Top 30 Best Hack And Slash Games ps4 In 2021

In this article we will be going to cover top 30 best hack and slash games ps4 in 2021.

This article is divide in two parts. In first part i will be going to cover top 10 best best hack and slash games ps4. and in the second part top 20 best hack and slash games ps4.

Top 10 Best Hack And Slash Games ps4 In 2021

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best hack and slash games ps4
Best hack and slash games ps4 No- 10

10. Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate

Continuing after the original’s good ending, this third re-release and the sequel of Warriors Orochi 3 brings you the ultimate (pun intended) Warriors Orochi 3 experience.

This game comes with brand new changes that addressed most of the concerns of the base game including gameplay balance, new characters, and a reasonable amount of content.

These are but the notable improvements among many.

But in general, it’s still the same game, but with new mechanics. Apart from that, it’s intense hack and slash combat still remains colorful as ever.

Knowing Koei Tecmo, they’re bringing out a bigger war compared to the original.

Aside from that, a whole new gauntlet mode focuses on a brutal challenge for veteran players. All in all, this update includes all new features from the Hyper Version and it expands the game’s original story by adding two new stories.

It’s a good hack and slash entry on this
list with a PlayScore of 7.94

Top 30 Best Hack And Slash Games ps4 In 2021
Best hack and slash games ps4 No- 9

9. Transformers Devastation

From the team behind Bayonetta, this Transformers
delights you with a cacophony of clanking metal and transforming Alien robots in hack
and slash fun.

Protect the planet from ravaging Insecticons and the Constructicons. As Autobots, your job is to stop these alien threat for good.

Platinum Games’ touch made this hack and slash game flow with ease.

Control one of the five iconic characters from the franchise including Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Wheeljack and Grimlock.

Together they do their job to safeguard humanity with their transforming powers.

Similar to Bayonetta, use dodges and save that focus to slow down time and wreak havoc to these pesky mechanical buggers.

It has a PlayScore of 8.08

Top 30 Best Hack And Slash Games ps4 In 2021
Best hack and slash games ps4 No- 8

8. God Eater Resurrection

Bandai Namco’s take on the cooperative hack and slash is similar to CAPCOM’s Monster Hunter series although this one tends to focus on the more brutal action.

This is an updated version of God Eater Burst that took over PlayStation Portable during 2010.

Serving as a Japanese-release title, it was then released as a bundle to God Eater Rage Burst 2 on the PlayStation with an English localization.

Set in a dystopian future where humanity is threatened by gargantuan beasts, it’s up to a select group of elite heroes known as God Eaters to quell the destruction they caused.

Using their iconic God Arcs, this gigantic weapons serves as their melee and range attack.

It offers a diverse take on the hack and slash genre, while teaming up with your friends in co-op mode.

It has a PlayScore of 8.23

Top 30 Best Hack And Slash Games ps4 In 2021
Best hack and slash games ps4 No- 7

7. Dragon Quest Heroes II

Enter a whole new adventure in this superb hack and slash action RPG from Square Enix and Koei Tecmo.

Restore order to a once peaceful world and take down vile creatures that roam the land.

Featuring an expansive cooperative experience, play with up to four of players and explore the seven realms.

This game is a spin-off to the original series.

It’s a Musuo game, that means you get to face multiple enemies in wide open areas.

Choose from a wide range of characters from the Dragon Quest series along with four new ones.

It combines the fast and frenzied combat from Dynasty Warriors, and the RPG elements from the Dragon Quest series.

Team up with your friends to defeat a looming evil with the game’s open-world adventure.

It has a PlayScore of 8.26

Best hack and slash games ps4 No- 10
Best hack and slash games ps4 No- 6

6. Samurai Warriors 4

Koei Tecmo’s sequel to their popular Samurai Warriors series introduces a more action-oriented hack and slash adventure.

Celebrating their Tenth Anniversary, this game offers a new story, new gameplay elements and a total of 55 characters to choose from.

Similar to the previous games, return to the war-torn land of Sengoku Japan where everything is centered around politics.

Aside from the new heroes, your favorite characters from the classic games make a return.

Just like any other Samurai Warriors game, combat is as slick as ever.

In this edition, you can finally switch characters that was once introduced to Chronicles. Players can also take two characters into battle and switch freely between them.

