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Best Bow in Skyrim


best bow in skyrim

 At 1 and 2 posting these can be the best bow in skyrim.both number one and two, we have the daedra, BO, with the base damage of nineteen and the dragon bone, Bo with the base damage of twenty.

I’m going to summarize both of these bios together because they’re very similar, because the bows are not bow in skyrim

They’re left open for you to enchant them yourself. However, they’re pretty heavy. So the rate of fire is about zero point four shots a second now with a scale of 100 smithing and a little bit of know how, it’s not a secret that you can make this bow the best way to game. But as I said before, that’s not the point of this video.

That said, though, you can’t go wrong with this. So it will always remain a solid choice of a weapon. So you can consider it as best bow in skyrim.

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best bow in skyrim

 Coming up with our 3 best bow in skyrim. And number three, we have females and this Bo has a base damage of 13. It also delivers 20 points of frost damage to both health and stamina. Frost also slows the target for three seconds. With this Bo, you’re doing 33 damage per shot and slowing your target. And on top of that, you’re also removing their stamina, which means if they do get close enough to hit you, they probably won’t be able to or you.


best bow in skyrim

 Coming up with our 4 best bow in skyrim. Grabbing the fourth spot on the left is the state of limbo with the base damage of 17 is not as powerful as the Dragon or Dedrick Bo. However, if you put a first installment on this, it will be 25 percent stronger than normal.

So, for example, if you enchant it with 30 frost damage, then it will actually do thirty seven point five damage for a total of fifty four point five damage. And that’s excluding all the other POJ that affect enchanted weapons.

So, for example, if you enchant it with 30 frost damage, then it will actually do thirty seven point five damage for a total of fifty four point five damage. And that’s excluding all the other POJ that affect enchanted weapons.

So, for example, if you enchant it with 30 frost damage, then it will actually do thirty seven point five damage for a total of fifty four point five damage. And that’s excluding all the other POJ that affect enchanted weapons.

I know I broke the rule I made at the start of the video, but the story, Enzo, is an exception to that rule.

5.Glass Bow of the Stag Prince

best bow in skyrim

 Coming up with our 5 best bow in skyrim.the next guy on the list is an underrated one, the bow of the stark prince with a base damage of 16 is nothing to sneeze at. Take a closer look at his unique in common. The world receives an increasingly powerful blessing for every 20 animals killed by the bow, for each 20 animals each slaughter.

You will get five points more damage. The damage of the bow is capped at 25. That actually makes it the strongest base damage bow in the game, but damages and everything.

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6.Black Bow of Fate

best bow in skyrim

 Coming up with our 6 best bow in skyrim. we’ve got the black bow of fate. Now, let’s just talk about this for a little while. Other YouTube has claimed that this is the best bow in the game. So the bow has a base damage of 13.

It’s unique in German, gives it a 50 percent chance of absorbing each of the three attributes stamina, health or magicka, meaning that on any given strike, you may absorb one, two or even three attributes.

Now, that’s a pretty darn good. However, let’s just think about that for a second, okay? Those required to handle it would be very situational to want to be absorbing Marjukka because you need another hand to cast a spell.

So that’s not really very useful to us as. The same goes for stamina. Only a high difficulty is like expert plus. 

Do I really rely on running about so the enemy can’t hit me as often. And then we have absorb how great you have a 50 percent chance to do a total of 38 damage for adsorb health. can be ranked as best bow in skyrim.

best bow in skyrim

To be honest, most of the time when we play an answer, we don’t really want to be close enough to lose health in the first place. You try to dodge spouse and keep your distance. But don’t get me wrong, adsorb health and stamina are always going to be useful. That’s why it’s so high up on my top 10. 

But it gets to the point where you think, well, why don’t I just use a dragon bone bow and kill them in one or two heads instead of using the black bow of fate where it will take four heads.

But I have a chance of regenerating. Somehow I lose in the process of taking poison to kill them. No damage is just better, especially when we have snake attacks. That is why this is not the best bow in the game. It is very good in some situations, however, like prolong boss battles. best bow in skyrim

Now, some of you might be thinking is so about the conjured bow. Well, I’m not sure it’s worth a mention, isn’t it?

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best bow in skyrim

It does the same damage as a daedra bow, but requires level 50 conjuration to use. It also uses a limited Diederik Arrows, which is pretty good as Dadri arrows are really rare. It’s the only bow in the game that you can carry with one hand so you can carry a dagger or spell and the other hand. best bow in skyrim.

