Top 10 Best Family Games For PS5 In 2021

Howdy sports fans here good some have said that article games corrupt young minds and turn them into zombie-like drones in response to that we will direct you towards the best family games for ps5 no fifa or fortnite.

Included if you can quite believe it we aren’t doctors.

But we’re confident that if your child is looking for a game to play any of the fallen kid-friendly games on the PlayStation 5 will provide them with plenty of entertainment.

They may even learn a thing or two about construction dragons and gaming history.

Many of us have played video games well into adulthood and we turned out just fine that’s because we let games stimulate our mind which is what the following 10 games for kids of all different ages on the playstation 5 can help to do.

That said if you’re an adult and scouring this list of the Best Family Games For PS5 In 2021 don’t be ashamed.

Top 1o Best Family Games for ps5-

1 Ratchet And Clank
2 Dragon Quest Builders 2
3 Slime Rancher
4 Spyro Reignited Trilogy
5 Little Big Planet 3
6 Rayman Legends
7 Sonic Mania
8 A Hat In Time
9 Minecraft
10 Knack 2

List Of Top 10 Best Family Games For PS5 In 2021

Top 10 Best Family Games For PS5 In 2021
best family games for ps5 no -10

Ratchet And Clank

Number 10 ratchet and clank released alongside the uh poorly received ratchet and clank movie the 3d platformer is everything fans have loved about the series.

But this time in full hd with one of the best video game remakes ever.

Ratchet and clank return in a reboot that captures the whimsy and fun of the original series.

the ps5 title is accessible to newcomers of the series and is a balanced platformer that all should be able to get grasped with.

Insomniac games once again prove that they are a master of storytelling and have a clear vision of what ps5 owners are looking for in their platform gaming.

Though less sprawling than its predecessors there is plenty available to keep players young and old engaged part of the fun of ratchet and clank is that his outward appearance appeals to a younger audience.

but the games never shy away from throwing in more mature elements.

what’s utterly terrifying is that many people who played the originals when they were young now have children of their own excuse me while I hyperventilate as my signs of time tick away.

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Top 10 Best Family Games For PS5 In 2021
best family games for ps5 no -9

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Number 9 dragon quest builders 2. the dragon quest series has gone through many incarnations but dragon quest builders 2 is among one of the most child friendly out there.

The games have always been vibrant and colorful with cute characters scurrying about.

This action rpg amps up the cuteness to the nth degree. the sandbox title pits players in the role of a builder who has the opportunity to improve upon their building skills.

With the amnesiac malroth at their side the builder learns the tricks of the trade to become proficient in their craft.

at first glance dragon quest builders 2 may appear to be a Minecraft clone but there’s so much more to it sure mining resources and building structures are across a world made primarily of blocky landscape may be at the game’s focus.

The grand adventure surrounding it creates a more furrow rpg that players of many ages can enjoy.

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Top 10 Best Family Games For PS5 In 2021
best family games for ps5 no -8

Slime Rancher

Number 8 slime rancher on the far far range a distant planet from earth beatrix lebeau takes on the responsibility of a slime rancher.

Controlling the up-and-coming rancher players explore far far range collecting bouncing and flying slime of all colors.

if this sounds like pure sugar the game that’s because it is slime ratchet is a hybrid farm zoo simulator and first person shooter that has wannabe ratchets breeding new slime and cultivating crops to feed them.

Everyone has to make money and you’ll be doing that by feeding slime to create valuable plots.

Your weapon of choice is an upgradeable vacuum pack that sucks up objects all over the world for easy transport back to your ranch.

it also creates an enjoyable level of chaos especially as different regions become overburdened by slime of all types.

Slime rancher is a quirky way to teach kids money management and how to care for pets.

No really you have to stockpile applause to purchase upgrades and expand your ranch and there are no plots to be had from a hungry slime.

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best family games for ps5 no -10
best family games for ps5 no -7

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

number 7 spyro reignited trilogy from the heyday of the original playstation ryze is everybody’s favorite purple dragon.

Fans of the series had been clamoring for a remaster since the concept of remastering old titles first surfaced it may have taken a while but the end product was well worth the wait.

Regardless of your age the reignited trilogy features spire of the dragon spyro 2 rippo’s rage and spyro year of the dragon all built from the ground up toys for bob.

the game’s developers recreate the original games faithfully even bringing back spyro’s first voice actor tom kelly to re-record lines.

their spyro games were whimsical but challenging a great combination that made them some of the best games on the original playstation.

Spyro reignited trilogy captures what was loved about those games and works in vibrant high definition. visuals to make this an undeniable candidate for the Best Family Games For PS5.

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Little Big Planet 3

Six little big planet 3 there was a time when the words realistic physics were unheard of in gaming believe it or not that time wasn’t that long ago in fact a game like little big planet was marveled for its use of platforming physics.

Though not as impressive today little big planet 3 takes up the mantle by delivering a game very reminiscent of its predecessor as sac boy plays on unique costumes and race across levels avoiding hazards and enemies by solving physics-based puzzles.