Two new moves are also added called Hyper Attacks and Rage Mode.

These new abilities let you unleash heavenly wrath on your enemies while dealing with crowd control moves.

It has a PlayScore of 8.29

Best hack and slash games ps4 No- 10
Best hack and slash games ps4 No- 5

5. Darksiders: Warmastered Edition

Embrace War in this definitive edition of the first Darksiders game from THQ Nordic.

Play as the first Horseman of the Apocalypse and help him uncover the truth behind his mysterious banishment from the Charred Council.

Embark on a grand adventure on a desolate earth.

Escape from vengeful angels, and take on the forces of hell with your wide arsenal of Apocalyptic power.

Similar to Sony’s God Of War, players hack and slash their way across waves and waves of enemies from both Heaven and Hell.

Decimate anyone who stands in War’s way by unlocking new relics and abilities.

It has a PlayScore of 8.59

Top 30 Best Hack And Slash Games ps4 In 2021
Best hack and slash games ps4 No- 4

4. DmC: Devil May Cry – Definitive Edition

Ninja Theory’s risky attempt on rebooting the popular Devil May Cry franchise had its fair share of feedback.

But despite its up and downs, it continues to introduce a whole new origin story to our favorite brooding demon hunter.

This Definitive Edition contains all the DLC’s and improved visuals exclusively to the PlayStation 4.

Follow Dante in his quest to find the hidden truths of his family.

Gameplay remains the same where you hack and slash your way through waves of enemies.

Use your Nephilim abilities that grants you the power to switch between two modes: Light and Heavy.

Players can also use this while traversing distances, and playing around with enemies.

Alongside this Edition is the Add-on for Dante’s cooler brother, Vergil. No spoilers here, but it does give you a fresh introduction to the world Ninja Theory is building.

It has a PlayScore of 8.61

Top 30 Best Hack And Slash Games ps4 In 2021
Best hack and slash games ps4 No- 3

3. God Of War III: Remastered

There is no greater vengeance served than Sony Santa Monica’s bald and brooding Demigod.

A remastered version from its PlayStation 3 roots, it offers a refined visual experience and amped up frames for that juicy gory kills.

Continuing the events of the second main game, Kratos lays siege on Mount Olympus to remove the Greek Gods from existence.

Embrace in its satisfying hack and slash combat that serves as the game’s selling point.

Unlock new weapons and magic to dominate known creatures of Greek Mythology. Engage in memorable bosses, poke out a Cyclops’ eye, and bask in the game’s responsive combat system.

It’s upcoming sequel is something to look forward to.

It has a PlayScore of 8.75

Top 30 Best Hack And Slash Games ps4 In 2021
Best hack and slash games ps4 No- 2

2. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

From the team that brought us the rebooted Devil May Cry, Ninja Theory takes you to a Celtic Adventure filled with screaming horrors and psychotic dread.

This dark fantasy game was recently Awarded for its impressive portrayal by Melina Juergens during last year’s Game Awards.

It contains various inspirations from Norse and Scandinavian myth.

Follow Senua in her quest to rid the demons in her head and rescue the soul of her dead lover.

Her curse is confirmed to be a metaphor of psychosis, and it’s lauded for its awareness of mental issues.

Throughout Senua’s journey, she encounters creatures to fight and puzzles to solve.

The game is torn between these two modes. Use your blade to eliminate the creeping darkness,
and use your wits to get past complex obstacles.

It has a PlayScore of 8.85

Top 30 Best Hack And Slash Games ps4 In 2021
Best hack and slash games ps4 No- 1

1. Dark Souls III

And of course the best hack and slash game on the PlayStation 4 is Dark Souls III Ending the iconic Dark Souls trilogy, Dark Souls III is a hallmark of videogame design and it’s often called out as an inspiration for future “difficult” games with the same gameplay elements.

A mixture between action and adventure and hack and slash, step inside a dark world filled with demonic creatures determined to kill you.

The game’s combat is tweaked to cater a more action-oriented approach when battling monsters.

Aside from its absorbing gothic world, it offers a variety of insane boss fights that range from epic to what the fuck.

It’s taking the same elements that made the previous games better, and From Software did a good job with this final entry of the series with two additional DLC’s that pack content.