And then just Kondrat, when you need the drawbacks, all that you need the silent casting perk and the illusion skill tree that requires level 50 illusion to bow in skyrim

If you don’t get it, people will hear you when you conjure the bow, which isn’t the best thing if you’re sneaking about. You also can’t improve or enchant the bow. That said, though, if you have the conjuration skill, you can get this bow very early on in the game or leave the location geisa in the description. best bow in skyrim

Anyway, the conjuration bow does not have an official place on the list because it’s technically not a bow. If it did have a place, though, it will probably go about head for its versatility and its high dommage.

best bow in skyrim


best bow in skyrim

 Coming up with our 7 best bow in skyrim.we have this hidden gem Zephyr. This bow has a base damage of 14. However, it has a unique and that allows you to fire 30 percent faster.

That means that you can unleash an hour about every one point five seconds. So, for example, every one shot you file on a dragon bone case for 20 points of damage. You can fly two hours with the Zephyr bow to hit for a total of 30 bow in skyrim

That’s excluding the damage of the arrows on top of that. So it would actually do even more damage. This bow has the highest damage per second in the game. It’s only downside is they are higher levels. The three times bonus for sneak attacks means it does less damage, but it’s a fantastic early to mid game weapon. I personally use it so it can be the best bow in skyrim.

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8.Nightingale Bow

best bow in skyrim

 Coming up with our 8 best bow in skyrim. the Nightingale bow. I think this is probably an old favor of the community with the Nightingale armor that you definitely look the part. Anyway, this bow has a base damage of 19, the same as a direct bow. Then common on this thing is pretty underrated.

It causes 15 points of instant shock and 30 frost damage and also slows the target down for three seconds. That three seconds is long enough to draw your bow on fire again and bow in skyrim

Actually, it’s long enough to keep two people consistently slowed, which is exactly what Annika wants anyway. Do the math. The total damage is 64 and it also has a slowing effect. Pretty good.

9.Auriel’s Bow

best bow in skyrim

 Coming up with our 9 best bow in skyrim. Now, just ahead, in my opinion, it was a tough choice as Rose Bow in at number eight, this is actually very good, if you can believe that the base damage of the bow is 13 plus, it does 20 points of some damage that those 33 damage each shot.

A dragon bone foe only does 20. And it also flies slower because it’s heavier. And not to mention that if the enemy you’re firing at is undead, then you’ll do triple some damage.

That’s 60 damage. So versus under this boat of 73 damage. That’s a lot of damage. It also makes it the best player in the game versus on deck.

Also, considering you can change the time from day to night, depending if you’re a vampire or not, and rain down a solar storm does area of effect damage. You can argue the point that this is, in fact the best bow in the game.

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best bow in skyrim

 Coming up with our 10 best bow in skyrim. Lastly, at number one, the best BO in the game for those of you with some way you already know, it’s the dwarven crossbow.

I’ve already done a whole video on crossbows versus bows, which I believe are linked in the description.

But just to summarize, the dwarven crossbow has a base damage of 22. It’s a lot slower to fire than the bow, but you can’t run around with it already ready to fire, so you don’t need to load it.

Also, all crossbows ignore 50 percent of armor. Not to mention that the fact that as well as ignoring armor, you can inchon your crossbow with another effect of your choosing. So that’s two enchantments and three if you have 100 and chanting.

There are also elements of Volt available which do more damage than arrows. There are a few other points and flaws, but I don’t want to make this whole video about crosspost, even though the numbers don’t lie.

I still personally prefer using the bow, but there you have it. The top 10 best bows in Skyrim. Let me know what you guys think in the comments.

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Best Bow In Skyrim 2

ome things go together just right in the Elder Scrolls, Skyrim stealth and archery, for example, go together like hands and beacons. So this countdown will go over the best unique tools of the archery trade when it comes to their base damage.

Despite stealth Archer stereotypes, these bones work well without having to sneak as well. You can expect me to tell you what the benefits are to using these bows

And since guides are a staple for the Keto Genesis channel, I’ll be showing you how you can get them also. So these are the five best fleche flinging plates, piercing target testing, unique both in the Elder Scrolls five Skyrim.

best bow in skyrim

There is just something about the things that the Dumor make, and I strongly believe, like the daedra, they’re used as an excuse to make some outlandish and outrageous weapons and equipment that we can use throughout the Elder Scrolls.