Even players too young to understand the concept of physics can enjoy a little big planet free thanks to seamless local co-op.

Tackle pre-created levels work through a vast library of user-generated content in one of the quirkier games on the ps5.

it’s so easy to get caught up in the fun of swapping out costumes and tinkering with the game’s mechanics that you may never make it through the campaign.

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best family games for ps5 no -10
best family games for ps5 no -5

Rayman Legends

Number 5 rayman legends rayman has been an enjoyable platformer since the titular character’s appearance in 1995.

He underwent some changes here and there even partaking in the mini-game heavy rayman raving rabbids before returning to platformers.

Rayman legends is an example of how he works best as a standard platformer ps5 owners of all ages will be able to enjoy the often challenging platforming across dozens upon dozens of colorful levels.

taking what was panned from rayman origins two years prior ubisoft montpellier put that all into creating a solid game and what a solid game.

it is rayman is back in one of his best games to date joined by globe box the teensies.

And Barbara players can tackle the single player on their own or invite them to free friends to join you online or locally and you know who knows maybe if you buy a copy and then force the kids to buy one with their own pocket money.

We may get a new roman game one of these days or months or years maybe probably not.

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best family games for ps5 no -10
best family games for ps5 no -4

Sonic Mania

number four sonic mania how do you get fans of the sonic the hedgehog series to like a new sonic title.

According to the success of sonic mania you make it as close to the original as possible. though not a remaster or re-release of earlier sonic games sonic mania mimics.

the same style of gameplay replacing recent attempts at 3d levels with classic side scrolling sonic is joined by tails and knuckles

Across 12 new levels. eight of them being remixed versions of the originals. sonic mania features a competitive multiplayer where two players square off in a race to the finish.

it’s not the most in-depth multiplayer experience but it’s still some pretty good fun nonetheless.

this is sonic as he was supposed to be played and a fitting addition to a library of the Best Family Games For PS5.

Also while none of them are exactly amazing all of the recent sonic 3d games are definitely playable.

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best family games for ps5 no -10
best family games for ps5 no -3

A Hat In Time

Number three a hat in time clearly inspired by the pioneers of 3d platforming super mario 64 and banjo kazooie a hat in time sets players out in an open world on a cute adventure.

That only exists thanks to the backers that funded the Kickstarter project. the 3d platformer pits players as hat kid who’s on quest to collect all of her timepieces.

Her adventure takes her across time as she pursues mustache girl a villainess on her own hunt for the magical timepieces with her trusty upgradeable umbrella hat kid embarks on the journey of a lifetime in this adorable tale.

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If you’re too young to have played the classic platformers that inspired it the game gives a good sense of what those 3d titles of the mid 90s were like.

In a way hacking bridges generations much like the titular character’s time traveling powers.

I mean if you end up playing this more than the kids because it reminds you of a simpler type of staying up on the n64 that’s okay too we won’t tell anyone their kids can feed themselves for a bit they’ve got hands.

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best family games for ps5 no -10
best family games for ps5 no -2


And number two minecraft.

do you love to create if the answer is yes and for most kids it probably is then minecraft is a must play title.

Unless you get caught up in the survival story that throws many challenges your way minecraft is all about just crafting and building using only square blocks of different textures and color you can spend hours upon hours building.

entire worlds again unless you decide you’d rather play the story mode but then why would you when you can recreate the epic battle between king kong and the v-rex from peter jackson’s king kong.

no really somebody actually did that.

Minecraft is such a great kids game even if some of the youngest minds may not be able to pull off world bundles with the assortment of blocks and interactive items.

it’s so good that scattered schools across the world have integrated it into their learning environment.

it can provide quite a soothing experience that could be used to help teach anything from coding to local landmarks as seen when the entire nation of Denmark was built in game again that absolutely happened.

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best family games for ps5 no -10
best family games for ps5 no -1

Knack 2

Number one knack two oops how did this get here oh tripped and fell and made neck to number one oh no in the vein of classic action platformers.

knack 2 is pretty typical you play as the titular character smashing through enemies and learning new skills to progress until you reach the final boss and restore order what really separates.

other action platforms apart from one another are the enemies you’ll face and the skills you’ll unlock knack isn’t your typical protagonist.

he can go from near human size to a hulking beast by attaching relics to his body in his larger form snack kicks and punches his way through waves of enemies incorporating different moves and skills to take on larger foe.

when attacked and while performing certain abilities knack loses relics and starts to shrink.

it’s a fun touch to a very standard type of kid’s game that helps separate it from others of its kind the colourful world of knack 2 is a visual upgrade from its predecessor.

while additional tweaks to gameplay such as co-op make this a title fit to be one of the best family games for ps5.

Knack 2 is just an outright fun game that really needs more love now make knack free sony you cowards.

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Thanks For Reading

So that was our list of the best family games for ps5. what did we miss anything you’d recommend that not enough people know about be sure to let us know down in the comments below and thank you for reading.

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