losses and low injuries down.

If you feel that what you need is a PDW designed for a very close range, as in architecture, MP5 is a solid alternative. However, if you are looking for SMG that can be used in a variety of situations, definitely try MP7.

8. Recommanded Build

ADS: Aim down sight speed Sprint out: Sprint to Fire Speed Aim Stabilization: Reduces shakiness while aiming down. Apart from actual recoil, when you areusing high magnification and on certain guns, the optic itself will be shaking back and forth a lot. This stat also helps to reduce that.

Recoil Control: Reduces the amount of recoil. Recoil Stabilization: Reduces the randomness of recoil, making the bullet pattern more uniformand efficient.

MP7 can get the maximum range stat just by using either monolithic suppressor or the recon barrel.

However, even though its close range efficiency can be maximized with just one of them, its mid and long ranged radiuses can be extended further as the range bonus from attachments get bigger. In regular multiplayer mode, this extra range really isn’t essential and you’ll probably be wasting attachment slots taking them.

But in Warzone, where long ranged combat is very common, I highly recommend taking both the monolithic suppressor and the recon barrel, to maximize the benefits you get at big distances. While I’ve recommended multiple builds on other guns, I only have a single build for MP7 that I personally feel works the best.

These combination can be the best mp7 loadout warzone.

Monolithic Suppressor

ADS +1 Frame, Range +7.5%, Sound Suppression

Merc foregrip

ADS +1 Frame, Enhanced Recoil Control, Enhanced Hipfire Accuracy

FSS Recon Barrel

Range +30% (Faster Bullet Velocity) , ADS +2 Frames, Movement Speed -2%, Enhanced Recoil Control

No Stock

Sprint out +20%, ADS -2.5 frames, Movement Speed +4%, -Recoil Control, -Aim stabilization

Extended Magazines

  • 50 Rounds Mag: ADS +1 Frame, Movement Speed -2%
  • 60 Rounds Mag: ADS +1 Frame, Movement Speed -4%


  • Range +37.5%
  • Sound Suppression
  • Enhanced Recoil Control
  • Enhanced Hipfire Accuracy
  • Sprintout +20%


  • ADS -2.5 Frames
  • Movement Speed -0% ~ -2% (Even with -2%, still faster than ARs, Most SMGs)
  • -Aim stabilization

Best mp7 loadout warzone | Full Guide

What surprised, mademoiselle? And welcome back to another gun guide. This is the series where I go into great detail with all of the stats of every one of the weapons in modern warfare. In today’s episode, we’re going to be moving on to the next. And first up, as always, let’s have a look at the damage profile.

So just like with all of the SMGs, the seven deals, less damage to the limbs. So the arms, the legs, you deal less damage than you would to the torso.

So that includes stomach and chest and torso damage multiplier is 25, 20, 1816, which means it’s going to take four to seven shots to kill depending on the range. So. These combination can be the best mp7 loadout warzone.

As for headshots, we get a pretty standard headshot multiplier of one point five nine, which means our headshot damage profile is 40 thirty to twenty nine twenty five. And this means up close.

best mp7 loadout warzone

You will have to hit multiple head shots in order to reduce the number of shots it takes to kill, whereas it longer ranges. Just one single headshot mixed in with body shots will be helping you as are ready to fire.

This is very fast with the MP seven at nine hundred and sixty eight rounds four minutes. And this means our statistical minimum time to kill assuming torso shots is one hundred and eighty six milliseconds and the foreshock kill range and then it drops off to three hundred and seventy two milliseconds in these seven shaquill range.

Ozora time to kill potential assuming head shots up close. We can kill in just one hundred and twenty four milliseconds with the MP seven as long as two of the shots hit the head and then one of them can hit the body. Overall, if you’re playing within the effective ranges of the MP seven, you have a great time to kill potential. These combination can be the best mp7 loadout warzone.

best mp7 loadout warzone

Speaking of ranges, unfortunately this isn’t really a big strength for the MP seven. As you can see here, our four shot kill range is right around ten metres, which isn’t very solid. And this does drop off to its minimum damage range. The seven shot kill range at about 20 metres.

So when it comes to getting the best out of the MP seven, you definitely have to make sure you’re playing up close and personal as her suppressors.