It has a PlayScore of 9.11

Top 20 Best Hack And Slash Games ps4 In 2021

Top 30 Best Hack And Slash Games ps4 In 2021

Elden ring

Elden ring the dream collaboration of heat otaku Miyazaki and george RR martin feels so close and yet so far.

set in an open world with combat on horseback and ruins to explore.

Elden ring is touted as a natural evolution to the dark souls series. if you’ve missed that kind of dark fantasy world than this is good news indeed.

Elden ring is currently in development for PC Xbox one and ps4 with a rumored release of June 2020.

Babylon’s fall

Babylon’s fall Platinum Games has been fairly mama’ll the premise of babylons fall which is coming to ps4 and PC.

what are these strange fantasy settings who are these characters and what’s with the magical swords.

is there indeed some relation to the Drakengard series. we don’t know but the developer is promised more information in summer 2020.

No More Heroes 3

No More Heroes 3 Sanna destroyers had its share of superhuman conflicts but No More Heroes 3 is going Extra Terrestrial as.

Travis touchdown returns to his home turf it’s beset by the return at the alien f-you.

A dastardly prince with eight powerful allies intent on taking over the world it’s up to Travis to save the day and hopefully make some pop-culture references along the way.

No More Heroes is out in 2020 for Nintendo swich.


Hades this Prince Agrius players are looking to escape the underworld and the clutches of Hades to explore the world above.

to do this you’ll navigate through lava lakes poisonous labyrinths but Olympus will help out providing different boons and there’s a solid range of weapons to choose from.

Hades is out for PC and q3 q4 2020 but it’s already an excellent roguelike.

Granblue fantasy relink

granblue fantasy relink set inside games high fantasy universe granblue fantasy relink features many familiar characters from the mobile game.

like grand Lancelot Catalina and more in a new setting.

the combat and environmental design are already looking pretty solid.

And the ability to play either solo with AI teammates or with up to four players and co-op is great. we still need to see more though especially if it’s due out in the coming year for ps4.

Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 we’ve said it many times but it’s incredible just how little has been revealed about Bayonetta 3.

though Platinum Games is assured that development is going smoothly. that doesn’t know our enthusiasm though given.

the previous games and the sheer insanity they offered in terms of weapons combos and bosses. Bayonetta 3 has some heavy heels to fill.

Diablo 4

Diablo 4.

Several years have passed since Diablo 3 the world is worse for wear and game for those wondering. Lilith is back and a new dawn of suffering seems to be near.

Players will venture the world with different classes like the witch druid and barbarian among others to be revealed.

smashing and looting demons to pieces while probably facing down Lilith at some point. with world bosses shared world gameplay revamps to the loot system and much more.

Diablo 4 is looking to be a massive title and slated for Xbox one ps4 and PC.

Path of Exile 2

path of Exile 2 one could nitpick about path of Exile to being a sequel given that it’s a massive free update coming to the base game.

However with 7 brand-new acts a story taking place two decades after the fall of Kotova.

19 new ascendancy Xin a new skill gem system 4 6 linking every skill. it’s definitely the next big step.

path of Exile 2 will go NT beta testing in late 2020 on PC with a release happening further down the line.


Eitr Norse themed action RPG a tree has been in the works for a while but it’s combination of hack and slash gameplay and aesthetics still looks good.

As a shield maiden on a journey to cleanse the world tree uracil.

players will venture to a variety of realms the favor system offers a choice between or opting for temporary boons that can turn the tide despite lacking any kind of release window Aitor is still worth watching out for.

Final Fantasy 7 remake

Final Fantasy 7 remake sought after for years and years the vaunted remake to the RPG that influenced a generation is finally here. or at least the first episode is.

Final Fantasy 7 remake will follow the journey of cloud Tifa Barrett an avalanche up to the escape from Midgar.

the upgrade of visuals are gorgeous and combat has seen a significant overhaul with real-time hack and slash gameplay.

Summons materia and Limit Breaks are still available and you can still use a turn-based system to plan out actions. Final Fantasy 7 remake releases on April 10th for ps4.

Neo 2

releasing on March 13th for ps4 neo 2 follows the yokai slaying loot grinding and fantasized warfare of the first game with many more features.

as the prequel players can fully customize their own character and make use of new yokai forms and powers.

weapon types and loot perks to battle legions of deadly new foes. co-op has also seen significant revamps with more enemies in instance loot.

even with the familiar locales ne 2 is sheathing up to be a worthy follow-up.