So that brings us to Zephyr, a unique dwarven bow with a base damage of 12. This part is the same as the regular dwarven bow, but Zephyr comes with a unique effect.Also The best bow in skyrim.

And while Equipt Zephyrs draw speed is 30 percent faster than other boats, this effect can also stack with the quick shot perk if you are investing in the marksman tree. 

I did not see a way to increase it further because I would have suggested elemental fury shout, which increases the swing speed or draw speed of weapons that don’t have enchantments already. But unfortunately, Zephyrs, in fact does count as an enchantment in this case. So you’ll have to put up with a maximum possible of 60 percent, which is already fine.

I would hope for your speed. I would like to add thanks to Zafir being nice and quick, it is something I would recommend using in medium range or even close range encounters because of how quickly you can loose arrows and end up turning the enemy into a pincushion before they even reach you.

If you’re going to upgraded, Zephyr is a dwarven bow so it can be upgraded at the grindstone with a dwarven metal ingot with dwarven smithing increasing those benefits. Now time to go over the location, which was added with the Dawn Guard expansion.

Now either you can find a book called A Theory. Moore’s appearing pretty frequently on bookshelves within Castle Bogota and for Don Guard. And when you pick up the theory wars and crack it open, it will start you on the quest lost to the ages.

best bow in skyrim

Or you can just show up at the dwarven ruin where this begins and start at that way. And that dwarven ruin is called asking thumbs along the mountains southeast of Marker’s.

After exploring for a short time, you will encounter the ghostly visage of someone named Katia, ascend the collapsing dwarven ruin with her. It is also rank in our category and the best bow in skyrim.

And after you reach the large clearing where she fell, she will mention this on the log that she fell from will be her beau, Zephyr, which Kataria offers to the dragon born since she no longer needs it.

Next is the prophetic artifact known as Oriels Bhau, a magical weapon with both unique looks and effects and has a base damage of 13 to get into the nitty gritty of the enchantment of Oriels Bow


best bow in skyrim

Its magical effect deals 20 points of sun damage. However, thanks to the theme of the dawn, Gardel’s undead targets will take triple damage from this bow, meaning if you have invested in SNEEK as well and dealing bonus damage that way with the bow, you can dial up to six times damage with a sneak attack against an undead with orioles’ bow.

And if the target’s not on debt, you’re still dealing 20 points of sun damage. If you wish to upgrade it to the grindstone, you can do so with a refined moonshine and the Elvin’s smiting to improve it even further.

And now let’s go over the arrows that add even more fun effects to this bow. First is these sun hallowed elven arrow. If you fire one of these from orioles’ bow into the sun, there will be a giant burst and beams of sunlight will come down and hit enemies and allies alike that are around you.

best bow in skyrim

Kind of like the storm called Shout does, except with beams of light shooting. This Unhallowed arrows at enemies will turn your bow shot into an area of effect on impact, making it great for crowds of enemies, especially crowds of undead.

Now for the blood curse, the elven arrows. These ones don’t have an increased effect when fired at an enemy. However, when you shoot the blood cast of an arrow at the sun, the sky will be darkened for around a day. This bow is also my personal favorite  and also the best bow in skyrim.

If your dragon born happens to be a vampire, you will then have access to the full range of abilities without any penalties because you’re creating nighttime. Basically, this may also help with sneak conditions if you are a sneak type character.

best bow in skyrim

I haven’t test that aspect too much, but I would hope that making it dark with the blood 11 arrows has an effect on all atmospheric lighting, not just the abilities vampires have during the night. Now, the ordeal of getting oriels, but I’d like to call this towards the end of Act two of the Dawn Guard storyline.

In any case, this is towards the end of the forgotten film where you have to face off against Arch kiriat further in the inner sanctum of Orioles’ Temple to feed him and you will get Orioles’.

Bow Gelbard can convert your elven arrows into Sun Halad ones, while Sorona can convert them into the blood Christ once twenty at a time. One last thing I wanted to note is once you get to this point of the storyline, Sareen Jarrard in Fort Dongara will sell large stacks of elvan arrows pretty frequently.

Speaking of a lot to it, there’s a lot to go through in getting this one as well, the dwarven black bow of fate, but not quite as much. You don’t have to go through the whole DLC to get this one.

best bow in skyrim

The base damage of the dwarven black bow of fate, just like Orioles’ Bo is 13, but it has a very different enchantment when an enemy is struck with an enchanted shot from the dwarven black bow feet on impact, there’s a 50 percent chance for each attribute to absorb twenty five points of health, stamina and or Magica

I believe that calculates out to a twelve point five percent chance of all three effects going off at once.

