Top 26 Best Japanese ps4 Games In 2021 | Best JRPGs For ps4 (2021)

In this article we will be going to cover best Japanese ps4 games in 2021.

With the recent launch of the playstation 5 the playstation 4 can finally ride off into the sunset with its head held high.

I’d argue that the ps4 has one of the best jrpg lineups of all time. easily going head-to-head with titans like the playstation 1 and the super nintendo.

Now of course there still are quite a few good jrpgs still to come like ease 9 tales of arise and granblue fantasy relink .

so this article will serve as a 2021 edition if you will and if any of these upcoming games blow us away i might have to make a revised list.

but for now these are the 10 best jrpgs on the playstation 4 that you absolutely have to play. don’t forget to drop a comment. Make sure to check out ps5 games also.

List Of Top 10 Best Japanese ps4 games In 2021-

  • Persona 5
  • NieR: Automata
  • Valkyria Chronicles 4
  • Dragon Quest XI
  • Atelier Ryza
  • Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana
  • Tokyo xanadu ex
  • Tales of berseria
  • Kingdom Hearts 3
  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Top 16 best Japanese ps4 games In 2021

Browse Ps4 Games By Genre


Trials Of Mana 

Rebuilt from the ground up, enjoy a fascinating 3D world where new and old players will explore  the spellbinding world of Mana.

It’s still the fascinating story veteran players know,  but with a few extra chapters and story content 
that adds layer to its magic. A playscore of 8.60.


Disgaea 5 

It’s one of videogames’ iconic RPGs with its defining turn-based combat  and adorable Prinnies. Its proven and tested formula remains unchanged.

And the addition  of new classes, refined customization systems and visual improvements make it all worthwhile.  

Stop Overlords and lead your army of warriors, dood! It receives a playscore of 8.64.


Tales Of Vesperia  

this as it features all the good things Tales of Vesperia has to offer including remastered  full HD graphics, never before seen characters, expanded story and so much more.  

Control your party members in real-time combat and blaze through its myriad of enemy encounters  using its iconic Linear Motion Battle 
System. It receives a playscore of 8.67.


Final Fantasy XIV  

but Square got their stuff together and completely overhauled its systems.  

This brand new FFXIV experience ushered FF fans into a hub for their own Final Fantasy adventures  that only got better with each successive patch. It receives a playscore of 8.71.


The Legend of Heroes  

Falcom moves the story forward with this latest localization of their famed Cold Steel series.  

New characters and an even dangerous political climate await players.

This next chapter  will have a new focus on speeding battles and turning each into a more seamless experience,  all while retaining the traditional  turn-based combat. A playscore of 8.71.


Final Fantasy VIII Remastered  

of the 1999 PlayStation classic, VIII’s timeless tale still hits hard.

Everyone can finally see how good-looking Squall and his buddies are as they 
embark on a time-bending trip of JRPG proportions.  

Visually, it’s an improvement, but its story and gameplay remain the same. A playscore of 8.75.


Dragon’s Crown Pro 

One of the PlayStation Vita’s best.

This definitive version of Vanillaware’s acclaimed JRPG  gets the PlayStation 4 upgrade with 4K support and cross-platform play.

This 2D role-playing game  boasts a complex combat system with a unique set of characters to play at.

It was praised  for its rewarding RPG mechanics and a challenging dungeon-crawling experience. A playscore of 8.79.



marks the return of the red haired warrior, Adol. VIII’s defining feature is the addition of a new,  blue-haired heroine juxtaposing Adol’s personality.

Called Dana, she comes with  her very own story and gameplay segments. Like 
its titles before, the Ys series is a treasure  trove of memorable moments and unforgettable characters, it has a playscore of 8.81.


Dragon Quest Builders 2 

A spin-off of the acclaimed Dragon Quest series from Square Enix. Set after the events of the  original Dragon Quest II.

Builders is a JRPG with a huge emphasis on character customization  and heavy grinding in its sandbox voxel world.

It’s like Minecraft,  but players have to do more than just craft 
and collect resources. A playscore of 8.83.


Kingdom Hearts III  

comes to an emotional climax in this latest chapter of Square and Disney’s crossover JRPG.  

Travel to various Disney worlds and stop an army of Darkness using the power of friendship  and the Keyblade.

Combat is at its peak with new gimmicks and weapon transformations  that make Sora and his buddies a force to be reckoned with. It receives a playscore of 8.83.


Valkyria Chronicles 4

the hearts of JRPG fans with this animated take on the tragedies of war. This fourth main installment  is a return to roots with new characters and the same cel-shaded graphics in a brand new engine.  

It’s been described as the perfect sequel as it refines the details of its addictive  BLITZ combat system, while staying true to its 
creative storytelling. A playscore of 8.85.