Godfall duel is too soon to be dead but counter play games God fall isn’t looking too bad.

Early leaked footage of the PC version showcased some promising dungeon crawling and visuals.

while there are plenty of questions to be had about the loot systems call mechanics and story. especially given the cheesy dialogue from the reveal trailer.

the potential is there God fall is out on PS 5 in PC this year.

Persona 5 Scramble

Persona 5 scramble what happens when you cross the interactions and events at persona with the mousou genre. you get persona 5 scramble the phantom strikers.

A 3d D beat’em up that also serves as a sequel. the phantom thieves land up in a mysterious part of the meta burrs battling a strange foe and teaming up with new character to find out what’s going on.

the title was out in February for Japan on ps4 and Nintendo switch but it’s onl a matter of time before a Western port is announced.

Top 30 Best Hack And Slash Games ps4 In 2021
Best hack and slash games ps4 No- 7


Biomutant experimenter 101 s odd post-apocalyptic action RPG is in the works for ps4 Xbox one and PC.

as an anthropomorphic animal in a world ruled by mutants players can equip fairies biomechanical parts.

listen to an annoying narrator who can be toned down so don’t worry. explore the world with jet skis and mechs and much more.

there are also six tribes so you can ally or fight against use in the Karma system all to save the Tree of Life.

it’s a weird title but the action looks solid.

Top 30 Best Hack And Slash Games ps4 In 2021
Best hack and slash games ps4 No- 6

Conan chop-chop

Conan chop-chop what began as an April Fool’s joke is evolved into a full-fledged roguelite hack and slash game.

play is Conan the Barbarian alone or team up with up to three other players and online or couch co-op to slay hordes of beasts and monsters.

along with randomly generated Maps developer mighty Kingdom promises a whopping 14 trillion different combinations of weapons armor and charms.

Conan chop-chop releases on February 25th for Xbox one ps4 PC and Nintendo switch.

Top 30 Best Hack And Slash Games ps4 In 2021
Best hack and slash games ps4 No- 5


WarLander clock Drive games war Lander is an ambitious game. seeking to consolidate the rogue light runs of slay the spire with the combat of dark souls.

some interesting twists includes skills unlocked by sacrificing slain foes.

interactive environments that can be used to one’s advantage and the ability to cleave right through enemies.

war lander is planned for an early 2020 release on Xbox one ps4 and PC.

Lost-soul aside

lost-soul aside initially showcased is a one-person project lost-soul aside has since had the backing and developer all to zero games.

as fast paced action inspired by the likes of Final Fantasy 15 still looks good but when players expect to get their hands on it.

while creator yang being hopes for a 2020 launch it’s not confirmed for this year all the same ps4 owners should keep this on their radar for the foreseeable future.

Project Awakening Arise

project awakening arise brawl the graphical wonders that project awakening arise is inspired. there haven’t been too many details.

nonetheless the gameplay which appears to be a combination of Dark Souls and Monster Hunter offers an interesting take on traditional medieval fantasy.

the title is currently in development for ps4 with more information expected this year.

Best hack and slash games ps4 No- 2

Tales of Arise

tales of arise Bandai Namco’s latest Tales game is going much bigger than previous iterations. utilizing Unreal Engine 4 for increased graphical fidelity.

combat is also undergoing some changes though the linear motion battle system should still be intact.

the only thing we really know about the game is its story that focuses on the worlds Donna and Ray now which protagonist ALPHAN.

and she owned hail from respectively tales of arise is out in 2020 for Xbox one ps4 and PC.

Best hack and slash games ps4 No- 1

Torchlight 3

torchlight 3 last but not least is the news that torchlight 3 formerly torchlight frontiers will be coming to PC this summer.

consoles are released afterwards said hundreds of years after the second game this new adventure sees players traveling the frontier in battling the forces of the netherealm.

several new classes are being introduced and players can design their own fort to chi’lan as well. instead of a free-to-play model for torchlight 3 will be a full-priced game with no in-game store.

so if you’re seeking a full-fledged sequel to the beloved action RPG series that too can be played offline. this should be it.

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