This enchantment makes it pretty great to switch to if you’re in a panic mode of any kind when it comes to stamina, magicka or health and losing it. But it’s still a gamble on what you’re going to regenerate when firing this bow at an enemy.

Since this is dwarven craftsmanship, you do need the dwarven smithing perk to improve. It passed the normal amount at a grindstone, but you will need an ebony and jet instead of a dwarven one to improve it that way. Also it can make your run faster while targeting so it can be best bow in skyrim.

best bow in skyrim

Due to the nature of its enchantment being absorbed. It is also semi costly when it comes to recharging it with soldiers.

So having a means to Soul Trap alongside this weapon is recommended now for where to get the Dwarven Black Beaufort. It is actually found in the dwarven ruin of Cockram is due south of Murex Temple. What you need first are for Cockram as Resonance Gems two are on the rivers that are there already. So that only leaves two more. 

Reva’s Savani, the dark fellow that’s hanging out next to his Sylt Strider has one that can be sold to you and the fourth residence Gem can be found in Forbath.

That’s another dwarven ruin in the mountains north of Raven Rock fall. Both itself is a pretty large dungeon to go through. But any final room that the treasure is held, the resonance gem will be sitting on a plate dead center. I can rank this bow as best bow in skyrim.

best bow in skyrim

So once you have all four of the congressman’s residence gems, you need head there and take part in the as gauntlett we need to do here is arrange the residence gems on the center pedestal to match the door you’re trying to get through.

The first door is a pattern of two gems. The second door is a pattern of three and the final door is a pattern of four, yielding access to more and more treasure as you go, and finally granting you access to the dwarven black bow of fate. The next one is a bit of an odd entry.

It is the Glassboro of the stag prince, but it’s higher on the list, obviously, because it’s got a decent base damage, which is 16 as the deals for Skyrim came out. It can be best bow in skyrim.

There were a couple of weapons that got enchantments that would improve in strength the more you defeated certain enemies with that weapon. The glass wall of the stag prince has one of these enchantments stating that the wielder receives an increasingly powerful blessing for every 20 animals killed by the bow.

best bow in skyrim

What it doesn’t say at face value is that the maximum kill count for the benefits of the glass bow of the stag prince is 80, and thankfully the bow itself keeps count as well.

Every 20 animals slain with the Glasspool of the Stag Prince Grant five to the wielders, health and stamina for a maximum of twenty five.

Health and stamina once you’ve reached 80 kills. So that’s twenty five to your max health and stamina while the boase equipped since this is acquired a dragon born DLC. And I doubt you would want to take a side trip to Skyrim just to get all the animal kills you need.

Here’s a quick list of animals that you can find in souls time to increase the strength of your glasspool. The stag prince on the coast of Stollsteimer is where you’ll find the majority of the animals that you will be seeking out.

best bow in skyrim

Herds of Netsch can be found here and there in groups of three to five as well as hawker’s and mud crabs inland. You will be looking for boars and ash hoppers. Despite being an insect, the ash hopper does still count, has an animal.

On rare occasion, you might find a deer in soul’s time, but that shouldn’t be the first thing you search for. This is still a more powerful variant of these standard Glassboro, but it also fall under that category of glass. Alos can be considered as best bow in skyrim. 

So you need a refined malachite to fix it up at the grindstone and glass smithing to improve it even further. When you start getting more and more weapons throughout your adventures in Skyrim and beyond, it’s hard to find a place where the glasspool of the stag prince fits for the benefits that it gives.

Twenty five health and stamina is pretty good, but it goes away as soon as you unequipped the bow. So maybe a warrior type would benefit from this the most.

best bow in skyrimbest bow in skyrim

I’m open for ideas on this one. I do want to reiterate, though, that it is a powerful bow for when you get it, and the reason why it’s higher on the list is because of its this also you can use in the game i use it when i start the game and also it can be the best bow in skyrim.

So if you want to get the glass bow of the stag prince, you simply need to find a merchant by the name of Felis Sylvaine at the ramshackled trading post.

If you go there during the day or any time besides midnight to six a.m., you won’t find him, but you will find a note that says, meet me at this time, show up between the hours of 12:00 and 6:00 a.m. and Fallas, Sylvaine should be there ready to peddle his wares.