Final Fantasy XII  

2 classic. The Zodiac Age takes players once again into the world of Ivalice. Vaan and his  buddies go on a grand quest to save the Kingdom of Dalmasca from political doom.

Now with a reworked  battle system, fights are now faster compared to the original and its new International Zodiac  System grants new ability bonuses for each of 
the heroes.

It receives a playscore of 8.90.


Ni no Kuni

With the help of Studio Ghibli’s animators, Level-5 completely captures its surreal otherworld  teeming with magic and wonder.

Like a JRPG version of C.S. Lewis’ ‘Chronicles of Narnia’,  this child-like adventure can net you hours and hours of fun  especially with its intriguing set of characters. It receives a playscore of 8.90.


Final Fantasy IX 

Another JRPG classic that made its way  to the modern consoles. This ninth major   installment of the Final Fantasy series is considered, by some, as the series’ best.  

From kidnapping a Royalty to stopping the end of  the world, a lot of care was taken into bringing   Zidane and his friends’ adventures in the land of  Gaia to the PlayStation 4.

At long last this port   is giving players the full artistic package  in larger resolutions. A playscore of 8.97.


Odin Sphere

This remastered version of Vanillaware’s  Nordic epic withstands the test of time.  

Players enter into a fantasy world brimming with  interwoven storylines and hand-crafted visuals.  

This PlayStation 4 port has improved combat  and major quality of life changes to make it   less stressful for new fans of the game. It has a playscore of 9.01.


Final Fantasy VII

Made it to the top of our rankings without  breaking a sweat.

This full reimagining of  the 1997 masterpiece transforms Cloud and his  friends into picture-perfect form. The brand   new real-time combat is slick and satisfying, now  that players have more freedom to engage enemies.  

While Remake only covers the first few hours of  the original, it leaves no room for secrets and   plot twists that even perplex the veteran  fans. It receives a playscore of 9.14.

The 10 BEST PS4 JRPGs of All Time (2021 Edition)

Persona 5

We couldn’t have done this list right without including persona 5 royal. the game brought a stylish flair that caught the attention of the entire gaming community.

I’ll never forget the morning its debut trailer dropped and it trended worldwide.

Also when was the last time you remember someone cosplaying as a game’s menu never. and that’s just how incredible persona 5 looked not only did the game’s style command your attention. But the actual gameplay was ridiculously addicting.


its blend of snappy turn-based combat and compelling lifestyle aspects made you never want to put the controller down. what might be most impressive of all is that the game clocks in at over 100 hours on a normal playthrough and players were happy to invest that time.

if you can believe it the royal version added even more content you have new side activities a new playable character. and an additional semester to spend with your phantom thief buddies let’s not forget that incredible music too.


whether it’s more subtle tracks like beneath the mask or the funky battle theme last surprise. every song hits so perfectly and easily makes up one of the best gaming soundtracks of all time.

oh and if everything persona 5 accomplished wasn’t enough nintendo made joker the first dlc character for super smash brothers ultimate. persona 5 isn’t even on a nintendo console no matter what your opinion of persona 5 is you can’t deny the impact it made on the genre in the industry as a whole.

NieR: Automata

if you told me in 2013 that a near sequel would go on to become one of the most celebrated games of the generation.

I would have laughed in your face but here we are in 2020 and near automata has done just that.

yokotaro’s bizarre yet compelling storytelling returns as we follow androids 2b 9s and a2 on their journeys to defend earth and find meaning in their own existence.


Best japanese ps4 games NO-2

And just when you think the game’s over you still have several more playthroughs to go to experience the full story.

what really propelled automata above its predecessors though was its excellent combat system thanks to the action game masters at platinum games.

battles had a blistering pace to them with how fast you can move around the battlefield and the variety of abilities you could perform.

you could be slashing away while simultaneously blasting enemies with your robot buddy and of course slow things down with platinum’s signature perfect dodge mechanic.


Best japanese ps4 games NO-2

some of the series more quirky elements returned as well like changes in camera perspective and various mini-games like 9s as hacking.

let’s not forget about the absolutely stunning soundtrack. composer keiji okabe really flexed his range in automata with his mix of intense battle themes and more somber tunes that can only be described as otherworldly.

here’s hoping this isn’t the last we’ve seen in this series because i’m ready for more of yokotaro’s wild ride.

best japanese ps4 games
Best japanese ps4 games NO-3

Valkyria Chronicles 4

after being seemingly left for dead on the psp valkyria chronicles made its triumphant return to home consoles with valkyria chronicles 4.

the story follows claude wallace and his squad as they fight to avenge their hometown of hoffen.

in a similar fashion to the original valkyria chronicles the story focuses on this small group of characters rather than a grand one of political intrigue.


this focus really allows you to connect with the characters and feel a greater sense of why they’re fighting.

and when some don’t make it back home it makes it that much more heartbreaking.

the series unique spin on strategy combat returns with more varied objectives and new classes like the grenadier.