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The lightweight suppressor will reduce all of our damage ranges by twenty five percent and the monolithic suppressor will increase all of our ranges by just seven and a half percent, which is hardly noticeable with this gun. As for hardcore torso shots will always be a two shot kill.

You can get a one shot headshot up close and beyond 20 metres. If you’re shooting them in the limbs, it can take up to three shots to kill, which is a lot for hardcore modes.

Moving on to hit fire. I use this loadout as best mp7 loadout warzone.

As you can see here, the MP seven actually has the best hit fire in the SMG category, but just by a very small amount, it’s hardly noticeable.

best mp7 loadout warzone

And when it comes to it’ll sway, you can see that your gun doesn’t move around a lot. It just moves around fairly quickly in a very small area. So it’s not really that big of an issue for this gun, considering it’s an SG taking a look at recoil with the MP seven. This can be considered as best mp7 loadout warzone.

This has great recoil properties. It kicks upwards and just very slightly to the right. Also  the best mp7 loadout warzone.

And there aren’t any really big jumps between shots. And this means this recoil is extremely easy to control and predict. And with just a little bit of recoil control, this gun is laser accurate even at really long ranges.

Moving on to our handling stats, the amount of time on the MP seven is amazing at just two hundred milliseconds. So snapping on a target is definitely not a problem with this gun and our sprint at times our standard for SMGs and very fast as well at one hundred and thirty three milliseconds for the standard sprint out time.

best mp7 loadout warzone

And these super sprint out time is just two hundred and thirty four milliseconds getting into our magazine capacity.

This is great at forty rounds with eighty in reserve, although you do burn through those forty rounds pretty quickly due to the fast rate of fire. And our reload time is one point for nine seconds, which is nothing really special, but it’s not terrible either.

If you wanted to speed this up, you could use the sleight of hand weapon which will reduce your reload, add time down to one point zero eight seconds, which is very solid. So finally, for base, that’s our movement.

Best mp7 loadout warzone

Speed is very good with the MP seven at ninety nine percent. This is pretty much as fast as you’re going to move with any gun in the game. And our aim, don’t say stray speed is also incredible at sixty five percent.

This is very, very good for modern warfare and that pretty much covers it for the base stats of the NBA seven.

And overall this is a very solid SVG. But now I want to get into some of the unique attachments. Add first up, we’re going to have a look at the barrel attachments.

And the first one that we have access to is the FSS strike barrel, which increases your damage ranges by twenty percent, which is a nice little boost.  This is Also my best mp7 loadout warzone.

best mp7 loadout warzone

And on top of that, we get an increase to our bullet velocity, which will help us hit our targets at longer ranges, especially if they’re moving. As for the cause of that, this does reduce your downside time by just one frame at sixty FPS, which you can definitely afford to do with the already very fast aim downside time with this gun.

It’s about an eight percent reduction.

This brings us to the next barrel, which is the FSS Rickon barrel, and this one gives you more of a damage range increase. Your ranges are increased by 30 percent rather than twenty. And on top of that, we once again get increased bullet velocity and more recoil control, which if we have a look at it right here, you can see that it does seem to help a little bit with your recoil control.

But overall, I would say this is completely unnecessary on the empty seven since like I said earlier, this thing is already basically a laser beam as long as you’re able to control even simple recoil patterns.

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But those upsides do come at the cost of an arm down time. That’s going to be about sixteen percent slower or two frames. It skips at our overall movement. Speed is also decreased by about two percent.

This just leaves us with one more barrel attachment for the MP seven, and this is the FSS swap barrel, and with this one armed on site, speed is going to be about eight percent faster or one frame at 60 fps, which is a completely unnecessary boost in my opinion. And this does come at the cost of bullet velocity. So your bullet velocity will be a bit slower, which can affect your ability to hit moving targets at longer ranges.

best mp7 loadout warzone

Overall, out of the three barrels I really like, the first one the most, the first strike barrel. It’s got a nice, bluesier range and your bullet velocity and the downsides don’t really hurt the MP seven too much. But next up, I wanted to have a look at two more unique attachments for the MP seven. And these are the extended mag attachments.

First up, we have the 50 round extended mag attachment. And with this one, it does actually slow your aim down some time by one frame or roughly eight percent, which is not something we normally see most of the time with these standard accepted back attachments.