Best bow in skyrim 3

something we don’t really see and a lot of games these days is the ability to use a bow and arrow. Skyrim, on the other hand, makes the bow and arrow one of its primary weapons for ranged combat. Today, I will go over what I think are the best bows in Skyrim.

A couple of things before we start having the highest damage per shot doesn’t necessarily make for the best bow. While having a high base damage is important, you’ll find that the bow weight can affect the fire rate.

Typically, the lower the weight of the bow, the better your DPS will be. At the same time, some bows have a high draw speed regardless of their weight and the dragon bone.

Bo is a notable example, depending on how you look at it, especially when you start to combine a lot of the perks and the archery perk tree, you may find that the ability to fire your bow faster is more useful than getting the most damage out of each arrow. This can also be the best bow in skyrim.

best bow in skyrim

Not only does this allow you to take advantage of the percentage based perks more often, but really good arrows like Dedrick and Dragon Bone are extremely expensive to produce or purchase. So again, you may find you prefer a bow with a faster draw speed than a higher damage output. One of best bow in skyrim.

All that aside, these will be what I think are the top nine best bows and arrows and the Elder Scrolls. Skyrim remastered number nine, the glass blow of the Stag Prince.

This bell is probably Skyrim. Best defensive bow on the outside. The glass bow of the stag prince is really just a glass bow with the same weight and draw speed. However, you will also find that the glass bow of the stag prince does have slightly better base damage.

Just like the regular glass beau, the glass beau of the stag prince does benefit from smithing perks and you will need one refined malachite as well as the glass smithing perk for double improvement.

best bow in skyrim

What makes the glass beau of the stag prince such a good defensive beau is its enchantment, sort of like the Ebony Blade for Two-Handed. Great swords. The glass bow of the stag prince has an enchantment that becomes stronger provided you kill more of a certain enemy type. This bow I personally use use in the game  and this can be the best bow in skyrim.

In this case, you need to kill various animals. Initially, you’ll receive five additional points to your health and stamina. And for every twenty animals killed, you receive an additional five points to health and stamina.

These bonuses max out after one hundred animals are killed, so you should get twenty five points to both health and stamina. Once you’ve maxed out the enchantments. This would be a good bow for both low level characters or for just standard use.

Number eight Furnival’s and so Furnival’s and is a unique version of the elven bow. When it comes to stats, you’re going to find that the Furnival’s and has the exact same base damage and weight as a regular elven bow.

You’ll even find that the internals and benefits from the same smithing perk as the elven bow. To upgrade this bow, you’ll need one refined moonshine and the Elvin’s smithing perk in order to achieve double improvement.

best bow in skyrim

Now, what is special about Furnival’s and is that it possesses an enchantment that deals twenty points across damage to health and stamina. So this enchantment would actually be pretty decent up against warrior type enemies. Though you may have some problems up against Warrior Nords or Warrior vampires, both of these races are very resistant to frost type damage.

Ultimately, if you ask me this, BO is going to be really good for early to mid game. However, once your smithing perk gets high enough, you may be better off enchanting. This bow is unique and very high damage you can rank it as best bow in skyrim .

A craft table glass bow that said Furnival’s and is free. If you play through the dark brotherhood quests, ultimately I’ll leave it up to you, but I think you could probably do a lot worse than Furnival’s end. Number seven, the Nightingale Bow. Just like the Nightingale sword, the Nightingale bow is a leveled weapon.

Unlike the Nightingale sword, the Nightingale bow doesn’t have a bug where it disappears when you upgraded at a grindstone. The sad thing, though, is that just like the Nightingale sword, this weapon doesn’t benefit from any smithing perks, hence no double improvement.

best bow in skyrim

And depending on what level you are, the nine and Elbo will either have improved damage and the enchantment will either be stronger or weaker. One problem I have with this particular bow is the slow draw speed. While this isn’t noticeable with minimal investment in the archery park tree, it is definitely much more noticeable with heavy investment and the archery tree. This Bow can also the best bow in skyrim.

The draw speed on Furnival’s and and even the stag prince beau is higher than the Nightengale bows. Plus, both Furnival’s and and the stag prince beau benefit from double improvement from smithing percs.

And while the enchantment on the dining elbow is good, you may still get fairly low DPS with this weapon, which is a shame because it is one of the better look. Bows in Skyrim, ultimately, I guess it depends on whether you want to wait until level 46 to get this thing or not. Personally, I think you may be better off with something else.