Best japanese ps4 games NO-3

because of this missions are much better designed discouraging you from just running to a spot on the map with your scout to get an easy win.

the game’s snow setting also gives it a unique aesthetic the harsh winter is used to great effect not only in the story but also in combat as snow often blocks your path.

admittedly valkyrie chronicles can be quite challenging at times but for those willing to power through it you’re in store for one of the best rpgs the ps4 has to offer.

best japanese ps4 games
Best japanese ps4 games NO-4

Dragon Quest XI

Speaking of triumphant returns the dragon quest series finally returned to home consoles after a 13-year absence with arguably the best game in the series dragon quest 11 echoes of an elusive age.

I think there’s two main aspects that makes this game incredible the first is its grand sense of adventure.

each town is so drastically different from the last you have a more traditional rpg castle town like heliodor and then the cozy beachside village of lona lulu in.


my opinion the best part of reaching each new town was exploring every inch of them to see what secrets you could discover.

it made you feel like you were on a huge globetrotting adventure. the second reason why i think dragon quest 11 is incredible is its cast of characters.

each one not only gets chapters of the story to really shine but they all play off each other so well.


Best japanese ps4 games NO-4

it’s this melding of wildly different personalities that just works silvano is flamboyant yet encouraging jade puts up a tough front but is really caring deep down.

the more that time has gone on this game has just grown on me more and more.

if you still haven’t taken the time to play through dragon quest 11 make sure you do because it’s a true masterpiece.

best japanese ps4 games
Best japanese ps4 games NO-5

Atelier Ryza

the atelier series churns out games seemingly every year but it finally broke through in a big way with atelier ryza. i think we all know why but thick thighs aside it’s actually a great game in its own right.

the story is one i think we can all relate to. ryza doesn’t want to waste her youth so she gathers her friends to travel to an uncharted island.


Best japanese ps4 games NO-5

here she finds adventure new friends and unforgettable memories. ryza also changes up the formula quite a bit compared to other games in the series of course alchemy mechanics and turn-based combat are still present but each have their own twists.

in the alchemy segments you basically go down a tree to create more complex items instead of simply throwing them into a pot and making a better one. and the combat is much more fast paced.

it almost feels like valkyrie profile and that you can combo moves with teammates in real time.

it’s a really fun system that keeps the battles exciting. atelier riser truly feels like a big step up from its predecessors and for fans that can’t get enough its sequel is right around the corner.

best japanese ps4 games
Best japanese ps4 games NO-6

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

one of the best pickup and play rpgs o the entire generation is ize lacrimosa of donna. the feeling of movement and quickness of combat is just so smooth.

in the game you once again play as adult christian who’s been shipwrecked on a mysterious island.

the main crux of the game has you investigating the island trying to uncover all of its secrets while also trying to find all the other shipwrecked passengers.


Best japanese ps4 games NO-6

also shares memories with a girl who used to live on this island thousands of years ago named donna.

learning about her past and how she’s connected to the island is one of the most intriguing aspects of the story.

like in past ease games eze employs an action combat system in which you can swap between three different characters on the fly.


Best japanese ps4 games NO-6

each has a certain type of attack that different enemies are weak to which really gives combat a nice flow.

exploring the island has an almost addictive quality to it because of how smooth the movement and combat is.

bosses are exhilarating highlights as you’ll need to master your dodges and utilize your team to the best of their abilities.


they’re all super fun and something i always look forward to.

the music also deserves a special mention it kind of peaks early with the track sunshine coastline that you’re listening to right now but all the combat and boss themes do an excellent job of getting you really pumped up.

oh and if you haven’t seen my sub 2 hour speed run be sure to check it out because it gets pretty wild.

best japanese ps4 games
Best japanese ps4 games NO-7

Tokyo xanadu ex

Speaking of falcon games let’s move right along to one of my favorites this generation tokyo xanadu ex plus.

as I’ve mentioned in previous videos tokyo xanadu is basically if you took persona and mash it together with ease combat. seriously it’s pretty much exactly that.

the game takes place in a Japanese high school you’ll travel to a parallel world to fight monsters that are slowly invading your own world. and spend time with your friends to level up their usefulness and combat.