Even though it says that it reduces your downside speed, it doesn’t actually do that in reality at 60 FPS, but with the MP seven, it does. Additionally, the 50 round mags will slow your movement speed by about two percent.

As for the next one, this is the sixty round magazine and with this one once again, it only reduces our downside time by one frame or roughly eight percent. But our movement speed is reduced by about four percent rather than the two percent of the fifty round magazines.

best mp7 loadout warzone

And this is much more noticeable.

You’re now taking the movement speed down to pretty much assault rifle levels with this attachment, but that pretty much covers it for all of the important stats of the MP seven. Now I want to get into some excellent attachment combinations as well as some example class setups with those attachment combinations.

And first up, this is my current preferred way to run the MP seven with this one. We’ve got that FSS strike barrel. That’s my favourite barrel to run on this gun. We’ve also got the compensator on there, which helps a little bit with that vertical recoil.

It’s not really necessary. I just feel like it helps you stay on target a bit better at really long ranges. And this gun definitely can surprise you at just how effective it is at challenging people at extremely long ranges.

As for our stock, we’ve got the Ford stock ultralights stock, which helps with their aim down State Street speed. It’s already really solid in this area. This just makes it even better. Then we’ve got sleight of hand for our percs since our base reload. Speed isn’t amazing by any means. And also we have the fifty round magazines on this.

best mp7 loadout warzone

Taking this into an example class setup. We’ve got the Desert Eagle as our secondary EOD for our first purt so we can deal with explosive damage much more effectively. Also kill chain.

This one’s designed for going on those longer streaks and getting those lethal streaks up and shrapnel combined with thermite, because I really like taking this class setup up into ground war modes. And this is an excellent way to take out enemy tanks. This just leaves us with our tactical, which is going to be the same shot.

This is something I’ve been using more and more, especially on my aggressive class setups. And this is absolutely designed to be an aggressive class. So that’s sort of my go to set up at the moment with the MP seven.

But let’s move on to the next set up I have for you guys here. And this one, it’s designed to be a lot more on these stealthy side. So with this, we’ve got a lot of the same attachments.

best mp7 loadout warzone

We’ve got that strike barrel as well as the forge stack, ultralight stock, the fifty round magazine and sleight of hand. All we did here, though, is we swapped the compensator for the model that the suppressor this will allow us to stay off the radar a lot more effectively.

And taking this into an example, class up once again, we’ve got the Desert Eagle for our secondary EOD, for our first Perc Ghost, for our second percs. We can stay off the radar and tuneup for our tier three perc, which allows us to get our dead silence field upgrade a lot faster so we can stay stealthy as much as possible. It is the best mp7 loadout warzone.

Our lethal is going to be a Fragonard because I often find when you’re trying to flank with this, sometimes you at the bank and made into a room to kill a camper. And also we’ve got steam shot as our tactical once again.

best mp7 loadout warzone

So this setup really isn’t all that much different than the first class set up, but it’s really designed around that stealthy sort of playstyle. It can be ranked as best mp7 loadout warzone.

And overall, I just really like using the MP seven in this way. And with that, that’s going to wrap it up for today’s gun guy on the MP seven.

Personally, I think this gun is absolutely an upper tier weapon. It is one of my favorite guns used in the entire game. It’s just got a great combination of stats. It’s very easy to handle, very easy to control the recoil on.

best mp7 loadout warzone

It’s got excellent mobility statistics doesn’t have the greatest time to kill at range, but I feel like it makes up for that with all of the other stats and the fact that the recoil is so controllable that you’re going to be hitting most of your shots anyways.

whereas many of the other guns, you’re going to be fighting the recoil a lot more at range and therefore the time to kill discrepancy doesn’t matter as much. These combination can be the best mp7 loadout warzone.

But of course, that’s just my opinion. I’d like to know in the comments section below, what do you guys think of the NPC, even in its current state in modern warfare? Do you agree with me and think this is an upper tier gun, or do you feel it’s not quite as good as I say it is?

I think that i solve your quarry that the best mp7 loadout warzone. And Also tell me your favorite or  best mp7 loadout warzone.

If you have any other question related to quarry “best mp7 loadout warzone” Then make sure to comment down below.

Just let me know all of those thoughts in the comment section down below .

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