Number six, the danger bell. So assuming you didn’t have any DLC for Skyrim or you didn’t own Skyrim remastered or Skyrim special edition, the DAYBREAK Bow as the highest base damage of any bow in the game.

Ultimately, Diedrich was surpassed by Dragon Bone when the Dawn Guard DLC originally came out. And like many of the other trafficable bows and Skyrim, the digital bow also gets double improvement through smithing perks. More specifically, you get double improvement from the Daedra Smithing perk.

Also, like the other craft a Bilbo’s, the daja bow can be enchanted at an arcane enchanter. Two effects can be applied with the extra perk from enchanting, and this may put it up above some of the other boese in the game.

best bow in skyrim

Despite having the second highest base damage of any bow Skyrim. The danger KPO has one of the slowest draw speeds out of all of the bows in the game. The Nightengale bow also has a very slow draw speed as well, which limits its viability as a high DPS weapon.

And for this reason, you may find the danger KPO is better suited to sneak attacks, while DayJet weapons are typically pretty good. I would say the danger is mostly just OK.

The one major advantage it has is also shared by another bow on this list that not only has superior base damage but also has higher draw speed. Number five, the Goldar blackspot. So the Goldar Black Bow is a pretty good level bow, sort of like the Nightingale bow is.

Assuming you obtain this above level thirty six, you should be getting the highest base damage as well as the best enchantment for the best version. Overall, the Goulder Black Bow has above average base damage and raw speed.

In fact, you’ll find that the older black bow has a higher draw speed than most of the other craft, Bilbo’s and Skyrim. Like most of the other bows on this list, the Goldar Black Bow does benefit from double improvement via the dwarven smithing perk and a steel ingots.

While the Goldhar Blackbird’s enchantment seems lame at first, especially since most archers aren’t probably going to be using Magica extensively, you’ll find that the Goldar blackspot is perfect up against mages and other heavy magic users. 


best bow in skyrim

The ability to drain their magic will make them much easier to kill, and they’ll have to resort to melee in addition to being in a weakened state from lower health. Really, the Goldar blackspot is going to be your mage killer for archery users. this bow has high damage and also best bow in skyrim.

While there are other weapons out there with more powerful enchantments that also absorb Magica, you’re going to want the gold or black bow for its higher than average draw speed number for the dwarven black bow of fate.

The Dwarven Black Bow is another DLC weapon that got added with the dragon born. Add on while you will find that both the draw speed and base damage are fairly average. This one is my favorate and can be the best bow in skyrim.

The black box enchantment is what makes it pretty great. While the enchantment does consume charges, the ability to have a 50 percent chance to absorb twenty five points of health, stamina and magic makes it quite versatile.

While a pure Archer class may not benefit from the magic absorption quite as much, the ability to absorb both health and stamina in addition to Magica is always useful. 

And like other dwarven weapons, the dwarven blackpoll benefits from the dwarven smithing perk, which also allows for double improvements.

best bow in skyrim

Now, assuming you can fire this fast enough, you’ll not only benefit from this both enchantment, but if you have the entire archery tree maxed out, you may also be able to even paralyze certain enemies with the bull’s eye perk.

This means you could feasibly paralyze and extract health, stamina and Magica from enemies. And if you ask me, that is total overkill. Ultimately, the dwarven black bow is a great bow and it looks pretty cool to number three, the dragon bone bow. this can also be considered as the best bow in skyrim .

Despite the dragon bone bows ridiculously high weights, it actually has a pretty good draw speed for a bow. Not to mention that the dragon bone bo has the highest base damage of any of the bows and Skyrim. You’ll ultimately find that this bow is great for both DPS as well as snake attacks.

And while you may find that some bows are capable of better DPS than the Dragon Bone Bo, I would say the dragon bone bo is meant for multipurpose use.

What’s up, guys? My name is er, so welcome to the channel. In this video, I’m going to be telling you the top ten best bows in Skyrim. Now I know a lot of other YouTube is have already done this, but this top ten is based on numbers and usefulness and a bit of common sense.

So I will be explaining why I needed why each bow is in that position. Also, if you want to find any of these weapons for yourself, I have some guides in the description on how to obtain them all. All of these might be the best bow in skyrim .


For argument’s sake, we’re discarding the enchanting scale and the smithing scale. All the bows in this video can be upgraded our growing state. We are also going to be including crossbows in this video because I feel that they fit into the same category as both. So without further a do,

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