Best japanese ps4 games NO-7

there’s also cool side activities like a full arcade and skateboarding i think what makes tokyo zana do work is it’s pacing.

much like persona you’re constantly switching between a wide variety of gameplay types.

for 30 minutes or so you’ll be battling your way through a dungeon and then during your free time you could be helping out a friend with their karate practice.

what i like about Tokyo Xanadu’s dungeons is that it constantly encourages you to switch up your party as enemy weaknesses vary from dungeon to dungeon.

and as wonderfully tropey as the characters are i can’t help but love them.


you have the mischievous class president Mitsuko prodigy computer hacker yuki and your close friend that you grew up with sora. i think one of the more underrated aspects from an already underrated game is its soundtrack.

it has a lot of synth pop tracks that just fit the vibe of the game so well.

and in true falcon fashion the boss themes are all pretty great too in my opinion tokyo xanadu ex plus is the single most underrated rpg of this entire generation. and if you haven’t gotten around to trying this gem yet you really really should.

best japanese ps4 games
Best japanese ps4 games NO-8

Tales of berseria

the tl series had a bit of a rocky generation but seem to be on the right track with tales of berseria.

going against series conventions the story is quite dark as you’re on a quest for revenge as the badass velvet. I won’t spoil why you’re seeking revenge but let’s just say it’s for a good reason.

on top of this you’ll be joined by a colorful cast of characters that make the adventure worth experiencing.

the one standout party member is probably magi-loo. she has such a flashy design and fun personality that you’ll be hanging on every word she has to say.

if you’ve played any tales game before the general structure should be pretty familiar.

you’ll travel between towns through interconnected zones get to the next story beat explore dungeon maybe fight a boss. rinse and repeat for about 40 hours.


thankfully the fantastic action combat returns and it’s just as good as ever.

battles are still regulated to small arenas but the combat is snappy enough that it doesn’t really slow down the pacing in any big way. a personal negative for me that the series needs to address badly is its dungeons.

they are just so plain and feel like something you would find in an rpg maker game.

boring dungeons aside tales of berseria is certainly one of the system’s best jrpgs and one you should definitely check out.

best japanese ps4 games
Best japanese ps4 games NO-9

Kingdom Hearts 3

After 13 long years since kingdom hearts 2 we finally got kingdom hearts 3..

was it worth the wait kind of but is it still a fun game in its own right absolutely you once again play as sora donald and goofy doing battle against the forces of darkness.

admittedly there is a lot of interstitial lore that might make you feel lost if you haven’t played all the side games. but if you’re like me and are just here for the disney fun times then you’ll have no problem.


after recycling a lot of the same disney worlds game after game kingdom arts 3 finally introduces some brand new worlds to the franchise like toy story frozen and big hero 6. i have to say exploring them was pure magic.

the worlds are much bigger than in games past and have the added verticality aspect.

Almost every world has some giant wall that you can run up that gives it a really awesome sense of scale.


i feel like the real showstopper in kingdom hearts 3 are the attractions when certain conditions are met you can call upon disney attractions like the pirate ship the teacups or the splash run to aid you in battle.

these flashy attacks end up happening quite often and can easily wipe out an entire group of enemies.

combat on a whole is much flashier than in past games thanks to a much larger variety of weapons and the ability to have up to five characters in your party at once.

Waiting all these years may not have been worth it at the end of the day but if you enjoy disney films and a good rpg you owe it to yourself to give kingdom hearts 3 a try.

best japanese ps4 games

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

last and certainly not least we have possibly the most highly anticipated game of all time final fantasy 7 remake.

does it have some bad sky boxes yeah are the plot ghosts dumb sure but these few blemishes don’t take away from what otherwise is an absolutely magical experience.

as someone who holds the original final fantasy 7 in high regard this remake was one hell of a nostalgic rush. seeing iconic locations like midgar reactors and aerith’s home recreated in such exquisite detail was a pleasure to behold.


i love simply walking around these environments to soak up every little detail. 7 remake also manages to reimagine areas in better ways than the original like wall market.

this is hands down the best chapter and worth playing the whole game just to experience.

i think what surprised me most was how well realized all these characters were not only in looks which are pretty much perfect but also their personality.

gareth always had a mischievous side to her but never has she even better realized than in seven remake.

my personal favorite character though has to be barrett you can really feel why his fight against shinra is so important to him. and the moments he shares with his daughter marlene are truly heartwarming.

the combat is also excellent.


it’s a great mix between action and strategy combat constantly keeping you on your toes as you try to figure out the best way to stagger enemies for big damage.

and we can’t forget the absolutely masterful soundtrack. i hold nobu uematsu’s work in very high regard and even i was shocked at how incredible these new arrangements were.

and i’m not gonna lie i teared up quite a few times because of the music alone.

that’s just how powerful it was.

sadly we’ll have to wait for this remake story to continue but what we got so far with part 1 is a fantastic sign of what’s to come.

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